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Black Panther


Stranger Things is worldwide phenomena, and people just can’t enough it. We value our customer, that’s why we have designed Stranger Things apparel so they can turn their cra6ze into a reality. Each apparel has different and unique symbol which only Stranger Things devotes can guees.

Hawkins Middle School

Hawkins Middle School is in the city of Hawkins, a Roane County School District. Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Max Mayfield, Lucas Sinclair attend this school. This school has a lot of memorable scenes in the series like in season 1 when Mike, Dustin, and Lucas encountered bullies Troy and James. In Hawkins Middle Collection we have Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt, Hawkins AV Club Sweatshirt, Stranger Things Mic Logo Hawkins Sweatshirt and more.

Castroville Artichoke Festival

Dustin wore this t shirt in the series, and it was a hit instantly. We have different attire of Castroville Artichoke Festival like Castroville Artichoke Sweatshirt, Castroville Artichoke Festival T Shirt, and Castroville Artichoke Hoodie. Women’s Castroville T Shirt is also available.

Other Logos

Apart from this we also have Stranger Things Cast Name collection which includes Cast Name Hoodie Stranger Things and Cast Name Stranger Things Tee Shirt.

Then we have There Is No Place Like School Logo which has There Is No Place Like School Hoodie, There Is No Place Like School Sweatshirt, and There Is No Place Like School T Shirt.