Lightweight Bomber Jacket Mens And Womens

Inarguably, the leather bomber jackets provide more warmth than regular leather jackets

Ever wondered why??

There’s a history behind it. Let’s have a look…

There’s another name for bomber jackets, and that’s flight jacket. In the early times, airplanes did not have enclosed cockpits. Leather bomber jacket for men were initially made for the use of military pilots. Because of the low temperature at high altitudes, there was a necessity for a jacket to keep the crew warm, so the lightweight bomber jacket mens was brought to life.

Bomber leather jackets are heavy duty jackets



Rib knit waistbands allow proper fitting for the person wearing it. The benefit of this on the waist side is that the hassle for accurate waist measurement is omitted.


Rib knit cuffs tend to look stylish and cool. The well-fitted cuffs isolate the body from the outer atmosphere. It conceals the ends of the sleeves to lock warm air inside the jacket.


Collars are seen prominently in any jacket. It is because it can have different styles and those affect the personality of the person wearing it.  

What makes them special??

Leather classic bomber jackets are designed to keep the jackets warm from the inside. It is made possible by concealing the jacket by applying rib knit material on the cuffs, collar, and bottom hems. The stretchable material closes the path for cold air to enter via cuffs and collar, and the heavy duty leather keeps the individual warm and cozy. The stretchable rib knit is soft and flexible that can adjust to multiple wrist sizes which eliminate the problem for wrist measurements.


Usage of mens bomber jacket in the new era

In this new era where people are more into fashion than comfort, manufacturers and designers have found out a way to use the jacket for the style. There are two types of leathers that are widely used in making bomber jackets, i.e., real leather and faux leather. Use of real leather can make people sweat if worn for a long time, for that reason faux leather is used in warmer areas.


Keep yourself warm with fashion

Keeping up with the latest fashion trend has become a requisite to look astonishing among others. Some people are very conscious about their style, but some do not concern much about it. For those who do, bomber jackets with designs and logos fulfill their requirements.

These jackets are also well-known because a large number of varsity jackets are made in bomber style. From high school teams, cheerleaders to famous celebrities, these jackets can be seen in almost all modes.

Another style of the letterman jacket is the usage of leather with other materials. In this faux leather bomber jacket, the sleeves are made of leather to keep the person warm, and the body is made from cotton so that it can show off a graceful look.


There are fashionable bombers for ladies too!!

Ladies are not only fond of showing fashion but also have a requirement to keep warm. Womens leather bomber jacket tends to give a striking look to the person wearing it. These jackets can have additional features apart from the rib knit cuffs, collar, and waistband, which include zippers. Black leather bomber jacket womens is in demand because of its ability to provide ultimate warmth in cold weather.

For some people, leather jackets matter a lot while dressing up, mostly in the colder areas of the world. There is another kind of leather from which the jackets are crafted, and that is suede leather. That sort of leather has a fur surface at one side, and leather finish at the other.  It can be made from cow, goat, and sheep hides, but the most commonly used is made from cow leather.

Jackets made from suede are not that demanding, but they sure are a choice for some of the leather fans. They are an option for people who are interested in looking sober, and are not interested in wearing attire with a sleek appearance.

Variation in Styles of Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

The military pilots typically used the men's bomber leather jacket (flight jacket) during the world wars. During those days most planes did not have an enclosed cockpit which made it frigid for them to operate, this resulted in the creation of a classic mens leather bomber jackets. The two of the most famous mens lambskin bomber jacket are the A-2 jacket and the G-1
The A-2 and G-1 are the most authentic jackets ever used by America. The A-2 is still the most attractive mens leather bomber jacket with fur collar designed by the American air force. In correlation to the A-2, the U.S. Navy created the G-1, which became equally famous. The traditional jackets were used only for their performance rather than their style or fashion. But the latest ones are designed with both style and performance kept in mind.

Variation in Styles of Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

There are some styles of the bomber leather jacket which are very trendy and fashionable these jackets are very suitable for casual wear. While having a jacket, you do not need to stress on what to wear just wear it over you t-shirt along with jeans and you’re done.

Black Bomber Jacket Men

The men’s black bomber jacket is the primary and the most classic form of the jacket; apart from its style factor it totally resembles the traditional bomber jacket. You can wear this jacket effortlessly on any t-shirt and jeans and still look neatly dressed up this is what make the black bomber jacket so unique.

