How To Use Leather Jackets to Boost Your Business Casuals

Business Casual Style for Women

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you are curious about how to wear a leather jacket to the office? If you work at a place that requires a strict dress code, it’s highly unlikely to wear a leather jacket. But things are changing slowly. In fact, an article on suggests that women CEOs are now embracing Leather Jackets confidently.

So if you are planning to rock the leather jacket, here are some things you should keep in mind before wearing a leather jacket for work.

Make Sure It Fits Well

As you can see, the woman on the left is wearing an oversize jacket and might be great casual wear, but it’s a big “No” when it comes to office wear. Instead, amazing Biker Jackets on the right fit perfectly and look sleek.

Amazing leather jackets for women to wear

If you’re looking for quality leather jackets at reasonable prices, you can check out a brand like Angel Jackets, which is positively rated and trusted.

Avoid Jackets That are Too Biker Chic

Please stay away from jackets with too much hardware on them, like studs and patches, in short, the ones that are too heavy and over the top. But if you dont prefer plain jackets and want some patterns on them, you can go for superb Quilted Jackets.

Classy leather jackets for women

As you can see, the leather jacket on the left has all sorts of fancy studs and zippers, while the well-fitted leather jacket on the right is more sleek and simple. Both look great in their own way, but if I had to choose one, I’d definitely go for the jacket on the right.

Now that you know what kind of leather jackets are suitable, here are some innovative business-casual ideas that go best with a leather jacket. It will also help you identify what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Shirts and Blouses

How to style women's leather jacket at work

Just like the Leather Jacket, the womens business shirts also need to fit well. Go for plain white or Colored blouses and shirts. You can also experiment with solid colors and muted patterns like checkered and pinstripes but avoid low-cut shirts and neon colors.


Stylish pants for women

You can try many things here, e.g., wide bottom pants, dress pants, chinos, and skirts are all appropriate. Jeans can be worn if your office dress code policies allow it. However, shorts, ripped jeans, and leggings are highly inappropriate to wear in an office environment.

Skirts and Dresses

Pretty dresses for women

Length and tightness are essential factors when talking about skirts and dresses. Go for knee-length or below as a safe bet when dressing up for office. Avoid dresses and shirts that are too short and tight. There are not many restrictions regarding colors but avoid being too loud.

Leather Jackets

You already know that a bad-fitting and the overly-decorated jacket is unsuitable; however, you can try out many ways to style Leather Jackets to look classy, stylish, and even like a diva.

Women who can look great in black leather jackets

In terms of color, black is the favorite choice, but Classy Brown Leather jackets can also give a classic look with a vintage look.

Alternatively, Leather Blazers are also another great way to add a twist. But to be honest, on special occasions or if you want to be a fashionista, we recommend wearing bold colors like Chic Red Leather Jackets.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry & Accessories for women

Avoid being too dressy with grand jewelry and big watches rather go for a small pendant necklace, bracelets, and earrings; they might not be very prominent but look highly attractive and elegant, especially with womens business attire.


Remain close-toe with comfortable pumps, flats, and loafers are a staple in business casual fashion for women. It can be any color that goes well with the rest of the outfit; black, white, blue, red, and grey are the most appropriate.

Stylish and comfortable shoes for women

The possibilities are endless when styling business casual attire with a leather jacket; you can go for the shirt and pant look or blouse and shirt or even a dress; all look great if worn smartly. All you need to do is choose the clothes you feel most comfortable wearing.

Moreover, it’s good to experiment with colors and always keep in mind not to go overboard with the accessories.

People Also Ask For

1. Can a 50 years old woman wear a leather jacket?

A. A leather jacket is an ageless garment that anyone can wear at any age. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s. What actually matters is how young your heart is!

2. What do business women wear with a leather jacket?

A. You can complement your leather jacket with khakis and a plain white crisp cotton shirt. If you work in a company that allows decent formal dressing, go with slim-fit jeans, sneakers, and a white or gray round neck t-shirt.

3. What goes well with a leather jackets?

A. Slim-fit chinos, leggings, and jeans paired with round necks or turtlenecks go well with a leather jacket in a casual environment. Fortunately, if you are working in a company that doesn’t restrict casual, this combination is best for you.

4. Can you wear a leather jacket with khakis?

A. Certainly, you can wear khakis with a leather jacket. In fact, they would look awesome if you wear them with a navy-blue leather jacket, white round-neck t-shirt, and white sneakers. You can even use blue accessories like a navy pearl necklace to add more chicness to your overall appearance. 

5. Should a women’s leather jacket be tight fitting?

A. It depends upon your body shape, height, and physique. If you are slim and tall, go for the classic-fit jacket and slim-fit trousers. If your body is pear-shaped or heavyweight, get a moderate snug fit jacket that accentuates your cuts nicely.

6. How much does a good leather jacket cost?

A. You can buy a real lambskin leather jacket from Angel Jacket at $169/- only with free shipping. In comparison, a modern style real leather jacket from a renowned brand can cost you around $700 to $5000.

Spending that much on a single jacket would limit your wardrobe collection, and you will have to wear a single-style jacket throughout the years, irrespective of the trending style.

7. Which color is best for leather jacket?

A. For a long-term investment, basic color leather jackets are great. If you have saved your money and want to spend it wisely on a nice leather jacket, pick colors like black, brown, and tan. They are versatile and go along with any dress.

8. Do guys like leather jackets?

A. Every guy on this planet has dreamed of wearing a leather jacket. If you think of gifting a leather jacket to your brother, boyfriend, or father, do it. They will surely love it, and the lasting quality of this versatile piece will encourage them to wear it all the time, showcasing your love.

9. What jacket styles are trending among women?

A. Biker and Cafe racer-style leather jackets are gaining much fame among women this year. Particularly because of their passion for riding bikes. But these styles are not just trending among this niche. Also, the working women are complementing their daily outfits with a supple soft lambskin café racer jacket.

10. Can a leather jacket be formal?

A. When we refer to a leather jacket, it generally means a motorcycle, bomber, shearling leather jacket, undoubtedly casualwear. In comparison, a leather blazer is a semi-formal gear that you can pair with your formal dress.