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Shearling Coat Mens Jackets

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There are different types of shearling mens coats manufactured and used in this modern world. One of them is the leather and fur coat that provides warmth and is very comfortable due to the fur stitched inside it. Shearling coat for men are made from the skin of a lamb and cow that has been tanned and fashioned with the wool remaining.

Celebrities worldwide use these because they are much more comfortable and fashionable. Womens shearling jackets are also in trend these days.



Recognizing shearling can be done by examining a few key characteristics: 

Look for a plush and soft texture: Genuine shearling has a distinct texture characterized by soft. When you touch it, it should feel luxurious and fluffy, providing a comforting sensation.

Notice the presence of natural imperfections: Shearling is a natural material, it may have slight imperfections or variations in color and texture. These imperfections can be indicative of authenticity and demonstrate that the shearling is not synthetic or faux.

Consider the price and source: Genuine shearling leather jacket tend to be more expensive than synthetic options. A genuine shearling collar jacket made from sheepskin breathes and is more flexible than a synthetic made artificially.


How to Take Care of Men's Shearling Coat:

Cleaning: Regularly brush the fur side of your shearling garment with a soft-bristle brush or a dedicated fur brush. This helps remove dirt, debris, and any loose particles. Be gentle to avoid damaging the fur.

Avoid Moisture: Shearling is sensitive to excessive moisture, so avoid wearing your shearling jacket in heavy rain or snow. If it does get wet, gently shake off any excess water and allow it to air dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

Handle with Care: Shearling can be delicate, so handle your jacket or coat with care to prevent unnecessary stress on the fur and leather. Avoid hanging it on narrow or sharp-edged hangers, as they can leave permanent indentations. Instead, use wide, padded hangers to help maintain its shape.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are shearling coats so expensive?

There are lots of factors that determine the price of a sheepskin jacket, firstly jackets and coats that are lightweight and also warm are considered to be more expensive. Secondly crafting a shearling jacket mens is labor-intensive and consists of a higher raw material coat.


What is shearling leather coat?

Coats and jackets that are made of processed sheepskin, lambskin or pelt with the wool still intact. This processing creates uniformity of the wool fibers that are tanned to create the garment. 


What are mens leather winter coats from?

The leather garments are made of processed sheepskin, lambskin or pelt. The leather is tanned along with the wool intact and later transformed into finished outerwear.


What is a faux shearling coat?

Faux shearling is made of polyester, cotton or acrylic to mimic the style of shealing lined apparel it’s also called sherpa. These shearling mens coat are perfect lightweight options for a transition from winters to spring.

How to clean men shearling coat?

In case you spilled something on your coat, wipe it with a cloth soaked in mild soap water, and gently scrape the dirt stains with your nail or scouring pad. Then wipe it with another cloth damped with fresh water.


How to store mens shearling coat?

Caring is essential therefore it should be stored in a cool dry place, hang it on a hanger rather than folding and keeping it in a tight compartment/shelf.

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