Why you must wear a Bomber Jacket?


Bomber Jackets, too, like many other clothing items, were not only hugely inspired by the military uniform but were, in fact, actually worn by military pilots, notably in the second World War. Soon it found a special place in the wardrobes of civilians due to its appealing flair and durability.

For military fighter pilots, huge bulky coverings, including leather ones, were bothersome in high altitudes with changing temperatures. They needed outerwear that was lightweight and warm at the same time.

Aviator bomber jacket style worn by a pilot

In came the B-15, which bears the closest resemblance to the modern Bomber Jackets styles. It absorbed any moisture that was present and kept them comfortable and camouflaged to concentrate on the mission.

Why Is Bomber Jacket A Wardrobe Essential?

The most distinct thing about this outerwear is that you can wear it EVERY season. Now that is something special indeed! The outerwear can work wonders in winters, of course, but when you choose the right material, you can breeze your way through the spring and summer too.

Every day we are overwhelmed by the question, ‘‘what should I wear today’? Great bomber styles always come to our rescue here. We can pull off any look. Whether it’s street casual or business casual, your Bomber Jackets styles are the answer to all your fashion problems.

If you’re still skeptical, be sure to know that it’s a great wardrobe investment. It lasts for years without fading or being worn out, not to forget they represent a timeless fashion.

6 Reasons To Wear A Bomber Jacket

1. To Rock In Leather Weather

Want to create a timeless look? Wear a leather bomber jacket. Featuring a central zip and waist and cuffs, which are fitted, this will be outerwear that is versatile and bound to give you your desired profile to stand out from the crowd.

Black Bomber Leather Jacket For Men

People usually prefer classic black leather to augment their style statement, but many people are increasingly experimenting with other colors. The second most favorite is Brown leather because it can successfully reflect our caliber.

There are plenty of ways you can stylize yourself if you choose to wear outwear made of leather. No matter the color, you can explore 21 types of Leatherwear for Men that you can rock in.

2. To Breeze Your Way Through ALL The Seasons:

Whether winter is coming or you’re getting ready to say goodbye to it, drape this on always to display your class. A quality of nylon covering is its ability to withstand dirt, water, and wind; you name it. Now you can excel in your outdoor activities without a worry.

Lightweight nylon bomber jacket for men

Perfect for transitional weather such as Spring, a Polyester or nylon outfit is one of the most popular bomber jackets styles. For example, this Men’s Black Jacket with a slim modern fit makes it a win at utility and functionality.

3. To Walk In Luxury In A Shearling:
Shearling Bomber Jacket Style For men

For those who live in places where the climate is cold, Shearling Jackets are a must. They have all the uniqueness that others don’t. For example, it is more durable than cloth, it is not heavy and bulky like fur coats, and it still looks luxurious without being too heavy on your pocket.

4. To Sway In Vintage Style:

Having a napped finish, suede has versatile and a classic appeal to it. Since the ’60s, suede apparel has been revamped to many styles and cuts, with each decade giving it a new touch.

Suede bomber jacket style for men

There are plenty of vintage ways to wear suede jackets like a boss, which is why it’s essential in men’s wardrobes. From the biker to Trucker style to a fringed one, you have an array of choices to make each day.

5. To Feel Thrilled:

Initially only worn by college students, especially the sporty types, Letterman jackets become a desirable apparel item after Michael Jackson’s video of the song Thriller.

Classic letterman jacket in a bomber style

Popularly known as Varsity or Letterman jackets, these will not only keep you from shivering in the cold and serve as a weather shield but also will give your attire an upscale touch.

6. To Enjoy Comfort With Style
Denim Bomber Jacket for men

Denim is here to stay. This fashion clothing item will keep your style statement everlasting and is one of the Best Summer Outerwears. Apparel originated here in the US; it’s the go-to casual wear for men and women across the globe.

Which Bomber Jackets To Wear In Spring, Summer, And Even Autumn?

If you love wearing outerwear, transitional weather can be tricky. But the wide variety of bomber jackets styles allow us to drape them even when the weather is getting warm.

In spring, summer, and even autumn, you can wear Cotton, Nylon, Polyester layer, or even a denim one.

Which Bomber Jackets To Wear In Cold Weather

In winter, your go-to covering should be a leather one. You can also choose to wear a Hooded coat to keep the warmth inside. In case you are a bike enthusiast, check out this Biker Collection, all in leather.

Not all outerwear can keep you warm, but if you select the right material, they are bound to keep you cozy.

How To Wear And Style A Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets are all in one star. It has the most variety of ways to be draped, stylized, and rock in. You can choose to go vintage, preppy, casual, or even shearling style. Explore 10 fashionable Bomber Jacket styles, so you can walk with charisma wherever you go.