Your DIY Guide on How to Clean Wool Coat

Wool Coats are one of the most important winter essentials that you must have in your wardrobe. One of the reasons to have them is certainly the warmth, but they are also very stylish at the same time. A thing to note is that no matter how much you care for your favorite coat, certain circumstances cannot be avoided, such as spilling a drink. Even if you don’t spill a drink, you still need to clean your wool coat at least once, preferably during the off-season.

Here we’ve included various methods of cleaning and maintaining your Wool Coats, especially for women.

Spot Cleaning Wool Coat:

How to Clean Wool Coat

This method is most suitable for the scenario mentioned above, that is, spilling a drink. There’s no need to wash the whole coat; instead, you should apply the ”Spot Cleaning Method” to remove the stain.

Here’s how.

First off, you need to brush your coat thoroughly to remove any dust particles. Then apply a mixture of water and mild detergent directly to the affected area only. Rub the affected spotted area gently with a damped cloth to remove stains from it, soak out the moisture with another dry cloth, and naturally leave the coat dry.

Washing Winter Coat

Washing your coat at least once off-season is necessary for maintenance and to keep it as good as new. First off, take a look at the label; if it mentions dry clean only, it’s better to hand it out to the experts to dry clean the wool coat and let them handle it. But if the label does not mention dry clean, then you have the option to do it yourself.

Now there are two ways to wash Wool Coats, even for men, and one is by hand, second is by machine. If you’re extra conscious about your coat, opt for the hand method. But we’ll discuss both the methods in detail down below.

Washing Wool Coat With Hand:

If you are garment conscious and have been avoiding using a machine, it’s perfectly okay. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Fill your tub with water and add mild detergent: 

how to wash a wool coat

It’s essential to clean the tub or bucket first. And then, fill it with lukewarm water and mix a small amount of mild liquid detergent in it.

2. Soak and swish the coat:

how to wash wool jacket

Dip the wool coat in the mixture you created. Then swish it for a couple of minutes and leave it to soak for about an hour.

3. Drain out the detergent mixed water and rinse the coat

how to clean wool jacket

After soaking the wool coat for an hour, rub it briskly to get rid of all the dirt and stain, and then rinse it nicely to drain out the excess water until it’s only damp. Soak the coat in freshwater and rinse it once again until you’ve squeezed out all the excess water.

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Washing Your Coat In A Machine:

Before washing your wool coat through the machine, it is essential to check the label that is coat or fabric is machine wash or not. And then, follow the following steps:

1. Put the coat into a wash bag:

washing & laundry bag

Before putting the coat into the machine, please place it in a wash bag first. If you do not have one, place it into the bed sheet or pillowcase and tie a loose knot. It will keep your coat safe from damage and rubbing.

2. Add the water and detergents in the machine:

cleaning wool with detergent

Similar to hand washing, you will need to pour water and mild liquid detergent into the machine. Mild liquid detergent is basically liquid containing surfactants and little to no bleach, perfect for expensive clothing with a delicate fabric.

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3. Soak the coat:

wash wool coat

After putting water and detergent into the machine, wash the coat at a gentle spin setting.

4. Drain out water:

After about 10 minutes of washing, drain out the soapy water, refill the washing machine with fresh water, and turn it on again. Finally, rinse the coat nicely to squeeze out all the excess water.

Now your Wool coats will be good as new.

How To Dry Your Coat?

It’s generally not advised to place your wool coat into a dryer because it might shrink and twist the fabric. You can safely dry the fabric in the following way.

1. Squeeze out excess water and roll coat in a towel:

Rinse Wool Coat

After washing the jacket, squeeze out the excess amount of water, then roll it in a towel to get rid of the remaining moisture.

2. Lay the coat flat to dry:

drying wool coat

Lay the coat on a flat surface or hang it to dry naturally, but avoid direct sunlight, which may stiffen the fabric. Now it’s done.

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How to Iron Wool Coat?

iron wool coats

Wool coats may look wrinkled after washing, which is undesirable, especially if they are Sports Coats. So what you can do is hang it so the crease naturally fades away, or you can iron it on a wool setting. But be careful not to apply the iron directly to the outerwear. Instead, place a pillowcase or bed sheet over it to protect it from iron heat. You can also use a steamer for the best results. 

To care, restore, and clean a wool coat is not biting off more than you can chew. The above tips are simple and help you care for your wool coat to maintain longevity and the same new-like feel.

You can make your jacket, your friend, by caring for it with your hand or using a machine. In return, you can enjoy the same functionality and style for years to come.

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People Also Ask For

1. Can you wash a wool coat that says dry clean only?

A. You can definitely wash wool that says dry clean. But for the safer side, we suggest you wash it with your hands. It is because materials like wool and silk are typically delicate.

2. What happens if you put a wool coat in the washing machine?

A. You can wash your wool coat in a machine on delicate mode. But don’t put it in a dryer. Otherwise, it will shrink the wool and change its entire look. Instead, hang it for a while and let the water come out or soak the water with a dry towel.

3. How do you make a wool coat look new?

A. Brush your wool coat firmly with a suede brush removing all the unnecessary tints and pills. It will give your wool coat a smooth new look. When not wearing, hang it on a wide wooden coat hanger to maintain its shape.

4. How much does it cost to dry clean a wool coat?

A. It costs around $2.50 to $50.00 to dry clean both men’s and women’s wool coats and cashmere. But it is worth spending the money on dry cleaning your coat.

5. Can you wash 100% wool?

A. Washing a 100% wool coat doesn’t require much time. Just soak your coat into lukewarm water, add a wool cleaning detergent, and leave it for 10 minutes. Afterward, rinse the coat thoroughly and use more water to rinse the detergent water.

6. Can I use vinegar to wash wool?

A. Irrespective of the bleach and alkaline chemical agents, white distilled vinegar is an ideal cleaner for a wool coat. When you are rinsing your coat, add around ½ cup of vinegar to the water you use for the final rinse.

7. Can vinegar damage wool?

A. Vinegar is acidic, but it doesn’t damage the wool. Instead, it gives the coat a new smooth look and is considered the best cleaning agent for wool among rug experts.

8. How do you make homemade wool wash?

A. The general way of washing all wool items is to soak them into the water, add a special wool cleaning detergent and rinse it with water after 10 minutes.

9. Does wool wash need to be rinsed?

A. Machine and hand wash wool don’t need to be rinsed. Nevertheless, if you rinse it, it will reduce the yellowing risk if the wool is white. In a nutshell, you can surely rinse wool.

10. Can I wash wool with shampoo?

A. Definitely, you can use your hair shampoo to wash your wool. It will give the wool a soft and smooth look.