Top 10 Leather Jacket Styles Every Man Dreams About

leather jackets

The leather jacket is a classic piece of outwear. It has been part of fashion for more than a century. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to have this on a wardrobe. What makes it red-hot apparel is its high-end durability. There are varieties of Leather jacket styles available for the men to choose the best for their selves.

In this guide, we will show you almost every type of mens leather jacket which we think you will LOVE to have. So, if you are fond of them or have developed the hobby of collecting them in all styles, this guide is a gold mine for you.

Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket is the latest style inspired by the flight jacket. These are loose from the mid-section; they have a zipper front closure, the waist and cuffs are fitted with knit fabric. There are two side pockets and a rib-knit round neck collar.

Mens leather bomber jacket

These are great for casual wear, but if paired with the right accessories like smart pants, perfect shades, and a crisp shirt, then you can look refined too. In short, it’s great to don them, so you’ll know why wearing a bomber jacket is a must.

But for now, let’s check some other awesome styles.

Leather Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are slim-fit with Asymmetrical zip closure; that’s why they are also called Asymmetrical jackets. The collars are in lapel style studded with buttons, and most of them have shoulder epaulets. The cuffs are zippered, and there is a belted closure on the waist.

Leather moto jacket

The most in-demand color is black; however, they are also available in other colors like brown.  The motorcyclist often wears these, and that’s are also called leather motorcycle jackets because even motorcyclists know the importance of gearing up before riding.

Field Jacket

Military jacket men inspired the field leather jacket. What makes it distinct from others is its four pockets on the front. The coat is best for utility purposes. If you are going on hiking or camping, there is no outwear better than this.

men's field jacket

These are lightweight and have enough space for two/three layers inside. They are famous in brown color, but you can also have them in different colors.

Leather Racer Jacket

The racer jackets are inspired by the gear worn by sports bike racers. Most of the motorcyclist prefer to wear them while riding because of its robust and road-abrasion resistant nature. The front and cuffs are zippered, and the collars are stab-buttoned. These are also known as Cafe racer jackets.

Flight Jacket

These are the origin of a bomber. They are introduced in the late 1950s worn by military forces. What makes it different from the bomber is its two Patch-flap pockets on the front and shirt-style collars.

Aviator jacket

Usually, pilots wear them, so they are also called a pilot or an aviator jacket, but you can also wear them in fashion.

Distressed Leather Jacket

Distressed is not a style but a look on a leather jacket; however, it comes in different styles like motorcycle, racer, or field. The craftsmen dye it in a way that it looks worn and aged. So basically, distressed is a texture on jackets.

A brown one especially looks stylishly vintage because it is new, but it seems like a classic, which many people prefer.

Leather Trench Coat

These are long trench coats made up of leather with front-button closure, and some also have belted closure on the waist. They come in both single and double-breasted, whatever style you prefer.

Trench coats have a lapel collar style, two Patch-flap pockets outside, and two or three pockets inside. If you’re looking for how modern men wear trench coats, be sure to know that the fabric & construction is also important.

But the best thing about them is that the coats are perfect for transition weather, especially in rains.

Shearling Leather Jacket

Leather shearling jackets are the outwear with fur or shearling inner lining to having more coziness inside. You can have them in biker, flight, or trench coat style. These are ideal for icy conditions.

They are usually in a shirt or lapel style collars with soft fur/shearling lining, so you don’t have to wear the scarf on your neck.

Leather Blazer

The coat made up of leather is called a leather blazer. They come in single or double button closure and both single a double-breasted styles. You can style them both casually and formally. They have a viscose inner lining.

Quilted leather jacket

Quilted is not the style, but it is the design. A new trend in leather jackets comes in various designs, and Quilted is available in almost every type of jacket.

These are the ten best leather jacket styles for you, and now it’s up to which type you would like to choose for yourself. But before buying them make sure it’s made up of genuine leather so it will last for longer.

If you found this guide helpful and want to help your friend and family, select the right leather jacket mens for them. Then, share this guide for them and keep following us for the latest trend and updates related to fashion.

People Also Ask For

1. What does a leather jacket symbolize?

A. The leather jacket is regarded as urban culture outerwear that symbolizes the wearer’s sophistication and personality.  It makes them stand out as a rebel, trendsetter, or daring and brave among many. According to

2. Are leather jackets out of style in 2021?

A. Leather is the only wear that will never go out of style irrespective of the technological advancement, changing climate, and new clothing fabric additions. However, a particular style of the leather jacket may go out of style. But the leather jackets as a whole will keep on trending.

3. What is the best type of leather for a jacket?

A. For long-lasting performance and quality, fully-grain bison or cowhide is the best. It is thick, sturdy, and heavy. Whereas, for a softer feel and lightweight jackets, lambskin or sheepskin leathers are great. Besides, they are decent warm too.

4. How should a leather jacket fit a man?
  1. The shoulder seams should run exactly from where your arms extend.
  2. On zipping up, it should fit you snug but not tight fit that you can’t even bend or move comfortably.
  3. The sleeves length should cover the wrists properly without allowing the air to get in.
  4. Raising hands and dancing should not be uncomfortable with a perfect fit leather jacket. 
5. What year were leather jackets popular?

A. The hype of leather jackets was seen from the early 50s to the 80s when the rock stars gave it a new rebellious look.  A single year cannot be declared a leather jackets year since the leather jacket kept trending in the fashion industry for decades.

6. Do leather jackets make you look tough?

A. A leather jacket does enhances the tough look; in fact, according to Antonio Centeno from RMRS, ”the nice thing about leather is that its tough-guy appeal is timeless, not trendy”. But you can still look tough without wearing a leather jacket; however, when you do wear one, it works as a catalyst to make you look a little tougher.

7. What season do you wear leather jackets?

A. You can wear the bison and cowhide leather jackets in the winter seasons because they are very thick and keep you cozy during the chilly night and early morning of December and January. Conversely, a lambskin or sheepskin leather jacket is a soft, lightweight, versatile piece that you can wear from autumn to spring.

8. Can you wear leather jacket in rain?

A. Leather has pores that make it permeable. Therefore, it easily gets wet when exposed to water, and being an animal’s skin, if not dried timely and properly, becomes stiff and ultimately rots. However, if you apply a good quality water repellent conditioner on it, you can wear it during a wet season.

9. Which animal leather is best for jacket?

A. Lambskin and sheepskin leathers are best for jackets. They are soft, thinner which makes the jackets less heavy and warm enough to keep you cozy. Because of these properties, you can even add more layers with a leather jacket.  

10. Are leather jackets worth it?

A. Among all your clothing wears, a real leather jacket is the only one that lasts for a very long time.  All it needs is care. But it is worth your money, time, and efforts that you invest in maintaining it. It is the only companion that accompanies you for decades, from your youth to your older age.