Mens Distressed Leather Jacket

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Mens Distressed Leather Jackets


Full grain leather most commonly known as “Distressed Leather” looks natural because it isn’t sanded or buffed.

Unlike corrected grain leather distressed leather is made of the strongest and most dependable part of the animal’s skin or hide.

The grain surface of distressed motorcycle jacket is sealed before the surface coating, which gives it more durability and strength with the passage of time.

Aniline finish makes the distressed brown leather motorcycle jacket breathable as opposed to other sanded jackets. Distressed leather is the best quality leather available.

What Does Distressed Leather Look Like?


Distressed leathers natural markings adds value to the fabric. Due to keeping the grain in its fullness and not sanding it away makes it look “rigid” and increasing lasting.

It forms a patina as it ages, which changes the leathers color overtime. You can see pores on the smooth surface which is an indication of high quality leather.

All hides are are unique as they come from different animals with different blemishes and markings.

How To Maintain Distressed Leather?


Mens distressed vintage jacket is known for its cheap maintenance. Simply wipe your jacket using a cloth frequently to remove dirt and dust.

Avoid placing the leather near a radiator and using hair dryer on it, as it dry outs the material.

Many products are available online for waterproofing, cleaning and leather conditioning to maintain your garment. You should embrace the ageing and natural changes of the leather.

But if you want you can invest in a leather cleaning  product or conditioner to maintain the leather’s softness. Rub the product into the surface of the material similar to face moisturizing.

How To Protect Distressed Leather?


Leather protectants help in stopping natural oils from departing through the top layer of the hide and also maintaining the softness. You can apply leather polish on mens black distressed leather jacket for added protection to remove everyday dirt.