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How to Wear Sports Coats for Men the Right Way

Sport jackets for men are one of the most versatile outerwear you can count on because you can wear them over anything you'd like and still look edgy. Another great thing is that it stands out very well among people with casual dress codes even if you wear them over jeans. You may think only letterman style jacket is casual but you can't wear it everywhere except if it's a regular commute. 

Whether you’re going to a business meeting or traveling for a weekend getaway, a sport coat for men is your go-to style. It’s versatile and can instantly make you look professional without you having to do much work. You can just layer it over a t-shirt, and that’s it!

In case you're wondering what's the difference between the sports coat vs blazers, its simple mens sports jackets are made of slightly sturdier fabric such as wool or tweed. Another significant difference is that sports coats are designed to fit over a layer of clothing like a sweater; therefore, it comes with a relaxed fit.

The ruggedness of sport coats for men makes it less formal compared to suits, but you're still dressed more refined compared to a casual surrounding. In short, they are the perfect men's casual blazers to wear with jeans. Here are some exciting, quick, and easy styles to wear designer mens sports coat.

Men's Grey Sport Coat with Jeans


Unlike the suit jacket and blazer, you can wear this over jeans. Look at the image above; the model has effortlessly carried the coat over a white shirt and black jeans, yet it looks so polished and refined. That's how it's meant to be.

You can copy the same style with this mens sport grey coat available at Angel Jackets.

Unconventional Colors


Unconventional colors that are not your typical grey, black or blue are somewhat difficult to master, but once you get it right, there's no stopping you. What you can do is wear them with versatile colors with your remaining outfit, such as white, black, and khakis. The image above perfectly depicts one way to do it.

You can copy the style with the men's teal sport coat available at our store.

Blue Sport Coat For Jeans


Not as versatile as the black or grey but still very sophisticated, the blue sports jackets for men is something you should have in your wardrobe for all those last-minute plans.

One way to wear it is with a light blue button shirt and long blue slim fit jeans, complete to look with nice leather shoes and a matching belt.

Men's Brown Sport Coat


Brown colors have a certain vintage appeal no matter what type of clothes you wear, wear the brown mens sport jacket over a white shirt tucked in navy jeans paired with brown leather shoes and belt of the same color to balance the color scheme.

Mens Casual Sport Coat with t shirt


As mentioned above the casual coat can be dressed up or down depending on the surrounding. If you're going on a short trip with a friend, this will make a perfect combination. 

The Dressy Look


We've already discussed how the classic sports jackets for men scan be dressed down; on the contrary, here is how you can dress it up for an informal meeting and family gatherings. The Jacket, combined with a comfy long sleeve sweater, button-down shirt, jeans, and leather shoes selection is perfect for such occasions.

It's fascinating to see how a simple piece of casual sports coat can be worn in so many different ways and styles, therefore it is very handy to have one add in your wardrobe for a sudden last-minute plan. You canalos get great varieties for mens sports coats tweed and mens sport jackets for sale in reasonable prices with Free Shipping at Angel Jackets shop also, you can checkout our blog on How to dress professionally


Similarly, we have blazers and wool coats for women in colorful range. 

People Also Ask For


Why do they call it a sports coat?

It's an informal clothing and all you need to do is sport it over your casual wear. The word "Sport" is just a casual way to say to wear a jacket over jeans.

Should I buy a blazer or sport coat?

Blazer is more formal while sport coat can be worn with casual clothes like jeans, and t-shirts. Blazers goes more with formal attire like dress shirts, and chinos. 

What color should I own?

Try colors like teal, brown, blue, maroon or grey. They are trendiest choices for every occasions.

How often can you wear the same coat?

It depends, you can wear it twice or more but try to switching colors to look different in eveny occasion. 

Frequently Ask Questions

How sports jacket should fit?

Sports coats come with a relaxed fit which is slightly bigger than your typical blazer of suit jacket. Moreover, you should have enough room to layer the jacket with casual sweaters and turtleneck.

How to fold sport coat?

It is recommended to hang your sports coat on a wide shoulder hanger but in case your traveling you should roll it, rolling the jacket requires the least amount of folds which means lesser wrinkles and more space. 

Where to buy sports coat?

Angel Jackets is your go-to spot for the highest quality sports coats, with a huge variety at an unbeatable price. 

What sports jacket to wear?

You can wear a sports jacket all year round especially midseason, make sure to choose lively colors for spring and muted tone for fall.

Can a sports jacket be shortened?

You can alter the length of the jacket by shortening it to a certain extent. But you can risk compromising on the balance if you do too much because the spacing of the pockets and buttonholes cannot be changed.

Sports jacket without tie?

Unlike blazers, this style of jacket is meant to be worn casually which means there’s no need for a tie.

What sports coat to wear with jeans?

You can wear any style of sports coat with jeans, make sure your jeans are versatile blue or black. Your goal should be to look more refined.