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How Should Your Travel Outfits Look like | Best Ideas

How Should Your Travel Outfits Look like | Best Ideas

Every frequent traveler knows that multiple factors are responsible for a positive travel experience; however, comfort plays a great role in making the trip pleasurable. Therefore having the best travel outfit is very important, you will need clothes and accessories that are practical yet stylish.

The thought of sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and delightful landscape might make you feel excited but the selection of your outfit should not be left for the last minute.

   What to wear for traveling on a plane?   

Traveling is fun but long flights can be the worst thing ever, sitting for hours on cramping seats, you don’t want to make it more difficult by wearing something that is uncomfortable on the other hand you don’t want to look like a teen going out for a slumber party. The best thing you can do is find a balance between fashion and comfort.


White, navy and grey t-shirts are a great pick for long travel they feel highly comfortable and look great almost always and you won’t miss match them in any case. Secondly, you need something to wear over it, blazers or light fabric bomber jackets are the best option as they’re soft and look preppy. Avoid anything that is stiff like a leather jacket, however, you can wear it later on during the rest of the trip.


Can you wear jeans at the airport? Yes, Jeans are a great option if your flight is of a short haul, but make sure it’s neat without any faded look or ripped texture, On the other hand, if it’s a long haul flight opt for something like a soft cotton pant of basic color like khakis and beige they breath better than and look more professional compared to jeans.

 Foot Wear  

Can you wear flip flops through airport security? some airport requires you to drop your shoes in the bin to get through the security check, while you might be thinking flip flops are the best option but you will have to take them off too, so why not wear something that looks better and will keep your feet protect, sneaker should be your first choice for traveling in a plain unless you’re going for a business trip then of course you will need a leather formal shoes.

  What to wear once you arrive to your destination?  

Now that you know what to wear for your flight let move on and see what other options we have once we’ve reached our long-awaited travel destination.

 What should I wear in Europe? 

When traveling to Europe you don’t want to look like those cringe-worthy tourists with socks, sandals and tropical shirts along with a camera hanging from the neck. Instead, try wearing something that looks preppy.

Unlike Americans; Europeans tend to dress up with a smarter and dressier outfit. Your outfit can vary depending on the area of your travel. In cities like London and Paris opt for darker colors while you can wear brighter colors while beaching on Italy or Spain.

To keep it simple and elegant you first option can be a checkered shirt, you can experiment with different color and square size but keep in mind not to make too extravagant, pair the shirt with nice looking chinos and loafers, you can also keep a small messenger bag to carry your stuff.

If it’s chilly outside you can also drop in a tailored sweatshirt and pair it with dark blue or black jeans and white sneakers to complete the look. Sunglasses and watches are great accessories that compliment your outfit, you can also carry a bag with all the important items you need.

Bomber Jacket is an excellent addition to your lightweight travel clothes; keep the colors simple like green, navy, and black. You can layer it with a black or grey cotton tee and dark jeans, wear contrasting shoes to highlight the entire outfit.

 What should a guy wear to a beach vacation? 

If you’re planning to hit the beach on your holidays you can still keep your style statement on a high. In case you’re confused about what to wear here are some fantastic ideas.

Light blue shirt looks fabulous at the beach when paired with denim shorts, you can also wear a cap, and it will not only look stylish but will provide shade from the bright sunlight.

Light cotton sleeveless shirts and Bermuda shorts are best for the beach on a sunny day, just sit back and enjoy the sunlight and gushing wind.

 What do I need for an African Holiday Safari? 

Hiking in the desert can attract a lot of dirt and stains so it’s highly recommended not to wear your favorite pair of clothing opt for basic color shorts and shirts like beige, stone, and khakis. It will not only hide dirt but will also help you blend in the landscape. You will spend most of the time in the sun so better wear sunglasses.

You can wear lighter shades for jungle safaris as well but make sure you cover your skin to avoid bugs and mosquito bites. Pair a light green long sleeve shirt with comfortable travel pants, drop out a wide brim hat and leather boot to complete the style.

These were the best travel outfit ranging from the flight till the destination, all you need to do is select your desired style and adjust it according to the your surrounding keeping in mind the same guidelines.