Mens Leather Jackets




Mens Brown Distressed Jacket

The movie Captain America: Civil War has been a major hit in 2016. The cast of the movie mainly consists of superheroes who are dressed up in the best way possible. The jacket we have here is inspired by the movie and is just like the one worn by Chris Evans.

These Brown Jackets for men are crafted with real leather and has viscose lining stitched inside to give the person comfort. The erect collar has a button tab and has a front zipper closure. This state of the art genuine leather jacket has four external pockets and two internal ones. This is a great apparel for casual use. It looks good enough to lay a lasting impression on the ladies, making it perfect for dates and hangouts. You don't even have to zip up the jacket. Instead, you can show off your t-shirt you are wearing 

Mens Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

If you want to look tough, then getting real leather jackets is mandatory for you. It does not only possess a charm but some which are designed with utmost care and dedication. We have such men's lambskin leather jacket that will make you look tough among other people.


This brown bomber jacket mens is made of pure leather and has a raglan sleeve style. The erect collars make this brown leather bomber jacket look bold, and the rib knit cuffs make it more comfortable. There are two diagonal flap pockets at the waist and two inside pockets. This dark brown leather jacket mens is cozy and can be easily accompanied with any casual or semi-formal mens leather clothing. If you are going for a movie or a shopping mall where you know you need to dress stylishly, this jacket will help you achieve that purpose.

Mens Black Zipper Hooded Jacket

If you are a die-hard fan of Chris Brown, then you will be delighted to get this jacket. As Chris Brown is successful in singing, his apparels are also no less. The outwear is made of pure leather and the sleeves of coral fleece fabric. The mens black leather jacket with hood has viscose lining stitched inside while the diamond quilted stitching embossed on the shoulders, and upper arms are giving this mens black leather jacket a spectacular look.


Whenever hip-hop artists dress for functions, they always display the most outrageously cool outfits. This black leather jacket for men is suited for hangouts or travelling. Also, if you have any parties or events that you are invited for, this should be the just the outerwear you need. Make sure this cool mens leather jackets are your primary outfit for these kind of places.

Mens Burgundy Leather Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are always in demand due to their unique style and fashion, and always help you portray your real image. The type of mens burgundy leather jacket mens that we have for you is made up of real and genuine leather which will keep you warm, and the front zipper closure will allow you to get it easily on. It is of black and burgundy color, and the padding on the shoulders and elbows give it a heroic look. It has an erect button tab collar and zip cuffs that make it more fashionable.


Any dark color would be a perfect combination with black and this burgundy stripes will give you the dashing look you seek. Although many people would follow stereotypes and say that biker lightweight jackets are only meant for bikers. This burgundy light leather jacket mens shows that there are more uses like wearing it to the club or any other casual place and event. 

Slim Fit Design Jackets

Slim people can have trouble while selecting the right apparel because of their physique.They tend to fulfill their requirement but the one with a slim fit design, same as the one which is one of our best-selling attire. The slimfit designs are crafted with 100% real leather and has viscose lining stitched for a relaxed feeling. Belt style collar will give you the best possible look of a street boy while the front zipper closure provides you easy access in and out of the apparel.


Slim fit jackets are in these days and they are being worn in restaurants, clubs, parties, cinemas, shopping malls, functions etc. Skinny guys are making the most of it with their slick look and skinny jeans. With a pair of jeans, most preferably, this fitted jacket mens will make you look at any place you wear it. 

Mens Black Leather Quilted Jacket

David Beckham needs no introduction and is undoubtedly one of the most successful footballers of all time and has fans all around the world that support his sport. The black leather jacket mens that we offer are just like the one legendary footballer is seen wearing.


This black leather jackets for men has a unique quilted stitched design that is made on the shoulders and upper arm. The zipper cuffs make it more fashionable, and the vertical collar button tab gives a splendid look. If a guy like David Beckham, a style icon, wore a black leather jacket mens like this, you can proudly wear it whenever and wherever you want. An open style, or zipped up, it completely depends what you feel comfortable it. The parties and hangouts in restaurants and cafes would be advisable. 

Mens Open Style Antique Brown Jacket

No doubt the Costumes of Star Wars and the movie is a great sequel that has been fascinating the viewers for decades. The characters make the movie a super hit while the apparel supports the appearance of the characters. Han Solo was a character in this movie, and the viewers very much liked his leather jacket. The jacket is of antique brown color and has lots of pockets to keep things handy. Real leather is used to craft this beautiful men's distressed brown leather jacket that will keep you warm, and the viscose lining stitched inside gives a very comfortable feeling.



Mens Shirt Style Collar Brown Bomber Jacket

Men leather jackets are always preferred over a regular jacket, and if the jacket is made of 100% real leather, then it is worth buying. In our best selling collection, we also have a jacket that is very similar to the one seen in the movie, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Ansel Elgort can be seen wearing this kind of jacket in the film. The pure leather is used in the manufacturing of this mens light brown leather jacket, and viscose lining stitched to give you a very comfortable feeling because the viscose lining absorbs all the sweat and keeps you relaxed. It has a shirt style collar and snaps tab cuffs while there are two external and two internal pockets designed.


This genuine leather jackets mens is one of those classy jackets that a girl would love to see her guy dress in. The movie captured the women's attention, and they would want their boyfriend or husband to look as charming as the actor. So wearing this mens leather flight jacket in distressed style at dinner or lunch with your loved one is a great option. It also works well in every season.

Mens Black Leathe Moto Jacket

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most successful person in the United States. With huge success in the bodybuilding industry and then in the media as well, he managed to earn fame like no other. If you are his fan and want to depict the character of the Terminator, then you must have this jacket which is similar to the one Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in the movie Terminator 5.


