How to Care for Vegan Leather Jacket

how to clean faux leather jacket

Are you a consumer who supports environmentally friendly jackets or a person who is ethical about the environment? Then this blog is for you! Now, with the rise of ethical and sustainable choices, synthetic jackets have been a smart take on a wardrobe mainstay and are currently making headlines.

With the trend of consumers moving to ethical fashion, this jacket has become a primary choice for those consumers who tend to choose organically; this coat is not only a garment but has made a fashion statement for those who care for the planet and the style they wear. This blog explains what a vegan jacket is, how it differs from real leather, and how to care for vegan leather jacket.

What is Vegan Leather Made of?
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Synthetic leather is made from plant-based or sustainable resources. It is more of a replacement for real leather derived from animals. Now, with consumers supporting organic products, this leather is also produced from agricultural waste. Most of this type of leather is made up of:

Polyester (PVC)

This is a chemical or synthetic material used to make this leather. These are two recovered plastic components that are used to make synthetic leather. The refined plastic material gives it a texture and appearance similar to real leather. This type of material is cheap and also readily available.

Many environmentalists tend to disagree with leather production because these materials are plastic and petroleum-based.

Agricultural Waste

Agricultural waste is also used to make synthetic leather. The bacterial cellulose from agricultural waste, such as maple leaf, apple peels, and fruit pulp, can be recycled to make plant-based leather. These materials are dyed using sustainable methods to enhance finishing, texture, and appearance.

Hence, the raw materials used to make this type of leather are more environmentally conscious and draw consumers who prefer more organic products without animal skin.

Vegan vs. Real Leather

As discussed above, synthetic leather is made from plant-based resources, while real leather is made from animal skin. Let us define more:

  •  The tanning process that real leather goes through gives it a deep aroma, more shine, and durability. However, because synthetic leather comprises synthetic materials, it smells like plastic.
  • Compared to animal leather, plant-based leather uses less resources. This choice appeals to consumers who wish to see a more environmentally conscious and thoughtful fashion scene.
  •  Real leather is more expensive due to its quality, but it is cheaper, faster to make, and as durable as standard leather.
  • This leather is also stain-resistant, as stains on it fade away easily. With leather jacket stains requiring more care, it is an ideal choice.

With its beacon of sustainability, requiring fewer resources to be made, it’s a decision that appeals to consumers who want to see a more environmentally conscious and mindful fashion scene. This leather is made by manufacturers in many ways, as discussed before, to resemble a texture, strength, and appearance similar to that of real leather.

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Is Vegan Leather Durable?

Can this type of leather hold up to the durability of real leather? That is a great question. The cost of real leather is higher than that of synthetic leather, and the production process and quality demand more time. Therefore, the answer is no. Real leather, therefore, increases its durability. Moreover, this type of leather is less expensive to produce, making it thinner, lighter, and more prone to deterioration. However, it does not fade easily and can be easily cleaned, making it trending compared to standard leather.

How to Clean Vegan Leather Jacket

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If your jacket gets dirty and soggy, you do not need to worry. We have got you covered in this blog. One advantage of this leather is that it is very simple to clean. You can easily clean it if any stains appear. Most of them are generally stain and water-resistant.

You must first rub a soft cloth if your jacket gets dirty. A soft cloth is easier to get and use as it rubs off the stains and dirt off the jacket. Next, lightly soaked with warm water, use a new cloth to clean the leather in small circular strokes. If the product has a rough surface, you can also clean regions that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Dry the product with an alternative microfiber cloth as the next step. After that, you can treat the dirt with a treatment that will serve as a temporary protection.

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How to Care for Vegan Leather

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All leather accessories require care and maintenance. However, we know that animal skin is sensitive to light and water; hence, they require much care. Here are some tips:

  • Synthetic leather is easy to maintain because it requires little to no upkeep. It is less worn out because it is not susceptible to heat or moisture. It is also adaptable and sturdy.
  • Baby oil can also be used to remove the cracks from the sun, as this jacket does get cracked up. Alternatively, vaseline can also remove the cracks; apply gently, though.
  • Eucalyptus oil can be used to treat the stains that wear up. If your product has a mark, gently apply some of this oil to remove the stain, but remember, do not bleach it!
  • Another way to keep your coat looking sharp and clean is to use leather conditioner. Conditioning it with this will give it a shine and make it also look cutting edge. We recommend checking the label for any instructions.


What does vegan leather mean?

This leather, also sometimes known as ‘faux leather,’ is also a leather type made from artificial or plant-based sustainable materials. The idea that anything animal-based is essentially bad and everything vegan is inherently beneficial gives rise to this word.

 Is vegan leather real leather?

Not at all! Real leather is much closer than synthetic leather. It is more of an alternative to synthetic leather because it is artificially created and derived from plants.

Is PU leather vegan?

Polyurethane, or PU for short, is a kind of plastic. It is considered synthetic since it lacks animal skins, unlike real leather.

Does vegan leather last?

This type of leather can last for a very long time with careful care. Further, the leather materials made of polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are prone to rapid cracking and scratching, reducing their life expectancy.


In summary, the growing demand for plant-based leather jackets has led to a shift in lifestyle towards environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We are aware that learning about these type of jackets may occasionally be complex. It can get tiring, from knowing what materials they are made of to maintaining and cleaning them. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can easily maintain and style it, even though its longevity is debatable.