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Leather has many types, and one of them is suede. Suede is widely used in the manufacturing of different attires, such as jackets and coats. It is also used in shoes at some places and is found to be very durable and useful for an extended period of time. Taking care of suede leather can be tricky sometimes, because of the circumstances and conditions through which the attire has been through. Adoption of the right method at the right time will ensure that your attire remains safe, and clean at the same time. In this DIY guide, we will let you know how you can take care of your suede attire

Vinegar is a very common household item and is available in most of our houses. It is used in preparing food and add flavor. It may also be utilized for some other purposes due to its unique properties and composition. It is very useful in taking out stains of coffee, juice or tea from your suede leather attire.

If your kids have accidently spilled some coffee on your suede, you do not need to worry, you can apply paper towel on it to clean it. The stain can be removed by using a wet towel dipped in white vinegar on the attire. The towel does not need to be much wet, a damp cloth and a gentle rub will work just right.


Sometimes your attire gets too wet and is needed to be taken care of very delicately. For a large amount of liquid that is ruining your suede, you can use a sponge to suck out water. Sometimes, when you are out in the open, it starts to rain, or there was a rain forecast, and you forget to take your umbrella, your attire gets all wet and then it is required to dry it quickly with a sponge.

The benefit of using a sponge is that it has a greater capability to absorb liquid than other clothing such as a towel. It is also beneficial because there is no need to rub and wipe, the sponge will absorb as soon you put it. It is mostly used in places where rubbing can damage suede.


Towels are used in everyday life of each and every person. They are manufactured to absorb moisture and liquid from surfaces. They are also used to wipe stains gently without causing much damage. They are used in circumstances when there is a need for a gentle rub while cleaning off the dirty surface.

It could be your suede jacket or any other apparel that has got dirty. If you have got your suede garment wet and dirty, you can quickly put the towel on the affected area which will absorb the liquid and help it dry quickly. Alternatively, it can also be used to save the suede apparel from getting dirty. You can keep the attire wrapped up in the towel to keep it safe.


Tissue paper is the best absorbent for a small amount of liquid. They are very commonly used in toilets because of their absorbent power and easy disposal. They are also used to wipe hands when they are dirty, or need cleansing. Tissue papers possess some qualities which make it best as an absorbent. It is much softer and wipes out the liquid even from sensitive areas where a little bit of scrubbing can cause damage.

In the case of a suede leather jacket or a coat, you can hold and press the tissue paper onto the wet surface and let it absorb all the liquid. This method is also beneficial because it does not spread the stain due to the fact that once the stain is absorbed, it holds onto the tissue paper. 


Brushes are very commonly used to polish shoes and rub rough surfaces, but for apparels, a softer brush is used to keep it clean. If your clothing has gone dirty due to mud or dirt, you do not need to worry because we can help you save your suede from getting ruined.

Suede is a material that needs much attention and care, especially when they get wet and dirty. If the mud is wet, then you can let it dry in a natural way and you can gently scrub off the dirt with a soft brush afterwards. The stain will be left which can be removed through other processes. The brush can be used for many purposes and can help you clear off debris settled on your attire. Whether it's a jacket or coat you can use it to clean your attire gently.