10 Best Leather Jackets For Women 2021

Womens Best Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets may have started as workwear, but women truly have embraced them as one of the most iconic leather jacket pieces of all time. Be it Madonna, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift, or the Hadid sisters; fashion-forward women have never missed out on wearing the BEST Leather Jackets that are both chic and a sign of rebellion.

Unfortunately, there’s often a misconception that buying great leather will require you to spend a ton of money. While many brands believe that everyone deserves a leather jacket without breaking the bank.

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Leather Jackets for women to flaunt in 2021.

1. Dorthe Black Shearling-Trimmed Leather Jacket ($940)
Black Shearling leather Jacket
Available at Harvey Nichols

Coming from designers known for their ‘’unusual and evocative designs’’ this Dorthe Jacket in black utilizes Mongolian-inspired shearlings on the collar and the cuffs. The jacket itself is made of soft leather, making it a superb choice even when it’s not winter. An added benefit is that it has two front slit pockets because, YES, women need pockets too.

Our Verdict: A truly Edgy fashion piece.

2. Elisa Womens Light Brown Leather Jacket
Available at Angel Jackets

Wearing a fitted leather jacket has a rebellious touch to it but in a fashion-friendly way. Elisa Womens Light Brown Leather Jacket has it all. It translates vintage vibes through the brown color with a motorcycle design, and the real lambskin explains the undeniable quality.

We love a jacket with pockets, and this one features three on the outside. But what makes it most attractive are the wide lapels complemented with the asymmetrical design. Truly iconic indeed.

Our verdict: Fearlessly Bold

3. Faux Leather Hooded Jacket ($392)
Women's Faux Leather Hooded jacket
Available at Net-a-Porter

Ever heard of less is more? This simply neat Hooded Leather Jacket by LVIR precisely represents ”a comfortable and stereoscopic style’’. The Faux leather jacket has its shape inspired by the raincoat design bringing together the classic utilitarian usage with a modern twist. And of course, it features a hood too.

The most amazing thing is that the front zipper is concealed and that the jacket also has a soft lining inside.

Our verdict: Simplistically Elegant

4. Alison Asymmetrical Belted Suede Jacket ($270)

Well, technically, suede is leather. It’s just napped in a way to give a matt buttery texture. The Alison Asymmetrical Belted Suede Jacket in this unique blue color will seem like a denim jacket but is, in fact, leather so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The overall structure of the jackets consists of a belted waist and, of course, multiple pockets (our favorite) with chunky zippers.

Our verdict: An Urban necessity

5. Commando – Blood Red ($405)
Women's Red Leather Jacket
Available at Straight To Hell

Let’s face it; women LOVE attention. So, if you want compliments being showered at you, Commando Blood Red Jacket is the best style investment you can make. The vibrant hue will declare that you are a fashionista and the fact that its leather will showcase your sophistication.

The structure of the jacket is truly endearing because of the hot asymmetrical design. It is guaranteed to bring out the rebellion in you. And let’s not forget the super convenient pockets enclosed with stylish zippers. Yes, we love them.

Our Verdict: A Hot style Upgrade

6. Astral Leather Tassel Jacket ($589)
Women Fringe Leather Jacket
Available at AllSaints

If you’re a fan of the west and want to bring those vibes to the city life, the ASTRAL Leather Tassel Jacket is a perfect choice. Made from premium Nappa leather, focusing on sustainability, this piece is fringes-inspired designed in a modern way through tassels. The off-white color elegantly brings in the simplicity required for a chic fashion statement.

Our Verdict: A piece that sings Wild Wild West

7. Monica Womens Black Fitted Leather Jacket
Available at Angel Jackets

Whether you’re a biker fan or just heading out with your friends to enjoy the city nightlife, Monica Black Leather Jacket is an extraordinary apparel piece that is bound to make you haute in an instant. The exterior is real lambskin which puts forth elegance, and the viscose lining inside makes it comfortable to wear.

You know how much we love pockets in women’s jackets, but that’s not the only reason why Monica Black is our favorite jacket. What makes it extra special is the unique combination of Asymmetrical zipper, decorative zip borders, and upright collar along with wide lapels. It really has it all.

Our Verdict: The All-Star

8. Grace Leather Blazer
Green leather Jacket for women
Available at LeatherCult

If you’re a fan of blazers, then Grace Leather Blazer is a must-try. From the lapel style to its collar constructions, it’s a superb choice for attending a formal place, and the dark green hue is perfect for the fall. It’s stylish, durable, and comfortable, and the fact that it’s made from pure soft Nappa makes it high-quality too.

Our Victory: Formal Prestige

9. Tessa Tumbled Leather Biker ($695)
Black Biker Leather Jacket for women
Available at Whistles

Tessa Tumbled Leather Biker comes from London-based designers focusing on busy & dynamic women. This black leather jacket is a good option for women who love to wear a moto-inspired jacket but don’t want to have big buckles in a work environment. The zippers include long pull tabs for convenience as well as a style feature.

Our Verdict: Effortlessly Timeless

10. Faux Leather Belted Shirt Jacket ($99)
Leather belted shirt Jacket
Available at Nordstorm

Faux leather is amazing because it makes our desire to embrace leather fashion affordable. The Sage Faux Leather Belted Shirt Jacket is a great example of this. It’s a vintage style made in a modern way, featuring a precise collar and front closure that relies on snap buttons. The most upscale element is the defining tie belt.

Our Verdict: An Affordable Luxury