How to Style Vegan Leather Jacket?

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Do you have a synthetic jacket and are unsure how to style it? Then, you have come to the right blog.

Vegan leather jackets have become popular as an ethical option that shows a dedication to sustainability. Consumers are moving towards living more ethical lifestyles due to growing concerns about the environmental impact of producing animal skin products.

If you’re embarking on a journey of synthetic styling, you could be concerned because it’s not the same as wearing real leather. This blog will dive into what organic-based leather is, how to style a vegan jacket, and what other alternatives there are.

What is Vegan Leather?
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This type of leather is made from synthetic materials compared to genuine leather. Simple polyester and agricultural waste are used to make this type of leather. Furthermore, it is softer, lighter, and has a different texture than real leather. It is resistant to liquids and sunlight as well. However, it is manufactured artificially instead of animal-skin leather, which is more costly and robust, so it is not as durable as regular leather.

Therefore, styling a synthetic jacket is ideal if you’re on a limited budget, want something that feels like the real thing, and care about the environment at the same time.

How to Style a Vegan Leather Jacket?

If you want to unlock the secrets of styling this leather jacket, you must start excelling in the basics. Consider it similar to how you would style a classic leather jacket: the key is to embrace a few key pieces of apparel, ensure that the fit is correct, and control the style.

Just as it requires a perfect style, the right fit, and a set of clothing basics, so let us dive into this trending piece of how to style a synthetic jacket.

Finding the right fit
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A properly fitted jacket is a must. Not too loose or spread out, nor too tight. However, it takes some work to select the perfect size because these jackets have a different texture and feel. You can wear the jacket tighter, but layering your clothes is still essential if the jacket is lightweight. Even so, the clothing should fit well without being overly tight. There has to be a balance.

Just as a real leather jacket needs to be layered properly, synthetic leather can be layered well, making you look stylish and on point.

Smart-casual look
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To style a synthetic jacket, you have to pick a well-fitted T-shirt. Try to go with solid colors like white and black. Also, styling a shirt with some denim jeans also fits well. Nothing is as good as styling a jacket with some good dark denim jeans. Selecting a pair of jeans that fit properly works like magic and elevates your whole look.

Hence, your foundation should be on point to style this leather jacket. Next, you can also elevate your style with some button-downs. Style them again with jeans or some chinos as well. This can amp up your style game and make you look fresh with the jacket.

Edgy Edge look

Embrace the edgy side of your synthetic jacket with a black tee, dark slim-fit jeans, and some combat boots. This bold outfit is ideal for events when you want to stand out in the fashion world, such as concerts or nightouts. Any man or woman can rock their synthetic jacket with this outfit.

Choosing the right footwear
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The appropriate shoes finish the outfit and lend a sense of improvement, guaranteeing that your whole look is flawless. Go for some brown oxford boots or some sneakers to fit the look. With the right footwear, it guarantees that you always look flawless. Making informed decisions is essential if you want your look to stand out.

If you enjoy wearing accessories, you should expand your wardrobe because they can truly make a look. If you want to buy a synthetic leather jacket for men or women, we have a great collection you need to check out.

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Exploring Vegan Leather Alternatives

Vegan can be best for the environment, but it’s fine if you can’t style and rock synthetic leather! Here’s an additional alternative:

Why Real Leather?

We all must have heard of real leather, so let us explain again: it’s made up of animal skin. It is tougher, more durable, and has more shine. The color, texture, and fabric vary from artificial leather. It also gives a tough look and is the real thing, which means better quality. Furthermore, genuine leather fabric also smells good and doesn’t leave as many stains as synthetic leather. Also, you have many style options as well.

Visit our blog to discover more ways to style a leather jacket with class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vegan leather durable?

This leather, being made of artificially synthetic materials, is more lightweight and soft, making it less durable than real leather, which is robust and more textured due to being made from animal skin.

Is vegan leather waterproof?

It is more water resistant than being waterproof. You can easily rub off liquid spills using a soft or microfibre cloth.

Is vegan leather stretchable?

These types of leather jackets do not stretch as much as genuine jackets. As it is artificially made, synthetic leather also does not breathe as well as genuine leather so that it may be less breathable as well.

Why does vegan leather crack?

After long exposure to sunlight, these jackets can crack and peel off. Hence, keeping your jacket in a cool and dry place when not in use is recommended.


Hence, these jackets can be great style options instead of real leather. With it being cheap and within your budget, they can elevate your style if you need a leather jacket. Nevertheless, choosing a vegan jacket is a purposeful decision rather than a fashion statement. With multiple mixing, matching, and eco-friendly options, this jacket can revolutionize the fashion world.