6 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket Formally

man posing in leather jacket

Jackets have been an outfit, for ages, worn by the gentleman. They have also been a timeless piece of fashion that never goes out of style. So, if you have a coat that needs some style options and don’t know how to wear leather with formal dress, then, this blog is for you. There are many ways to style a leather jacket. However, this blog will dive into seven ways to wear one for a professional setting. So sit back; we have got you covered!

Elevating Your Formal Dress with Leather Jacket

Formal attire must be worn on many occasions, such as in work environments, business events, or even weddings. However, who says you cannot rock a jacket professionally?

Imagine yourself getting ready for a workday, a work occasion, or perhaps a wedding celebration. There’s a tangible excitement to put together the perfect ceremonial attire. Although dresses and suits have their place, how about adding one for an unexpected pop of color to your conventional wear?

Hence, gaining balance is the secret to wearing a jacket to elevate your conventional wear. Make sure the jacket you choose adds to, rather than takes away from, the entire look of your ensemble by matching the formality of your outfit.

Suede Bomber Jacket in a Business Setting
man posing in leather jacket

A bomber jacket can look cool in a business setting. So, if you must go to your office to impress your colleagues, this suede jacket can elevate your professional style. Try to style the bomber jacket with a button-down black shirt, some pants, and formal shoes. You can try wearing oxford shoes as well.

You need to keep one thing in mind: the bomber jacket should be plain. A brown one would be perfect. There should also not be any excess patches or pockets in the jacket. This can give you a polished look while keeping the style minimal for the business setting.

Brown Cafe Racer with Sweater and Accessories
model wearing cafe racer in formal

A cafe racer can offer a great business casual look as well. It can be a refined look in both professional and business events. You can easily style it with a sweater as a middle layer for the chilly weather. This elegant style goes well with a refined look, making it appropriate for business meetings and conventional occasions.

Hence, keeping these points in mind will really elevate this jacket’s conventional look and make you look classy at the same time. Indeed, a brown jacket isn’t your usual white-collar wear, but it can still make a statement if worn with the appropriate accessories like a watch and sunglasses.

Trucker Leather Jacket + Hat + Eyeglasses with White Dress Shirt
man posing in trucker jacket smiling

A trucker jacket is a great item that can be worn for professional occasions. Imagine you’re invited to a wedding and don’t feel like wearing a coat. You want your outfit to have a conventional vibe without being overly so. No need to worry! The trucker jacket can truly elevate your outfit.

You have to keep it minimal for this look. Try to style the leather jacket with an authoritative dress, like a button-down dress shirt, and top it off with a tie. Sounds cool, right?

Biker Jacket with White Button-Down Shirt and Tie
man posing in leather jacket in formals

This is an interesting query: can you wear the popular biker jacket in a formal setting? Of course, you can! Although the biker jacket is worn in a biker setting or when riding a chopper. However, paired with the right outfit, it can make it look more conventional.

Style this jacket with a white button-down shirt and black chinos. You can also layer it with an excellent necktie. To finish the look, wear some brown formal shoes. Hence, a cool-looking jacket can also be styled in a conventional setting.

Leather Blazer for a Wedding
model posing in leather jacket

Weddings are a place where you need to look professional and authoritative. Usually, men like to wear a sports jacket, but why not try a leather blazer instead?

Try maintaining the look with a crisp white button-down, a tie, and some formal grey checked pair of trousers. To top it off, a waistcoat looks good as a middle layer. To finish the look, a pair of brown shoes will look perfect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are leather jackets formal?

Yes! They also look formal and can be worn in a conventional setting as well.

Can you wear an old leather jacket to a wedding?

We recommend not wearing an old jacket for a wedding as it may look distressed, ruining your professional look.

How can my leather jacket look sharp?

You need to follow these steps:

1. Keep your jacket out of the water. Maintain its dryness.

2. Keep it away from heat sources such as furnaces and stoves.

3. Use a good quality conditioner on time.

4. Have it polished and cleaned by a professional.

Can you wear a leather jacket to an interview?

The company’s culture where you are scheduled for an interview will determine this. You can wear a leather jacket if your job involves customer service and accepts business casual attire. However, we advise against choosing a biker’s jacket and instead opt for a jacket with a simple design akin to a café racer. If you want to know more, check out this blog.


Hence, to wrap up, choosing the right formal attire when pairing a leather jacket for a professional setting is essential. The jacket must be plain and not have designs on it. However, there are some times when you want to wear your jacket casually. To learn more, you can check out this blog.