This best leather motorcycle jacket is outstanding and is made of real leather. It has a shirt style collar, open hem cuffs, and viscose lining stitched to give you all the comfort you need. Some guys prefer looking macho and heroic, so what other jacket to provide them that satisfaction than this one. A mens black leather biker jacket that is good to wear for trip to the store or anywhere random. 

Mens Brown Shearling Jacket

Shearling leather jackets show fashion and as well as provide utmost protection from harsh weather conditions. This mens brown jacket is a masterpiece, it has shearling lining and is made of 100% real leather. The erect collar gives it a cool look while the strapped button tab cuffs add more fashion to it. It has two diagonal pockets at the waist length and also has inside pockets to keep your things safe.


Since this jacket has fur as the inner lining instead of viscsoe, it makes it eligible to wear when it is too cold outside, not speicifically snowy. Other than the benefit of keeping you warm, it actually makes it good to wear for a stroll or a to eat at a cafe, keeping it simple but trendy.




Whenever it comes to men’s fashion, leather coats and mens leather jackets are the most trusted styling wear which they prefer to wear. And when it comes to black color fitted jacket men, they just love it especially slim fit and mens black leather bomber jacket. Right from the casual style to the biker fashion and in modern styling approach, we have seen lots of variation. And this spectacular collection has its own class and perfection.

It is not only a casual fashion attire, but it’s also looks classy as a bike rider, and in other tending approach. The best part of black fitted mens leather racer jacket is that it’s easily adjustable on any outfit. Whether you want to go outings or for outdoor activities or going to high schools, universities and in offices, it will fit perfectly on your skin and gives you an appealing appearance. If your wardrobe is missing an attractive slim fit look then these best men leather jackets are exactly what you need!!



Leather jackets are also amongst the most demanded fashion attire that every teenage boys and young men loves to don. Whether it’s real leather or PU / faux leather, the style and charisma of brown leather jacket mens attracts the most. There are lots of options available in brown leather jackets for men like brown slim fit, brown bomber, mens brown leather motorcycle jacket and many more. We have seen lots of celebrities in the drama series and in the movies that used to wear brown vintage leather jacket to portray their style statement.

And in return, the fans also prefer to dress up themselves like their favorite characters and heroes. So, if you want to style up yourself like a superstar then you need this attire for sure. It is a kind of outfit that easily adjust on any style. From casual to simple, and from simple to vintage, brown mens distressed leather jackets proves to be a great fashion companion for you. You can enhance your wardrobe by adding this clothing in your wardrobe.



The most demanded fashion attires that is not only popular amongst men but also in young boys and teenagers. It was first introduced as a fashion collection but with times, this fashion wear made a special place in men’s heart. Right from the pop star celebrities to the movie stars everyone loves to wear this masterpiece. The toughness and durability of this mens leather moto jacket made this clothing the best styling wear.

Whether its Kevin hearts or a famous Hollywood movie stars Ryan Gosling, they just put this fashion piece to the next level. Well, there are lots of patterns available in this particular outfit and you have lots of option which you can use for sure. So, this classy quilted jacket is yet another ideal option for men. Quilted lambskin leather jacket mens is an ideal choice for bike riders. You can also don this attire as a regular wear. Quilted leather jacket is not only popular choice for the teenagers, but for all age groups.


Amazing leather vans fashion guide for your leather jacket

Amazing leather vans fashion guide for your leather jacket

Van aka canvas are the modern style footwear that most of the teenagers and young adults prefers to wear. Well, it’s casual style wear but now a days, people are wearing this stuff in both formal and informal places. From schools, college and office vans are pretty much in fashion. The best part is that you can wear on any style even with your jackets.  

So, Here are some tips about how to choose right van that fits well on your jacket style.

For White Leather Jacket Mens


Let us start up with the white one. There are many style of attire that a man prefers to wear and one of the common outerwear is the Mens White Leather Jacket. Due to its simple and sober style, it will look classier with dark colors, and in this case you can choose both black van as well as a brown leather van. It’s completely depends on you which one you like. 

For Red Jacket



If red is your favorite color and want to add party look with an attractive funky style then you add this embossed leather classic slip-on van with red leather jacket mens. It will not only make you look cool but also add an extra styling in your Mens Red Leather Jacket.

For Maroon Jacket


Maroon is pretty much close to red so the options are very few, but we have got a piece that will fit well. It is the men’s old skool van skate shoe. It will add up a trendy look, plus you will look awesome when you carry the maroon leather jacket mens style. 

For Blue Jacket


Slim fit blue leather jacket mens are pretty much in style and teenage boys love to wear such attire and that’s the reason why this embossed leather vans unisex slip-on skate shoe completes your look. It’s an exclusive style shoe and it will add more charm when you pair up with your mens blue leather jacket. 

For Bomber Jacket

In case of " leather jackets with fur collar mens "


Often leather jackets with fur collar for mens are of tough style and carry a touch of the 80’s fashion. You can wear a simple light color shoes or canvas like this white vans classic slip-on with fur collar jackets. All you need is to take care of your shoes. 

For Mens Black Motorcycle Jacket



Mens asymmetrical jackets are very popular when it comes to men’s fashion. Whether you are going in school, college or in office this particular fashion article is a must have for every single man. To give yourself a complete look, you need to wear this classic slip-on perf leather port shoes. This will give you a dashing style statement.

For Brown Jacket



Brown jacket is most demanded attire that brings out the voice of men’s fashion to another level.  Whether it’s party, outings, casual gatherings and formal formal purposing, this classy leather attire fulfills all your needs. Now which shoes looks cool with brown motorcycle jacket? Well, the answer is this Chokka low leather vans sneakers. It’s a complimentary fashion piece for you.