Peaky Blinders Clothing Guide by Angel Jackets

British period dramas rarely inspire modern wardrobe choices. Can you imagine dressing likely a character from Downtown Abbey or Poldark? The recent Netflix sensation The Crown has some stylish and inspirational pieces, but they are still very formal and more suited for the tosses in top hats.

However, one show has had a huge impact on men’s fashion in the past few years. As it reaches its 8th year from its release in September 2013, the Peaky Blinders and its iconic characters of the Shelby Brothers have influenced modern fashion in various ways.

Before we discuss the peaky blinders outfit ideas, let’s share a short background about this show.

About Peaky Blinders

Birmingham’s most famous gang is not only popular because of its impressive leader Thomas Shelby, the fearless ways they rule their part of the world, or their classically good looks, but also for their style and timeless wardrobe choices that inspire both fear and admiration.

The show’s popularity in the modern television era has led to the comeback of the 20’s style clothing and fashion choices such as boots, flat caps, and high and tight hairstyles.

If you want to replicate the appealing and timeless look of Tommy Shelby, Arthur Shelby, or the rest of the gang in a modern way, here is a quick Peaky Blinders clothing style guide to help you achieve that look. Here we discuss what style of wool coat, suit, pants, and hair cut you should don.

The Jacket:

One of the key pieces to create a unique look is the long outer coats. How many times have you watched Thomas Shelby don the long-lapelled coat that looks elegant and is heavy enough to withstand the cold winds of Birmingham winter?

Thomas Shelby wearing long jacket

The series creators deliberately used longer coats to give the high noon feeling of gunslingers going for a duel as their coat flaps dramatically in the wind behind them.

However, you need to make sure you get the right fit and texture to replicate the look of the Shelby Brothers. While a quality overcoat can be expensive, it is a great investment and will last years.

The Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby Coat from Angel Jackets is made with high-quality dark blended fabric, easy-fastening buttons, and other inspirational details from the popular show to give you an exact look and feel you see on the television.

The Suits:

What you wear underneath the coat can either bring the entire look down or enhance your style further. The Shelby Brothers are always seen sporting custom-made three-piece suits that fit their bodies perfectly and look smart and elegant when they take off their coats.

Thomas Shelby wearing vintage suits

Whether you want to wear the suit at a wedding or other formal occasions, the Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders Grey Three Piece Suit from Angel Jackets is a great choice to recreate the iconic, stylish look of the Shelby Brothers.

The difference between regular three-piece suits is the trousers are narrower and more shortened and are paired with a V-neck style vest.

If you want to go for something younger, you can try the Men’s Tweed Check Peaky Blinder Suit inspired by John and Michael, the younger members of the Peaky Blinders gang.

The Shirt:

The most recognizable aspects of the Peaky Blinders clothing line that reflect the 20’s era are the stylish penny collar shirts they pair with their coats and Suits. The collar is smaller and rounder compared to the common button-up shirts worn today.

Thomas Shelby wearing classic shirts

The penny collar is a cross between the traditional collar shirt and the granddad collar shirt and put’s you squarely in the 20’s fashion look.

You can get a great variety of colors and patterns for penny collar shirts to pair with your suit, depending on the look you are going for. To give your Peaky Blinder’s look a modern touch, you can also pair it with a formal plain shirt that is versatile and goes with almost any type of coat and suit, regardless of the color and fabric.

The Shoes:

TV Show has brought one of the most common elements of old British fashion, the shoes. To look even vaguely Blinders-esque, you need to pair your entire look with some stylish, solid, and well-worn boots in black or dark brown leather, then finally don some sophisticated Tweed Jackets.

Classic dress shoes

The shoes should have laces that go up to your ankles and show off your bare ankles. Wearing the higher crop of trousers will give the full Peaky Blinder’s effect for the classic gangsters ‘I don’t give a Sh**’ look.

The Hat:

You can’t have a complete Peaky Blinder’s look without the hat that gave them their gang name. The peaked flat caps with hidden blades have become a trademark for the Shelby Brothers. While we don’t recommend adding hidden metal blades to your wardrobe, you need a flat cap in the classic newspaper boy hat style.

Thomas Shelby wearing a peaked flat cap

The Shelbys could afford to buy expensive fur felt hats that were often the choice headwear for the rich during the ’20s, but they chose the newsboy caps as a symbol of their gang and related to the poor community members that they work within.

Round out your look with a classic eight-piece newsboy style flat cap in wool fabric similar to what we see Thomas Shelby wearing on multiple occasions.

The Hair:

To finish off your Peaky Blinder’s look, you need the classic high and tight period-style haircut partly inspired by military haircuts while adding the extra bit on top to set the gangsters apart. The barbers in England have been inundated with demands for the unique hairstyle as the show’s popularity has increased over the last few years.

Peaky Blinder hairstyles

The Thomas Shelby haircut style is simple, with shaved sides with a slick skin fade and a little extra hair on top that is styled with texturizing spray to keep it in the right direction.

And there you have it, guys, the definitive guide to recreating your own Peaky Blinder’s look with a modern twist that will look great on any formal occasion. You can also add extra touches to enhance the look with accessories, such as a pinky ring, an Albert chain or pocket watch, tie bars, and some black or grey leather gloves!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Peaky Blinders wear half-neck, cap-toe oxford style shoes in glossy black color. If you are planning to try the peaky blinders outfit, this shoe style is indispensable for you.
If you are wearing a peaky blinder suit in 2021, get ready to receive tons of compliments. This style gives you the same vintage look in a modern way, like a historic home that can never let you go unnoticed.
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Dress a vintage style dark gray tweed suit, or replicate the dressing style of Tommy Shelby by wearing his three-piece suit with a thick woolen long coat. Compliment the outfit with a flat cap and finish the overall look with a cigar.