Quilted Bomber Jacket

A quilted jacket works on the same principle as a quilt. It has insulation pockets which trap air and are separated from each other by stitching. The jackets can keep you warm in winters. If you want a classic look and a lightweight at the same time these jackets are a good option; you can also get contemporary colors like light blue, green and red.

Men's Suede Bomber jacket

The Suede Bomber Jacket mens is versatile you can work them in multiple ways with different shirt and trousers. The jacket can be worn casually like for a hangout with friends, on the other hand, it can also be worn as a smart casual outfit at you office. With the suede jacket, you can experiment with different colors and texture, apart from being so stylish the suede jacket is also very durable. The only problem with the suede jacket is that it absorbs water and gets damp due to its fuzzy texture making it difficult to clean.

Men's Bomber Jacket White

The white bomber jacket is not something you usually see it is unique; wearing this kind of jacket can make you stand out from the crowd. If you're tired of dressing up the same old way, trying the white bomber jacket mens can be the best option for you. This Jacket goes very well with a black t-shirt and gray or blue jeans.

MA-1 Men's Bomber Style Jacket

When the pilots flew on colder altitudes, they required a jacket which was warm light weight and water resistant which resulted in the use of nylon material. The MA-1 men's bomber style jackets are made of nylon which resists water better than leather. The jacket has a bright orange lining for the pilot to be spotted if he crashes. Now these jackets are modified and can even be used as a fashion outwear. After you decided to purchase a leather jacket, you need to know how to clean and maintain it.


How To Clean The Men's Bomber Jacket

Follow The Tag Instruction:

Almost every jacket available for purchase includes a tag which describes how to clean the jacket; these steps may vary according to different varieties of leather, but the steps mentioned below can work on every kind of jacket.

Dust The Jacket:

If your mens bomber jacket with fur hood were left unused for quite some time, it would surely be dusty. To avoid scrapes or bruises clean it with a dry cloth or brush this will remove the dust and keep your jacket unharmed.

Clean it with a damp cloth:

If your jacket can resist water, you can clean the dirt or stain with a damped cloth. Before cleaning the jacket with a damp cloth, you can first test it by dropping few drops of water is the jacket absorbs it do not apply this method, but if the water stays on the surface, it is fine to clean with a wet cloth.

Clean Suede Jackets With a Suede Brush or Sponge:

Suede Jackets can be cleaned with a “suede brush” these brushes are specially designed to clean suede, another alternative to this is the “sponge” which is also very useful in cleaning the suede jacket. This method is highly effective for the suede jacket, but it may scratch other leather jackets. Therefore, you shouldn't apply this method on a non-suede leather jacket.

Leather Cleaning Product:

There are lots of leather cleaning products available in the market, but you need to choose the one that is safe for you jacket type. Products made for suede jacket may not work for other jackets and vice versa to test it you can first apply it to a small part which is not visible if it causes any damage do not apply is on the rest of the jacket but if no harm occurs used the product according to its instructions.

Dry Cleaner:

If the above mention methods do not work, try handing your jacket over to the dry cleaner but make sure that they specialize in cleaning the leather jacket.  Another thing to remember is that you should avoid washing your jackets in the washing machine.

Storage and maintenance:


Leather Conditioner:

Leather conditioner can be applied to maintain your jacket; these conditioners prevent the jacket from getting dry and cracking. The conditioner restores the oil of the jacket but if too much is used it can affect the life and color. Only apply the leather conditioner occasionally when the jacket starts to get dry and stiff.


To bring a shine and gloss to the surface of the jacket use the leather polish but be careful excess use of the polish can discolor and dry out the jacket. Use the polish occasionally and test it on hidden areas before applying it. Do not use the polish for suede jackets it is only meant for jackets with a smooth surface.


Hang the jacket on a wide hanger to avoid wrinkles and stretches and store it in a place away from sunlight, when exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period the leather jacket can fade and crack therefore it is necessary to store the jacket away from sunlight. Another important thing is to avoid storing your leather jacket in a plastic bag the leather needs to breathe to last long you should also avoid keeping any pesticide near the jacket, leather is a material that can absorb smell which could be tough or even impossible to remove. Now you know the types of men's jacket and you even know how to clean and maintain them it is up to you which one to choose, but one thing’s for sure which ever jacket you choose will enhance your personality and make you look alpha among your friends and associates.