How to wear Suede Jackets Like A BOSS!

What Is A Suede Jacket?

A Suede Jacket is made from the underskin of an animal. It is a type of leather that has a napped finish. It has a smooth texture and has a very soft touch to it. Apparel made from this napped leather is regarded as luxurious and expensive and has a vintage feel.

Suede vs. Leather What’s The Difference?

Firstly, the difference between suede and leather lies in how they are made and, secondly, their texture. The popularly known leather is not napped and does not have a matt texture. As a result, it has a shiny and glossy surface instead.

Furthermore, another difference is that napped leather is thinner and softer than the shiny leather we all know, but Leather is longer lasting.

Suede vs. faux- what’s the difference

Although Faux seems and feels like natural napped leather but is made from polyester fabric, that is why it is synthetic. Due to its plastic contents, the faux is water-resistant and cheaper, but many believe that the real suede is of much better quality and feel.

5 Suede styles that are remarkably vintage

1. Bomber Jackets

Black Suede
Black Suede Bomber style Jacket For men

Congratulations, you have made a brave choice of wearing suede and that too a black one. People are scared to wear them for fear of ruining it, but if you know how to pull off a classic look, you’ll never step back from wearing them again and again.

A black jacket creates a perfect match by wearing other black elements too. Black on black surely transcends confidence. You can walk without fear of the cold getting to you because of the ribbed cuffs and waist.

For a more casual appearance, you can also wear grey jeans, so even if it’s a quick meet-up with pals or a run to the grocery store, you can do it in style.

Brown suede
Brow Suede jacket in Bomber style For men

Wearing a brown jacket cannot go wrong. It’s vintage; it’s classy and, of course, screams fashion. With seamless leather construction, this brown bomber outerwear will keep you insulated throughout the winters. You can undo the zipper in warmer weather and wear a white shirt underneath to keep it cool.

If you want to go formal with me, wear beige trousers and pair them with suede shoes. The whole look will be sleek and reflect elegance. However, we must warn you that people won’t stop looking at the classy you.

Light brown suede
Beige Suede Bomber style Jacket For men

Many people think donning napped leather will be uncomfortable. Trust us; this one isn’t. It has a smooth texture on the outside, and the viscose lining on the inside is also very silky. Pro tip: Carry a leather handbag/laptop bag or even a duffle bag made of leather.

In a world full of black and brown layers, be one who wears a light brown jacket for once. This one definitely has a shine to it to be easily be spotted in the crowd.

2. Trucker Jackets

Trucker jackets for men in suede jacket styles

Now this will reflect a classic suede jacket style in an upgraded way. Initially, the style was only made in denim, but napped leather has made its way into a Trucker style layer as well.

For night outswear darker shade t-shirts like black or royal blue. For daytime, outdoor events, don a white t-shirt underneath and pair it with matching napped leather shoes.

3. Biker Jackets

Biker jackets for men in suede

While riding your bike on the highway or down your favorite street, you must don a stylish Biker jacket. With an asymmetrical collar, sturdy zipper, and buckles, this one is surely for a Rockstar like yourself.

4. Fringed Jacket

Suede fringe jacket

A coat with a fringe is set to make you a fashion icon amongst others. Originally designed as a functional feature, fringes are the go-to style statements in fall and winter.

In order to complete the look, you can wear light blue denim jeans and boots with fur.

5. A Blazer

Brown Suede Blazer Jacket for men

Bring in the western heritage into your formal wear by donning a Suede blazer to appear classy and elegant in a vintage way so that your fashion style speaks confidence.

Are Suede Jackets Expensive?

Sometimes Suede can be expensive depending on how much labor is involved in the skin’s napping and then giving it a perfect matt finish.

It will be totally worth it once you put these luxurious-looking outfits on, especially if you know where to buy correctly you can get amazing deals.

How To Care For Suede?

Once you know how to care for your suede apparel, it can make it last longer than usual. To remove a dust layer or other particles, a brush with soft bristles should be used. If you notice any spots, the same can be done.

If in case you have spilled oily substance on your clothing, you don’t need to worry. First, all you need to do is gently blot the stain and put on lots of powder on it. Wait for a day, then blow off the powder or brush it off lightly.

It’s the oil stains you have to worry about. If you end up with a salad oil splashing or pizza oil dripping, carefully blot the stain (don’t rub) and apply a bit of powder.

Learning how to care for faux leather also helps.

Can I Wear Suede In The Rain?

No. Due to its absorbent nature, a Suede is not recommended to be worn in the rain. It can drench in water and adversely affect the soft texture, especially if it is rubbed vigorously. However, you can use a waterproofer which can reduce water tension.

”Self-confidence is the best outfit but why not rock SUEDE with it too.”