10 Best Wool Coats For Men

It is not until winters finally arrive that we realize we need something cozy to wear. Outerwear for cold weather is not limited, and one of the most stylish options for guys is to have Mens Wool Coats.

Wool coats are available in heavy and lightweight depending on the unique fabric blend, but the most amazing jackets are the ones that are stylish, functional, and comfortable.

1.TWM Kenney Mens Long Black Wool Coat ($159)
Mens Black Long Wool Coats
Available at Angel Jackets

If you want to spend your winter worrying less about the cold and focus more on your style, then Kenney Long Wool Coat is a superb choice. Made with premium quality wool, the coat has a double-breasted style with big buttons so that when it gets chilly, it will give a warm closure.

The long coat has a unique fit that gets closer to the waist and then gets flowy at the bottom. It will surely give you flattering compliments because the wide lapels and the cuff straps are very attractive.  

2. Italian Wool Double Breasted Officer Topcoat ($594)
Italian Wool Coat
Available at Todd Snyder

If you are a fan of military wear but don’t want to keep it entirely formal, then this Double Breasted Top Overcoat is the answer to your prayers. A classic olive sage color inspired by the army, it’s a timeless piece made from premium Italian wool.

It is high on convenience because it has welted pocket to tuck your hand, adjustable cuffs, and attractive horn buttons. This is all you need in the winter to get cozy.

3. Morgan Top Coat Black ($450)
Black Wool coat for men
Available at Saturdays NYC

If you live in a city which doesn’t get too cold, you should go for a mid-weight coat. Morgan Top Coat in Black is a good idea because it comprises half wool and half polyester. It has a relaxed fit with a three-button closure in a concealed design.

The minimalist lapel design doesn’t make it overpowering, and the two welted side pockets are very convenient indeed.

4. Men’s Manteua Sacha Wool Blend Overcoat ($665)
Mens Wool Overcoat
Available at A.P.C

This classic wool coat falls to your knee-length. It’s classic because of its beige color, but modern men will love to drape it on too. The fabric is soft because of its unique blend of wool, nylon, and polyester, making the texture soft to touch.

With a 3-button front closure, this coat will keep you comfy, and you can also tuck your hands in the side welted pockets.

5. TWM Gossett Double Breasted Peacoat ($159)
Mens Double-breasted Wool Coat
Available at Angel Jackets

We love winters because even for formal events, we can achieve a slick appearance. This becomes all the easier with Gossett Double-Breasted Peacoat. With its elegant double-breasted front closure, you can get an elegant polished look in no time.

The premium quality wool blend is superb for chilly evenings of all kinds because the coat is not too heavy. Wear it in the fall or wear it in the winters; you’ll look handsome for sure. We love that even with its big button, there is still room for two pockets outside. So now we can tuck our hands too.

6. Plaid Wool & Cashmere Top Coat
Plaid Wool coat
Available at Canali

Winters is a great opportunity to experiment with a plaid pattern. Having its origins in Italy, the fabric is a blend of wool and cashmere and is crafted into this topcoat. The coat has a 3 button front closure with a sleek lapel design to keep you warm throughout winters.

The coat has a subtle vintage feel to it, and that is why you can clearly feel the luxury once you wear it.

7. Men’s Naval Officers Long Overcoat ($545)
Blue wool coat for men
Available at Schott nyc

One of the most favorite colors for winter wear is blue. With this Naval officers style, the long overcoat is a winter essential that you shouldn’t miss. It is bound to catch your attention with a hot hue, and the exquisite double-breasted style with hammered buttons will make you look classy.

If you have a fancy dinner to attend in winter, you must take advantage of the coat, made with a special wool blend to keep you warm.

8. TWM Larry Men’s Grey Wool Coat ($219)
Grey Wool Coat for Men
Available at Angel Jackets

Winters doesn’t mean that we can only wear dark hues. In fact, we can stand out with a lighter color and let the wool coat do the talking. For this, Larry Men’s Grey Wool Coat is an excellent choice. Will can stay cozy with not only the unique wool blend but also the viscose lining inside, which will keep us comfortable, especially outdoors.

Not everyone enjoys buttons, so this grey coat has them concealed, which seamlessly hides due to its sophisticated lapel design. To add to the wearer’s convenience, there are three pockets outside with vents.

9. Green Heavy Tweed Overcoat
Tweed Overcoat
Available at Studio Suits

Winters might be the holiday season for many of us, but some people might need to attend formal events, meetings, etc. For these occasions, this Green Tweed Overcoat is a must-have.

A unique take of modern fashion, which has full points on functionality, this is a coat made from 100% wool. With a sleek minimalistic lapel design, it’s a choice for gentlemen.

10.Double Breasted Coat Stripe ($647)
Double-Breasted overcoat
Available at Victor Li

Winter evenings can be tricky if you’re attending a formal event, but if you have this Double-breasted stripe coat to drape on, then you don’t need to worry. It has sophistication transcending due to its moderate grey color, and its length is longer than usual, giving you full coverage.

Use this as a layer over your suits, sports jackets, and more because you’ll need its warmth in extremely cold winters.