Choosing the Best Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

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We all get confused when deciding to style and choose the best leather jacket for your body type. With different styles and designs, it can be overwhelming to know which style will suit our body type. Whether it’s a bomber jacket or a cafe racer, it is made for a certain body type.

This blog will discuss why wearing outerwear according to your body type is essential, mention the different body types, and discuss the right style and color that will suit each body type best.

Why is wearing a leather jacket according to your body type important?

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So before discussing the different body types and what style of jacket will suit best, we need to understand the reason for wearing a leather jacket according to your body type. So, here are some points to understand better:

  • Firstly, know your body type. This is important to know before choosing a leather jacket style.
  • Then it is important to know what kind of clothes you wear. Do you like fitted clothing or loose?
  • Further, it is important to know the size of the leather jacket. We suggest looking at the size guide before choosing a size.
  • It is also essential to know your preference for the size of leather jacket you like, do you like a leather jacket tailored or a bit snug or loose? Knowing this will make it easy.

After considering all these points, we suggest you choose then a leather jacket style based on your needs.

Different Body Types You Need to Knowmale body types

1. Rectangle

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  • You have a broad set of shoulders as wide as your hips and waist.

According to our suggestion, the leather jacket that will look good on this body type would be the leather car coat. The coat, being long, would make your body look angular and cover the hips as well. In the winter, the car coat can be styled best, while in the spring, a cafe racer jacket will look best.

2. Inverted Triangle

mens biker leather jacket

  • With this body type, you have broad shoulders. However, you have a small chest, hips, and waist.

Men are attracted to the inverted triangle body type that features broad shoulders and chests combined with a slim lower body. This body type gives an angular and well-proportioned appearance.

For this body type, you will work well with a leather jacket, which is tailored like a biker-style jacket or the cafe racer leather jacket.

3. Trapezoid

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  •  People with trapezoid body types have a well-proportioned body. You have a broad set of shoulders and a chest to match.

We suggest a bomber jacket suits you best for this type of body. People don’t have to worry about their body rolls coming out of their leather jackets. Investing in a good bomber jacket will look best.

4. Triangle

mens black blazer jacket

  • Triangular body shapes have narrow shoulders and chests. You also have wider hips and waist and slanted shoulders.

People with this type of body type need a leather jacket that can create an illusion of a well-proportioned muscular body. You should wear a leather jacket to balance your figure. We recommend a leather blazer or a zipper like a hooded jacket will go well with this type of body.

5. Oval

mens blue biker leather jacketmens dark brown biker leather jacket

  • These body shapes have narrow shoulders and are slimmers in the lower legs.

The outerwear that will suit best with this body type is the motorcycle jacket. Further the leather jacket should be snug and not too tight to make your oval body visible. If your confused about your first leather jacket purchase then you can check out this guide.

Why Bomber Jacket Style is Suitable for All Body Types

So let us dive first into the history of the bomber jacket, also known as the flight jacket, initially. The jacket emerged during WWI Origins when warm and sturdy outerwear was necessary for military aviators flying in open cockpit aircraft.

Later on modern flight jackets were then created as a result of aviation technology being advanced during World War II. Further, in the 20th century, it became a cultural and fashion icon. Worn in famous movies like “Top Gun” and “Indiana Jones,” which made it slowly become more famous among the youth as well.

A bomber jacket is usually elastic around the waist and at the end of the sleeves at the wrist. They also have a loose-fitting style that can suit all body types. They also look great in many outfit styles. The length of the jacket is just above the knee, and it fits without being too tight or wide, making it an ideal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a leather jacket suits you?

To know if a leather jacket suits you, it should be snug but not tight and should fall close to the body, leaving space for a sweater to be worn underneath if you need the extra layer of warmth.

Should leather jacket be tight or loose?

We would suggest considering the factors mentioned in the blog and also refer to the sizing guide as well to figure out your preference.

Do leather jackets look good on everyone?

Yes, they do! For decades, leather jackets have been the most worn outerwear for chilly months or when riding bikes. As long as the jacket fits, is clean, and is looked after, anyone can pull off the look.

What are the disadvantages of leather jacket?

A disadvantage could be that they require care and maintenance. Our team always advises to take your leather jacket to a professional for its maintenance.


Therefore, if you want to look good and stand out from the crowd, you must buy the appropriate leather jacket for your body type. This will demonstrate your attention to detail and effort put into your style. This blog also covered the various body shapes and the most appropriate outerwear styles. Hence, choose a jacket that complements your body type and is currently in style.