6 stylish ways to wear leather jackets at work

A leather jacket is a classic staple in a man’s closet; from Beckham to Jackman, the apparel is popular among every style-savvy individual, it has a perfect balance of modernism and heritage that enables you to style up in multiple ways; from an effortless street style to preppy smart casuals, the leather jacket is all you need.

Let’s admit we all secretly wish to wear fashionable clothing to work, but most of the fashionable clothes are often too casual or inappropriate for a workplace. But an article in Fortune.com suggests that some CEOs are now embracing Leather Jackets confidently.

While it is not advised to wear them for interviews or an important meeting, you can still wear a well-polished jacket on a casual Friday, only if you keep in mind certain guidelines about how to dress professionally


  • Opt for lightweight comfortable jackets
  • Stick to basics colors like black jackets and brown jackets
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match your trousers and shirt


  • Don’t choose anything that too motorcycle chic
  • Avoid Jackets loaded with emblems, zippers, studs, and patches
  • Avoid experimenting with too many colors

Here are six ways to style business casual attire with Leather Jackets.

Café racer jackets look great with business casuals as they come with minimal design. Pair it with a white button-down shirt, jeans, and formal shoes for a refined look.

The Bomber Jacket is another great inclusion into your business casual dressing, but make sure it’s a basic style with no excess patch pockets or patches as mentioned above. Pair a basic black bomber jacket with a plain white buttoned shirt and dress pants. Additionally, you can add up a black tie for a well-polished look.

If you’re used to suiting up daily for work, a leather blazer will add a nice smart casual touch to your outfit. While it is more casual than a regular suit, it’s still more formal compared to the other leather jackets.

To obtain this look, you will need to top a sleek-looking leather blazer over your everyday business outfit. But you must keep in mind that the leather blazer is by no means a replacement for the suit; however, it can be worn as a casual counterpart.

Layer up for winters with a soothing combination of a light brown sweater and a dark brown leather jacket or vice versa. Pair it with a light blue pinstripe shirt, black pants,s and a black tie for a formal touch.

Shirt collar jackets are fantastic inclusion due to the simplistic and polished design, pair it with a formal check trouser and pastel color shirt and brace yourself for compliments at work.

Leather Jackets and waistcoats are a great combination for winters; they are not only stylish but are also appropriate for an office setting. Go for a dark color waistcoat and combine it with a lighter color shirt to create a contrast. Pair it with regular-fit formal trousers and you’re ready to go.

People Also Ask For

1. How do you wear a leather jacket to work?

A. Wearing a leather jacket to work is not a bad idea, though a biker’s style jacket is not recommended for this purpose at all. Instead, a collar bomber jacket or blazer looks sleek and decent when paired with a casual outfit, which typically consists of a collared shirt, chinos, and derby shoes.

2. How can I make my leather jacket look good?

A. Follow these four steps to keep your jacket look new all the time;

  1. Avoid exposing your jacket to water. Keep it dry.
  2. Keep it away from heat like stove or furnace etc.
  3. Timely use a good quality conditioner.
  4. Get it cleaned and polished by a leather specialist.
3. Can I wear leather jacket for business casual?

A. For business casuals, café racer jackets are great as they are not intricately designed. You can wear them with a formal shirt, chinos/jeans, formal shoes, and a necktie. Still, if you think that a café racer would be too casual, consider a leather blazer instead but remember it’s important to know how to dress according to each dress code.

4. How do you style a leather blazer?

A. For a hangout with pals, throw it over jeans and a turtleneck. You can even pair it with a round-neck t-shirt if the weather is moderate cold. Alternatively, for formal settings, wearing it with black chinos, white button-down shirt, and finish the look with a nice necktie.

5. Are leather blazers in style?

A. Leather blazers are still trending, and they are a great gear to demonstrate your sophistication. In fact, they are nice outerwear to shape your signature style. You can use them for both casual and business settings, and at both places, they will get you a favorable response.  

6. How do you wear an oversized leather blazer?

A. Oversized leather blazers look sharp on big guys with a muscular build. If you are the one, you can wear it with blue acid jeans, a white round neck t-shirt, and white sneakers. For a badass look, you can also wear plain silver earrings and bracelets.

7. What do you wear under a leather jacket?

A. A leather jacket goes with almost everything in your wardrobe. For a casual dress-up, wear it with chinos/jeans and round necks. Basic color pants look fine with a black leather jacket, so for a catchy yet unnoticeable weird look, contrast it with blue, black, and brown pants. Additionally, avoid wearing bright color trousers with a leather jacket.

8. Is a leather jacket formal?

A. A leather jacket is not formal gear like a business suit. But you can still wear it with your formal outfit. The formula of making a casual leather jacket formal is “Keep it simple.” The simpler your jacket will be, the more formal you will look. So, look for the basics in your jacket, both style, and color-wise.

9. Can I wear leather jacket to interview?

A. It depends on the company culture where you are going to appear for an interview. If it allows business-casual outfits and a kind of customer service job, you can certainly wear a leather jacket. Still, we suggest that you go for a minimal design leather jacket like a café racer and not a badass style biker’s jacket. Learn when to wear Leather Jackets to work.