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The Flash Jackets

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Barry Allen (The Flash)

Barry Allen is one of the most popular characters from the superhero tv series The Flash. He was introduced as crime investigator, but his crime description is not highly appreciated by the team. One day while leaving the office, he was struck by powerful lighting and he went down in coma. Right after nine months, he wakes up and realize that he’s unleashed with an amazing super power that is super fast lighting speed.


As the lead character of The Flash series, the costume designer Maya Mani paid great attention in crafting the costume. The Flash jacket costume is now more updated and is designed keeping the original pattern in mind. To make it look original, lightning ball pattern is featured, plus the leather piece was used in the sleeves.


Jay Garrick (The First Flash)

Jay Garrick was the first one who was introduced as the flash. He’s from the earth-3. In season 3, he’s going to team up with Barry Allen in a fight against the new and powerful negative character “The Rival”.


The Rival Flash is from the earth -3 and is the real enemy of Jay Garrick, and he will help the earth -1 flash. If we take a look at his costume, it looks classy and carries typical style outlook. We can also see that signature hat with the attire.


Wally West(Kid Flash)

Debuted as Wally West in the third season of the drama series “The Flash”, he will join Barry Allen. So far the appearance of the Kid Flash Jacket and its entire costume looks amazing. And is made in exact comic pattern.


What is special in kid flash costume is the shoulder blades pattern and also added at the back. We hope that fans are going to love the appearance of their favorite kid superhero character and will appreciate it as well.


Hunter Zolomon (Zoom Flash)

Hunter Zolomon was first introduced as Jay Garrick’s Flash, and he was known as good guy in the beginning, but then he made a move that made him killed himself and returned as Zoom Flash, which is a villain.


He is powerful, strong and super speed villain. The Flash Zoom costume offers a complete black look with black flash logo and lightning ball pattern in the vest end area and in the sleeve. It’s an appealing supervillain costume for sure.


Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash)

Eobard Thawne is yet another opposite character. He is also known as Reverse Flash. He is a villain by nature. Having an ability to travel back in past and future, he’s one of the most trickiest guy to fight.


However, Barry Allen took control over it, but somehow he needs him as well, as we see in the trailer that Barry’s Flash suddenly forget who is he and forget his past, and here is where The Reverse Flash can help him. But he has to be clever in that. Now the appearance of the Reverse Flash costume is nothing much special but just a complete yellow color and same old look.


Edward Clariss(The Rival)

Edward Clariss is known as The Rival Flash. We will see him in the third season. He is the main enemy of the first Flash Jay Garrick. That is the reason why Kid Flash and Barry Allen team up together against The Rival. However, Jay Garrick can also join him to give him a strong fight.


As we all knows that the character of The Flash Rival is negative and as strongest fighter for the team. Keeping this in mind, the designer give his costume a distressed and scratched look to enhance his appearance and make him look completely evil.


Jesse Wells (Jesse Quick)

Jesse Wells is the new Flash that is re-introduced in the season 3 of the series. She made her debut in the second season where she was trapped down by the Zoom Flash who forces her father to team up with The Flash Barry Allen and the rest of the team


After they defeated Zoom, Barry saved her and helped her in regaining her super powers and made her Jesse Quick. Jessie also helped Flash in defeating Magenta. Her costume is more combat style and complete superhero attire. It was bit of like Kid Flash but it’s unique and creative in style.

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