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Quilted Leather Jacket Mens

Quilted Leather Jacket Men’s

Leather Jackets were invented back in the 1900s for protection against cold during World War 2. They use to come in the classic bomber jacket style worn by pilots during those days. The modern quilted leather jacket mens are similar to the bomber jackets used in earlier days, but several other forms have been introduced since the past couple of years which has taken the world by storm. The black quilted Jacket come in genuine leather material and provide insulated padding sewed through the quilts that offer warmth; you don’t need to be a pilot to wear a mens diamond quilted jacket. Any ordinary person who wants to look stylish can wear it.

Making of a Quilted Leather Jacket

Quilted men leather jackets are usually made up of genuine leather, but you may also find some faux leather ones in the market. The material and crafting may differ from product to product.

Quilting process involves sewing layers of fabric to create a thicker layer. The sewing usually leaves a texture like a crisscross or parallel lines which add up to the style.

The process of quilting dates back to centuries, but it got its recognition as fashion apparel during the 21st century. The Quilted Motorcycle Leather Jacket for men may be total or partial.

Here is an example of a partially mens black quilted jacket.


This classic piece has quilted padding that extends from the collar to the sleeve that adds up to the beauty of it.

Quilted riding jackets also have some modern variations to it like these.


These two are the prime example of a modern day mens lightweight quilted jacket with hood the Right one is based on the superhero Green Arrow whereas the left one is inspired by the style sensation David Beckham.


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