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Black Panther


The Walking Dead Jackets Collection

The Walking Dead TV series is one of the most widely acclaimed horror drama series. Starting with 2010 in which the first show premiered, we now move on to the seventh season of the show which is set to be shown later this year. Here at AngelJackets we have jackets inspired by the different characters in the award-winning series. It’s all here right in one place.

Even if you don’t know about the series, you will adore the jackets we have. Take a look at the inspirational jacket as worn by Daryl Dixon, a character on the show. This brown colored jacket is made of real leather which bikers would not only love, but you can wear it every day. To further give a boost to you attire we have the vest as worn by the same lead. The vest’s genuine leather, as well as the design at the back, is sure to add a style statement.

We have another brown jacket but as worn by a different character in the form of Travis Manawa. It has both the button and zip closure something you won’t find in standard jackets. Black jackets are still among the favorites which people buy. Keeping this in mind, we have two jackets inspired by the characters of Governor and Negan. Both have eye-catching looks keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. Last but not the least, there is brown suede jacket inspired by the leading role of Rick Grimes which you can wear in winter and chilly season. It also includes a shearling on the collar.

These apparels are crafted from high-quality leather. You can wear them not only both in casual and semi-casual situations but also as part of the costume of different roles. They are appropriately priced, so that people of different niche can buy them. You can also depict your Walking Dead style especially this Halloween.  

For men all ages, get ready as we present you all the Doctor Who Costumes, right here in this store at the best price. Never before you would see these types of outfits available that reasonable at any store but here you can avail it easily which looks exactly like it as observed in television series. Here you’ll find the character outfits of 12th Dr who Coat of Peter Capaldi,Matt Smith Apperal, Ninth Black Doctor Who jacket of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant Brown Coat.

With these outfits you can wear at any place. Even if you wish to wear these on a date, it will create no weird expression on your lady at all. Assuring you that they will fit you good and the quality of these outfits will provide you no harm. So check it out, take a good look and place your order now.



Daryl Dixon Collectible Action Figure

This walking dead Daryl Dixon 7 inch action figure is an exceptional geek edition for the fans. The action figure is made available in 3D design. It includes crossbow, walker head with spine and a knife. Well this might be an exciting collectible for you.



Negan Action Figure

Negan is one of the most popular characters in the series. Despite of the fact that he’s doing a negative role, but the way he did that was really fantastic. And this Negan action figure is a must have collectible for all the walking dead fans. It features Lucille bat as well. So watch out, he can hit you at any time.



The Walking Dead Survival Kit

Medical kit is a basic need for every single family, and this walking dead surviving kit fulfills your medical requirement for sure. You can carry this kit on hiking, picnics and in camps. Well, it’s a perfect edition for your home. It has all the useful stuff that you need in case of emergency.



Walking Dead Bracelet

If you are nerd girl fan of the walking dead drama series and want to give it a fashionable touch then this arrow and bow charm bracelet is truly made for you. It’s an adjustable bracelet with love infinity design. It’s an ideal gift for all the walking dead fans!!



TWD Long Sleeve Black Shirt

This long sleeves shirt is yet another classic edition that every single fan of the drama series loves to wear. It includes ‘The Walking Dead’ logo in front with zombie hands. Both the sleeves features ‘Infected’ letter logo. Plus the back side of the shirt includes ‘Caution I’m Infected’ logo.



Monopoly Survival Edition

This walking dead monopoly board game edition is yet another exciting collection that every single fan must buy for sure. It’s a survival edition board game with two to six players option. It has six walking dead theme collectible tokens. All you have to choose your favorite character and play your game.



Walking Dead Trivia Game

If you are a die heart fan of The Walking Dead drama series and never misses a single thing then this trivia game is truly made for you. It has over 400 questions related with the series and characters. It’s a six players game. The only option you have is to answer all the questions correctly, otherwise become a walker.



TWD Handls Hand Handle Coffee Mug

Well this walking dead zombie hand handle cup is another mind blowing stuff that you must own. It is made from ceramic. Plus The Walking Dead theme designed has been added in the cup which made it perfect collection for TWD fans.



Doctor Who Call Box Hoodie

The all new Daryl Dixon action figure is prepared with perfection and highlights his classic appearance which he made on his bike in angel wing stitched vest along with his crossbow at the back. All you need is to collect Daryl’s collectible and join the team of the survivors.



Suck My Nuts TWD Tshirt

TWD Abraham ford Suck My Nuts t-shirt is a perfect choice for the fans of Abraham Ford. As we all knows that Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, which are two of the most important characters of this super-hit series and are still popular. You can give tribute to your favorite character by wearing this t-shirt.



Prison Glenn Pop Tv Figure Toy

The unbelievable death of Glenn from Negan’s Lucille shocked every single TWD fans. And it’s a real hard time for Maggie and for the whole team because they can’t get another great fighter like him. Well this prison Glenn toy figure is for all those fans who missed him a lot. It’s a perfect gift as well.