How to Dress Professionally: Business Casual Attire For Men

Getting ready for work is not an easy task, especially when you wake up early morning, forcing yourself out of bed. However, being well-groomed and knowing how to dress professionally for men’s business casual is also essential as it reflects one’s personality.

Research done by the Carnegie Institute of Technology tells us 85% of your success is due to your personality, and 15% is due to technical knowledge.

Moreover, no matter how talented or skillful you are, If you are not well-dressed, your chances of creating a lasting impact are limited to a certain extent. People don’t prefer to engage with untidy, badly dressed individuals.

The problem is that we men feel lazy to decide stylish ways to wear work clothes. Here are some quick and easy business casual styles you can incorporate into your daily office wear.

What is Men’s Business Casual?

Business casual attire for men, just as the name suggests, isn’t formal as a business suit; it is actually a relaxed style with smart elements that are acceptable in an office setting. Here is how you can dress professionally.

The Business Casual Dress Code Men

1.       Outerwear: Outerwear such as blazers, sport coats, and sweaters are an integral part of business casual dressing. You should have at least 3 to 4 different varieties so that you can build the rest of your wardrobe around it.

2.       Shirt: Button-down shirts are ideal for an office setting. You can wear neutral colors like grey, white or black. Don’t be afraid to try prints such as stripes and micro-check. They’re slightly more casual than solid colors but look fantastic in the business casual range.

3.       Pants: Chinos, khakis, and corduroy pants are perfect. Dress pants are also acceptable. Go for versatile colors like black, grey, and beige. Your coat does not need to match your trousers in this case.

4.       Footwear:  Classic shoes, boots, or loafers made of leather or suede can be worn with your business casual outfits.

How to Dress Professionally

How to dress professionally

What Is Not Appropriate for Business Casual?

  1. T-shirt:  Long sleeve polo neck t-shirts are okay as long as your workplace allows for it, but avoid collarless t-shirts as they’re too casual for office attire.
  2. Casual Pants: Jeans are not business casual, cargo pants, athletic wear such as sweat pants and track pants should not be worn.
  3. Sports Shoes: Sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops should not be worn.

Some Examples

Men’s Business Casual- Summer Look

Lighter shades like white, sky blue, and pink are perfect for spring and summer. You can wear them with versatile pants like black, navy, and grey; however, lighter colors like khaki, beige, and off-white are perfect for summers.

Moreover, as far as footwear is concerned, it’s better to stick with a classic pair of leather shoes and match them with your belt.

Autumn & Winter Outfits Ideas for Work

Wool pea coat, sportscoat, and business casual sweaters are appropriate for cold weather; they’re not only warm but look dressy. Wear them over darker winter shades like brown, navy, and charcoal, and complete the look with leather or suede Chelsea boots.

Here are 7 shirts, pants, and coat combinations that you can practically incorporate into your business casual dressing.

What To Wear With a Dark Blue Shirt?

Grey Blazer + Blue Shirt + Pant

The blue color symbolizes trust, loyalty, and confidence, which is what most of the employer seeks from his employees. It goes best if paired with

  • Khaki’s
  • Stone
  • Grey

What To Wear With a Burgundy Shirt?

Double Breasted Coat + Burgundy Shirt + Pant

The burgundy color symbolizes wealth, power, and ambition, which are essential factors to become a successful person. It looks fantastic paired with.

  • Navy Blue
  • Khaki
  • Black

What To Wear With a White Shirt?

Grey Sports Coat + White Shirt + Pant

White is the color of purity, peace, and completeness. The white dress shirt is the most classic and versatile shirt you should have in your wardrobe. However, you can style it with any color. To get the most out of it, pair it with.

  • Olive Green
  • Khaki
  • Navy Blue

Light Blue Shirt Combination

Checkered Blazer + Sky Blue Shirt + Pant

Blue is considered the color of nature, like the sky and ocean. It’s a fresh color. It looks the best pair with.

  • Olive Green
  • Khaki
  • Black

What Color Pants To Wear With a Black Shirt?

Textured Blazer + Black Shirt + Pant

Black color symbolizes strength, authority, and aggression. It is a sophisticated color and makes you look bold. You’ve probably heard of a shopping term. If it’s not black, then put it back. Pair it with any color you want, and we suggest lighter colors.

  • Khaki
  • Ivory White
  • Grey

Learn what to wear at work according to each dress code.

What Color Pants Go With a Pink Shirt?

Charcoal Blazer + Pink Shirt + Pant

It’s a myth that men should not wear pink. Pink is the color that represents affection, inner peace, and approachability. It gives your personality a touch of kindness and loves for others, which is vital if you are a leading person.

For pants, choose the following colors:

  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Black

What To Wear With a Grey Shirt?

Teal Blazer + Grey Shirt + Pant

Grey is a perfectly balanced color, as all things should be. How to dress professionally in the grey shirt is by pairing it with pants of the following colors.

  • Ivory
  • khaki
  • black pants

These were some brilliant ways to mix and match your business casual attire. You can also be a little creative with your style while staying within the guidelines mentioned above. Now you’re well aware of how to dress professionally.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every man’s professional attire starts with a plain white shirt, dress pants, necktie, and formal shoes. As he steps ahead on the ladder of professionalism, the accessories and clothing worn increase, making him look dapper. These additions include cufflinks, an analog wristwatch, and a suit jacket.
In most parts of the world, professional attire for men means a suit with matching trousers, a button-down shirt, a necktie, and dress shoes. The color of such formal suits is generally neutral, like black, gray, navy blue, or brown.
ressing like a sophisticated professional is far easier than wearing casualwear, in which you have to make the best color combination. For a professional business suit, decide on the lapel style, then pick a basic color suit that doesn’t look vibrant. Pair a nice contrast necktie with it and keep the belt and shoes the same, typically brown or black.
Thanks to the swiftly changing dress codes that have made blazers semi-formal wear. Nowadays, you can wear it with a t-shirt to hang out with pals or chinos as an official dress.
Certainly, a messenger gives you a more professional and polished look that you cannot get with a backpack. Especially when a messenger bag is leather made it takes your sophistication to the next level.