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Sick and Tired of Doing 1920's Suit The Old Way? Read This

Sick and Tired of Doing 1920's Suit The Old Way? Read This

1920 was the beginning of the modern-day men’s outwear we have today, with only minor changes that have occurred within the time frame. It was a time when classic style met fun and improvisation. Suits were generally neutral colors with basic patterns while the accessories were vibrant, flashy and stood out from rest of the outfit. The TV show like Peaky Blinders perfectly depicts the 1920’s style and brings back the vintage appeal in men’s fashion today.

Peaky Blinders

So as 1920’s fashion is back in action, it’s a great way to pull off the classic gentleman look for formal occasions like weddings, proms, convocations, and engagements. Here are some elegant suit ideas to rock your very first vintage style, but before wearing a suit you should keep in mind the following guidelines.

Things to Remember When Wearing a Suit

      Suit          Accessories    
  • The last button of your coat should always be open
  • Unfasten the coat buttons while you’re sitting down unless you want to look like a stuffed turkey
  • The shoulders seams of the coat should sit at the corner of your shoulders
  • The waistcoat should also finish at the belt
  • Keep the bottom button of the waistcoat unbuttoned as well
  • Avoid baggy Trousers
  • Always keep the top button of your shirt fastened
  • The Shirt cuffs shouldn't go over your hands
  • Wear a light pocket square with dark suits and vice versa
  • Sports watches are a big “NO” with a suit
  • Shoes should compliment your suit, it’s good to mix and match but don’t go for too much of contrast.
  • The tip of your tie should be just before the buckle of your belt.
  • If you’re planning to wear suspenders, go for fabric ones instead of leather
  • Tie knots should be of a decent size
  • The tie hand to be in contrast with your suit color
  • The tie clip should not be wider than the tie itself
  • There should be no gap between the shirt's collar and the suit

1920s Suit Ideas

Kingsman Style

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Double breasted suits are the charm of the 1920’s style, stick to the basic pattern and colors like pinstripe 3 piece suits. The suit featured here is inspired by Eggsy from Kingsman the Secret Service, the movie depicts a perfect vintage style inspired by the ’20s. Pair the elegant suit with a white dress shirt, a matching long tie, and formal oxford shoes to complete the look.

The Great Gatsby Style

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The movie Great Gatsby is a great example of the elegant 1920’s style; the suits worn by popular actors are one of the major factors that revived the classic style today.

To look like Leonardo DiCaprio you will need a white suit paired with a contrasting dark brown waistcoat and pocket square. On the other hand the shirt is not limited to light blue; you can try other pastel colors as well and top it over with a neutral color tie to complete the look.

Tobey Maguire Style

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Another great inclusion to our list comes from The Great Gatsby as well, and this time it’s Tobey Maguire who shows us how it’s done.

The brown suit is based on the early 1920s style when the single breasted coats featured wide notch lapels and the pants came with flat front pockets. If you want to acquire the same look match your dark brown waistcoat with rest of the accessory, while the hat remains same color as the suit.

Gangster Style

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The gangsters were at the peak during the 1920’s they took over certain areas of the urban cities for illegal alcohol distribution which resulted in huge conflicts between the gangs. Although we don’t promote such violent acts the style of these mobsters is definitely something to take note of.

In order to dress up like the 1920 gangsters, you will need a dark regular fit suit with wide lapels. Your footwear should consist of two-tone shoes while the Fedora style hat is optional. Moreover, you can also carry a cigar and an artificial rifle if you’re into cosplays. 

Checkered Suit

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No list is complete without a smart looking checkered suit, colors like grey and navy blue should be your first priority if you’re opting for such kind of look. The size of the check can vary according to your taste, I would suggest small to medium checks because they look more formal.

Once you’ve selected your suit you’ll need a tie, dark brown oxford shoes, and a belt. Suspenders can be worn instead of belt but make sure is made up of fabric and not thick leather.

1920’s Hats

As we all know hats were popular during the ’20s and were worn by people divided into a different class. The flat top newsboy hat was worn by the working class while the fedora hat which is usually associated with gangsters was worn by the middle-class people as a fashion accessory. On the other hand, the upper class wore the top hat that looks straight from the top and had round edges. Although the class discrimination is no longer relevant, these hats still have one thing in common that is the 20’s feel they bring along. Even though the hats are not very common these days but a decent well-fitted one can make or break your 1920’s look. 

1920 Shoes

The two-tone shoe is also known as the spectator shoe is a formal oxford constructed with two contrasting colors typically with the tip and heals being of a darker color. This type of shoe gained its peak popularity during the 1920’s.

Common color combination consists of black and white, brown and white, dark brown and light brown but other colors can be found as well. These shoes are essential if you want to rock the 1929’s attire.

To sum it up, being a gentleman is not only limited to the way you look. It’s actually an art of being confident in your own skin as there is a saying

“Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time”

The 1920s men’s outfit is a perfect example of a true gentleman look; the well polished suit tends to make you feel confident while expressing your true charisma. All you need to do is follow the guideline and select the most preferable 1920s style and apply it according to your own requirements.