Prom Outfits for Guys Under $350

With all the hard work you’ve done to get through the term, it’s now time to celebrate. A night full of fun and entertainment accompanied by a dance with your date is really exciting to think about, so you need to dress well.

The high anticipation can lead to a stressful situation when it becomes challenging to decide what to wear. It can get even worse if you’re on a tight budget.

Here is a guide on assembling prom outfits for guys on a budget without sacrificing style or quality.

Prom Tuxedos 2021

1. Black Velvet Tuxedo, White Formal Shirt, Dress Pant, Black Cap-Toe Lace-Up Shoes

The velvet tuxedo jackets have made their way back into fashion with big names like Chris Evans and Jason Mamoa on the red carpet. Hence, it will make you look wickedly sharp for prom, without a doubt.

Wear the black peak lapel velvet tux with a white shirt, formal pants, and black formal shoes.

Cap-Toe Shoes

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2. Royal Blue Tuxedo, White Formal Shirt, Tuxedo Pant, Raharto Plain Oxford Shoes

Add some royalty to your prom ensemble with this royal blue tuxedo jacket; it comes with a free bow-tie, so here is an additional saving. Wear it with a formal white shirt, tuxedo pants, and plain black oxford shoes to steal the show.

Plain Oxford Shoes

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3. Red Tuxedo, White Formal Shirt, Whole-Cut Shoes

The red tux is a great way to stand out without going overboard; it comes with a satin strip shawl lapel, one-button closure, and black pants. All you need is a plain white formal shirt and black oxford shoes to balance to style.

Black Whole-Cut Shoes

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4. Orange Velvet Tuxedo, White Formal Shirt, Black Pant, Plain Oxford Shoes

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For the guys who are confident to carry something unconventional, the orange velvet tuxedo is the style to try within the semiformal range. Like any other tuxedo, pair it with a plain white shirt & black formal pants and let the jacket do the talking.

You can also try amazing sports coats if you don’t want to look too formal.

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5. Black Tuxedo with Red Lapel, Plain White Shirt, Cap-Toe Leather Shoes

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Not your typical black tuxedo, this one comes with red satin details that take the awesomeness to the next level. Wear it with a white shirt and silver bowtie to complete the look.

Not everyone would be comfortable wearing a tux so why not give it a try at some excellent blazer jackets.

Cap-Toe Shoes

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Tuxedo Accessories

Prom Accessories
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Pocket Square

Your outfit is incomplete without the accessories, i.e., classic watch, suspender, bowtie, pocket square, cufflinks, and Studs (optional).  It will be awesome if you maintain a black scheme. 

The total cost of the entire ensemble is less than $350. Note, prices may slightly vary in the future from the time this article is published. You can save more if you already own some of the items.

Prom Suit Ideas 2021

6. Blue Windowpane Suit, Pale Blue Shirt, Brown Cap-Toe Shoes

prom suits 2020
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Tuxedos are not the only thing you can wear for prom; even though suits are lesser formal, they can make you look edgy as heck. Check out this classic blue windowpane suit with two-button closure and notch lapel.

As for the shirt, unlike tuxedos, you can try different colors such as pale blue, light grey, and even pink. Complete the style with brown cap-toe oxford shoes.

Brown Cap-Toe Shoes

Brown Cap-Toe Shoes
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7. Grey Double Breasted Suit, Dress Shirt, Brown Leather Shoes

prom suits for guys
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Double Breasted suits are perfect prom outfits for guys, especially a grey one that has a league of its own; here, I’ve selected a pink shirt to match the grey suit because it’s a flattering combination. However, if you’re not comfortable with it, you can try light blue or white.

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8. Charcoal Suit, Matching Tie, White Shirt

Matching your tuxedo & suits with your date is pretty much the trend these days; keep it simple by wearing a tie or waistcoat that coordinates with your date’s dress.  However, don’t match everything, or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard to get attention.

Complete the look with black oxford shoes.

Plain Oxford Shoes

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There are specific rules to follow when it comes to suits, and getting them wrong can undoubtedly break your style. One such practice is to match all the leather items, e.g., if your shoe is brown, the belt should be of the same color scheme. 

Read this to avoid any suit blunders in the future.


I want to wrap things up by saying that Prom is an exciting event. It’s supposed to be fun. Please don’t spoil it by stressing over your clothing. Now it’s easier to create the perfect prom outfit for guys that would make you look wickedly sharp without breaking the bank.

You can choose style one combined with the accessories and still stay well under $350; the same goes for the other styles. Also, save an additional $10 on Angel Jackets Prom Suits & Tuxedos by simply using the code AJ10 at checkout.

People Also Ask For

1. Where can I buy a prom suit?

A. You can buy a custom-fit prom tuxedo with a complimentary bowtie and free shipping from Angel Jackets at an amazingly affordable price. Moreover, the suit you get will fit you so perfectly that you would receive tons of compliments all night.

2. How do guys stand out at prom?

A. Prom is the night of a young breed that finds curiosity in creating and watching something new. Wearing a traditional color tuxedo may fulfill the event’s customary need, but it will be tough to stand out. Therefore, try a different color tux, like light pink color. It will get you flattering comments, and you will become the center of attraction.

3. How much is a prom suit?

A. An average out-of-the-rack prom suit roughly costs around $270 to $700. But you can buy a custom-made suit in any color from Angel jackets with free shipping for as low as $250 only.

4. Will there be prom in 2021?

A. In 2021, many high schools have either canceled or postponed the proms in the wake of the pandemic. However, it is not confirmed that the postponed proms will be ultimately canceled or not. But you can still prepare for prom during covid times.

5. What are guys wearing to prom 2021?

A. The 2019 unfortunate event’s effects are not going to stop guys from trying something new in the prom 2021. That’s why you will see guys wearing pink, maroon, and many other colorful tuxedos and suits with matching face masks.

6. Can you wear business suit to prom?

A. It entirely depends on the dress code and what your besties are going to wear. If your school dress codes allow a business suit, you can certainly wear it. Although, if your pals decide to wear a tuxedo as a group, you should go along with them to enjoy the event to the fullest.

7. Is it worth it to go to prom?

A. You must attend the prom at least once in your life, or else you will spend your entire life missing it. It is a night of memories, fun, amusement that you should never miss!

8. Is it OK not to go to prom?

A. In this highly socialized era, people will find you shy, taciturn, and meek if you plan not to go to prom. These stereotypes could cost you in the long run, so it is better to go to prom than miss it.

9. Will I need to wear mask in prom 2021?

A. Indeed, if the Government allows high school for prom in 2021, you will need to wear a mask. The vaccination has been made available around the world, but still, a significant proportion of the population has not been vaccinated yet.

10. Can you wear sneakers to prom?

A. Of course not! Don’t forget that a prom is a school event where you learn the basic etiquette of life. For girls, it might sound okay, but for guys, a big no!