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Black Panther


Mugs are widely used all over the world for having hot liquids like coffee, tea, or soup. They made to hold fluid in a significant amount than a normal cup or glass. Mugs are also used in gatherings, but which are of a much informal style. In the early times, mugs were made from clay or wood, but nowadays when the technology has advanced to a much higher level, they are made from ceramic materials such as earthenware, bone china, stoneware, and porcelain. Some are made from entirely different materials such as plastic, steel, and enameled metal to use them for special purposes. Heat sensitive mugs are also available in the market, which can change its color, or can make an image or text appear when hot liquid is poured into the mug. These are a special type of mugs that require special treatment to make them heat sensitive.

Since people all over the world use a mug to fulfill their requirement, they are also used for fashion and marketing for many individuals. Mugs that have interesting designs are popular ones and can also differ from standard mugs in some way. It is because fashion demands uniqueness, and maintain uniqueness, new models are introduced which can alter the fundamental form of the mug. Such as a mug that is made in a square shape to make it distinct and designed to make it fashionable. Some of the designs require changing the shape of the mug so that the design may reflect its image in full.

Along with other people, fashionable mugs are also a choice for celebrities and movie stars. Some of the mugs carry a picture of a celebrity, or some may possess a scene from a particular movie. In this way, the fans of that particular celebrity get amused by the vessel, and it is also found to be very useful in the marketing of a movie, and celebrity both. Some of the celebrity mugs include that of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Suicide Squad. These are the bestselling mugs at this time, and they all made heat sensitive to give you a refreshing sensation.