10 Best Summer Outerwear Everyone Should Own

Summertime is Fun-Time. With so much to do, like swimming, sipping refreshing drinks, and vibing to songs, there is soo much to do. But did you know that you can also wear jackets in summer?

Of course — who says NO!

With breathable materials that are lightweight & trendy, you can dress fashionably in a breeze. We won’t recommend you go for long wool coats, puffer jackets, or something heavy.

Summer Jackets For Men

Here are the top 10 summer jackets for men — without getting TOAST!

1. Military Style Utility Jacket

Military-Styled Jackets are one of the most functional summer outerwear out there. With multiple pockets outside, the wearer can carry their valuables around the city. They’re great for camping getaways, too, because of their practicality.

They have fairly boxy structures, but you can use that to your advantage and find unique ways to style utility jackets because you will have ample space for movement and air for the hot season.

2. A Cotton Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets are one of the most popular Jackets styles and preferred outerwear around the world. They are now widely made in breathable and lightweight materials such as cotton.

Guy wearing maroon cotton Bomber jacket in smart casual look for summer outerwear

You can experiment with a smart look with dark-wash jeans that are slim fit and folded at the hems. Also, wear chic athletics footwear such as modern sneakers to give a refined appearance. Trust us; there are plenty of reasons to wear a Bomber Jacket.

3. Trucker Style Jacket

Wearing a trucker jacket in cotton is a great idea to display your fashion in every season throughout the year. It has an exceptional characteristic of making or outfit a casual or a formal one.

cotton trucker jacket for summers

We recommend clean white pants that are semi-fit from the knees below and matching suede loafers to be a class apart for a dressy look. For a shirt, you can experiment with a polo or a quality cotton tee that has horizontal stripes. They will go superbly with your Cotton Trucker Jackets.

4. Plaid Over-shirt

Plaid overskirts and summers go hand in hand. This summer outerwear is right between a jacket and a standard T-shirt so that you can enjoy the coverage and benefits of both.

Guy wearing red plaid shirt for summers

There are many designs in a plaid pattern, but the coolest ones include gingham and tartan. Choose the pattern depending on how complex the designs are on your paired clothing items, but to be honest. We recommend keeping the T-shirt and your pants/shorts to the minimum.

5. Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets are now liked by not only college students but guys and girls of all ages. It is a popular choice for a casual but sharp appearance, and due to this, many have dreamed of draping it even in the warm seasons.

Guy wearing a letterman/varsity jacket in summers

Initially made in cotton and leather, the outwear is now also made with a perfect blend of Cotton and Polyester, so now you can wear it in warmer weather too.

There are many letterman jacket styles to follow, and one of them includes pairing other clothing items in summer-friendly colors and lightweight fabric.

6. Nylon/Polyester Jacket

guy wearing green-bomber jacket

A jacket made in nylon is bound to give you an edgy look this summer. Summer outerwear that is lightweight and will take your regular T-shirt and Shorts gear up a notch; you can now try different styles of nylon jackets.

7. A Plain Over-Shirt

Like any other over-shirt, a plain one with a robust structure is as good as any other layer. With a sturdy collar and the front buttons opened, you can ride through the summer in this crisp look.

Guy wearing blue overshirt as a summer outerwear

Complete the look with classic blue jeans that are boot cut and white skate shoes with laces to embrace the sunny season crisp look to the fullest.

8. Track Suit Hoodie

Smart hooded track suit fashion in red, white and black streetwear & gym wear

This is the most fashionable streetwear that you can have this summer. This Hooded Track Suit jacket will make you stand out from the crowd and display your fashion forwardness in a blink.

Tracksuits are no longer your loungewear. In fact, in this alluring combination of red, white, and black, this is no short of high fashion.

9. A Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets, especially lightly stone-washed ones, have a sunny vibe to them. A sleek but loose-fitted Jacket in light blue can really make your day this season.

Guy wearing blue denim jacket in summers

Don’t forget an airy summer shirt underneath, for example, a floral one to breeze through the summers. You can fold the cuffs of the jackets just above the wrists, so there is room to show off your smartwatch.

10. Lightweight Satin Jacket

A Satin jacket is by default lightweight, so you can definitely drape it on in summers. Its relaxed structure will keep you comfy and breezy while you slay being dandy.

Guy wearing lightweight satin jacket in track style in summers

The biggest advantage here is that it can go with any outfit you wear underneath and just act as a jacket covering for those you can’t stay without.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Windbreakers are usually worn in colder weather when windy, but they can be worn in warmer seasons with their lightweight and thin construction. The layer can also protect in rainy seasons.
White is the most preferred summer tone due to its light-reflecting properties. But other tones, such as yellow, pink, and red, are also becoming popular.
From Espadrilles to sneakers and from loafers to leather sandals, opportunities are endless. Just consider your overall look and the formality of your outfit.