Prom Suit for Men: Should I Rent or Buy?

Are you getting ready to attend Prom this year? That’s great because here’s your chance to dress your best. But before you decide what to wear, you must decide whether you want to rent or buy a prom suit? With our Style Guide, we’re here to help you figure this one out.

Today Prom remains a very important milestone for high schoolers. Thanks to movies and novels, seniors at high schools spend time elaborately planning for this day, from deciding what to wear, booking the stretched limo, to getting a date.

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Why Should You Wear A Suit?

Wearing a suit signals that you have a sense of personal style and have put effort into showing up today. When guys take out the time to look sharp, people take them more seriously because it shows their maturity and declares that they are confident without actually saying it.

should I buy a suit and wear it

A well-made Suit that has a cut suited for your body will display your individuality. So remember, when you are going to the Prom and taking your steps towards adulthood, invest and Buy a Suit!

Should I Rent Or Buy A Prom Suit And Tux?

For most guys, this is a common question that arises. If you’re one of those dealing with this dilemma, READ ON! Next thing you know, you will become a HERO by wearing Prom Suits and Tuxedos.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Rent A Prom Suit

1. You Have No Idea How Many People Have Worn It Before You
Dry cleaning suit or buying new

Sure, those rental services ”claim” to dry clean them, but can you imagine how many times those same pants have slid up legs of unknown high school boys who had ”wild parties” in them? You don’t even want to picture that.

2. Rental Suits Are Uncomfortable, To Say The Least

Rental suits are dry cleaned many times and become worn out. If your rented suit is not worn out, it means that the fabric is a rough material and very uncomfortable.

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The fabric is not breathable at all and will make you sweat on your summer Prom. You will be posing for pictures, dancing, and socializing all day, and you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

3. Rented Suits CANNOT Fit You Perfectly

Many rental services offer 1 of 3 standardized cuts. Dont think that it’s a great thing because the suit is still not made to measure. Do you really want your prom look to be STANDARDIZED?

Suit measurement. Buy Made to measure Prom Suit for men

The rent suit will either look too baggy or too tight; your trousers will be an inch too long or an inch too short. These imperfections can take away your sharp, stylish look. A sloppy look can be very off-putting, especially to your date.

Explore which Suit Fits are perfect for your body.

4. You Can Wear Your Suit In College

Proms are your right to passage from a kid to becoming an adult. When you finally go to college, there will be plenty of formal events where you will need your suit.

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From presentation days, homecoming events to attending job fairs (and hopefully even on the interview to your dream job), you will want to look classy and sleek.

There are never enough suits one can own, but if we can be as concise as possible, there are at least 5 suit styles every man should own.

5. Rented Suits Can Cost Almost The Same As A New Suit

Of course, suits from Hugo, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Armani are very expensive, but if you wear the rented versions, everyone will be quick to notice that the suit is, in fact……RENTED.

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Save yourself from that awkwardness and buy a suit that you can call your own. Rented suits can cost almost the same as a new suit if really to know where to buy them.

It’s not difficult to find places online to buy brand new tuxedos and suits for under $200.

6. Nobody Rents Clothes Anymore

Over the years, renting Suits and Tuxedos have collected bad reputation and for all the right reasons.

According to Bloomberg, Men’s Warehouse tuxedo rentals fell 2.8% last quarter.

Furthermore, high schoolers today don’t want to wear a standard ”uniform like” Tux, which has boxy shoulders. They don’t want to look like wearing a costume.

7. Your Kids And Your Grandkids Will See Your Pictures

In your young lives, Prom is one of the most memorable days. It’s a milestone achieved, and taking a perfect picture to keep as a memoir is full of satisfaction.

Black and white prom suit for guys

Looking back on those pictures in the future (hopefully on a hologram), you wouldn’t want to admit that the suit was rented. They’ll probably guess it themselves. Now THAT won’t be very comfortable at all.

What’s The Average Cost To Rent A Suit?
Buy cheap prom suit for men

Hopefully, you are convinced that renting a suit is an awful idea. If you are still asking yourself, ‘should I rent or buy a prom suit?’, hear us out one last time.

According to, Tux’s average cost is between $90 and $180 and can even reach up to $250! In addition to this, you are required to pay a deposit fee that can reach up to $40. It’s just better to buy a new suit made to order and one you can call your own with all that together.

In the words of Melissa Austria, Owner of Gotstyle

“The wrong suit can ruin everything. When you see a good suit, you always know. It’s always a head-turner. And you’re not noticing the suit, you’re noticing ‘wow, that guy looks amazing.’” – Melissa Austria

Your Ultimate Prom Guide

Deciding to buy a Prom suit is your first step. But if you want to make your Prom day most memorable, check out this Ultimate Guide to Prom.

People Also Ask

Do I have to wear a Tux to Prom?

Some schools may have a strict dress code and categories prom as a ‘black-tie event. In this case, you will be required to wear a tux. But many schools are now open to suits with a vest as well. In fact, many schools allow students to dress up formally in any way they like, so many guys now prefer to wear Blazers and Sports Jackets.

Can I wear Jeans to Prom?

Denim Jeans are a NO GO area when it comes to Prom. Wanting to be comfortable is understandable but do not; we repeat, DO NOT wear jeans to prom unless you really want to put off your date by showing up in an unpolished look.