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How to Turn Your Prom Suits and Tuxedos From Zero to Hero

How to Turn Your Prom Suits and Tuxedos From Zero to Hero

Everyone wants to look best on prom night. Why not! You should look different and stylish. If your prom date is nearby and you are still confused about what to wear at the event, I’m here to help you out, and let you know how to dress up for the special day.

This blog is all about the different style of Prom suits, and tuxedos that will help you to decide what to wear for the big day. You can also suggest your group of friends who want to look stunning as well as different while wearing the same colors. Here are some characteristics of suits and tuxedos you should consider before buying a prom suit or tuxedo.

Types of Lapels

Notched Lapels: These types of lapels are considered on almost every wearable from sports coats, business wear, and formal attire to casual outfit they are everywhere. These lapels have a versatile appearance and look great with almost every modern day accessories. They are also in trend for men's prom suits.

Peaked Lapels: Slightly wider than notch lapel with edges pointing upwards. Seems to be highly formal and traditional in suits and tuxedos designs, and are more formal than notched lapels. These lapels make you look slimmer and taller just because of their shape.

Shawl Lapels: Rounded shape and modern types of collar primarily seen on dinner coats and Tuxedos. There is an argument that shawl lapels are less formal with black tie, and some say that they will look appropriate with it. As an opinion, it will depend on your wearing choice.

Front Closure Button

Commonly the less button closure is considered as more formal. You can even go for no button closure, as you know tailcoats had several buttons but none of them are useful.

Single-button Closure: Single button are considered most formal, usually stitched on tuxedo or dinner jacket.

Two-button Closure: Less formal than single button but gives a versatile look. Commonly wearable at a cocktail party and just adding a black tie can be worn at weddings.

Three Button Closure: Three buttons are least formal and usually found in old suit however you will not find any tuxedos with three button closure.

Different Pockets Style

Patch pockets - A single extra piece of cloth is sewn directly onto the front of the coat and it is like a flap, basically known as Patch pockets

Flap pockets - This pocket as a lined flap onto the pocket and covers the opening. Now a day's these types of pockets are trending.

Jetted pockets – These are the most formal kind of pockets usually found in coats that wearable at social events.

Third outer pocket - the ticket pocket - The third pockets is usually located just above the right pocket. In the past used for storing train tickets, but these days are used in many town suits.

Hacking pockets - Similar to normal ones, but shaped slanted. Idea was to make a pocket which is easy to open while riding on horseback. Now hacking pocket are found in regular suits as well.

Following are the styles to consider, when looking for your from attire.

   Modern Style   

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Looking lush for prom requires an elegant looking modern tuxedo with a tailored fit. This one’s made of a wool blend and features a glossy satin shawl lapel, single button, and pocket. Wear a matching dress pant of the same material to complete the look. Blue is an attractive color but you can opt for other shades that match your skin tone; colors like burgundy, red and grey are trending all over and we can say it’s pretty safe for anyone to wear.

You will also need a white shirt, black bow-tie and silver cuff-links. Formal oxford shoes look the best with this kind of tuxedo. A rule of thumb is not to go overboard with the accessories, the goal is to look smart and elegant not a hipster.

    Mix of Modern and Classic    

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Want to maintain the traditions but don’t want to risk looking outdated? Try something like this one. It has everything there should be in a tuxedo including satin lapels, button, and jetted pockets. However, it comes in a burgundy color and the waistcoat replaces the cummerbund to add a slightly modern Touch.

    All Black Prom Tux    

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Thinking to wear traditional and look decent. This outfit is just like you taught. A slim fitted tuxedo featured with wide peak lapel, two button closure, and three external pockets with a top pocket of the satin border, and wear pants of same colors with oxford shoes.

The most different part is half collars, which makes the whole bow-tie prominent and look far much decent. This tuxedo goes with White and Black colors because these two colors are in trends since it was introduced.

    Celebrity Style    

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Want to look like a celebrity? Or you are a fan of Chris Evan? Then in both cases, you will love this Tuxedo. This tuxedo is made up of fine velvet material having 3 pockets, with a Shawl Lapel, One Button Closure, and standard fly pants. This tuxedo is best if you love colors and contrast, you can also opt for differently colored jackets like maroon, red, pink, grey etc.

    Unique combination of colors    

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What to stand out from the rest then try a unique combination of colors like this blue tuxedo with golden lapel. It carries two jetted pockets, a Single Button Closure, and contrasting lapel, add a light color bow-tie making sure it doesn’t stand out too much while letting the tuxedo get the spotlight.

    The Kingsman Style    

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Want to get the spotlight and make your presence felt. Then you need something like this tangy orange tuxedo contrasted with a black peak lapel. The tuxedo is made of soft velvet material and features all the attributes of tuxedo.

    Bond fit look    

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James Bond, a name that does not need any introduction. Willing to adapt his appearance, take a look at this picture. You will need a grey suit with notch lapels, combined with a matching tie and black oxford shoes. Bond makes his presence note worthy, and you can do the same as well.

    Formal Suit    

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Another suit inspired by Daniel Craig (James Bond) can be exceptional attire for prom. Attribute consists of flap pockets, wide peak lapel, two button closure, same color waistcoat, Black tie, and flat-front pants. If you want to carry out a complete professional look then this James Bond Three Piece Navy Blue prom suit is an ideal masterpiece.

Prom is a highly anticipated event that comes once in a lifetime and you have whole right to give your best shot. Hopefully, you have gone through some of the most interesting ideas; however is up to you to choose which style suites you the most.

Hope you liked this blog and going to share it with your friends or prom buddy.