The Ultimate Prom Guide for Guys 2023

Many high schoolers might be preparing for this night since their first year at high school to enjoy it memorably, while others might be overwhelmed by the excitement of this day thinking about the perfect Prom Outfit.

We’re here to give you some essential guidelines to plan this day efficiently to avoid hassle at the last moment. 

Moving ahead towards the guidelines, I first suggest you relax and think patiently about the arrangement and stuff needed for this event. It will be an appreciated initiative if you plan by making a to-do list to overcome the chance of any unexpected panic that might be created because of any forgotten task.

We’ve carefully written this guide for you so that you’ll be free from anxiety and can enjoy prom pleasurably.  

Begin by jotting down all the points to make a well-organized to-do list. These points generally include;

  • Budgeting
  • Prom Outfit Selection
  • Hairstyle
  • Tickets, Photography & Transportation 
  • Dinner Plan

Budgeting Guide For Prom

Prom Budget

Everything starts with money. A substantial amount of cash accurately suggests how fancy clothing, makeup, jewelry, and transportation you can afford to buy.

If you’re a Richie rich buddy, then, fortunately, this point will not bother you at all. Or else if you’re not, then we suggest you save up a partial amount of money each month from several months back.

If a few months are remaining for the event, and your parents cannot help you out financially. In this scenario, opt to do a part-time job.  

Prom Clothes for Guys

Boys often ask should I rent or buy suits for prom. Your male friends may appreciate you for saving a buck after renting plain suits, but believe us, your date won’t. 

Prom Tuxedo

Don’t be silly while choosing the wrong color. Especially, never go for a white tuxedo unless you can carry it like James Bond. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to look best on Prom night like a hero.

Another thing that guys usually believe is that buying a suit is more expensive than renting, but if you work it out smartly, you can learn how to assemble your prom outfit for less than $350. This way, you can even wear your prom outfit more than once.

Prom Bow Ties

Prom Bow Ties

Wear a bow tie with a black tuxedo as per the tradition. You can even pick the color of the bow tie in the matching of your date’s dress. However, we recommend the same black color and emphasize saying no to a necktie at this event.

Shirt Choice

Prom Shirts for guys

A white plain shirt gives a more attractive look in a tux. Mostly pleated shirts are worn with the tux. But don’t take it as a restriction and prefer a non-pleated shirt if you like. 

The shirt’s cuffs can be regular cuffs or French cuffs (with cufflinks) as per your taste. You’re even free to choose the collar style; it can be a down collar or a wing-tipped collar. 

These will look great with Dinner Jackets.

Prom Hairstyle for Guys

Here we talk about your hairstyle, which showcases your apparent personality. This is usually the most underrated last detail that guys overlook when getting ready for Prom. Your hairstyle can make or break our look.

Prom Hairstyle for Guys

The key, however, is not to overdo it either. Embrace the hair color and hair length and choose the best for yourself based on your face cut and overall outfit. We’ve even found some smart-looking hairstyles that you can pick without hesitation.

These trending hairstyles make you noticeable and the center of attraction. You can even express yourself by adopting a fashionable hairstyle. 

For instance, if your classmates view you as an introvert, getting a sexy pompadour style haircut (shown in the picture) will change their mindset about you to an extrovert.  

Boys Prom Shoes

Shoe choice is crucial as it displays your overall personality. Many guys commit the mistake of overlooking this part by wearing regular shoes along with a handpicked suit. This ignorance could result in appearing the worst figure plus wastage of time, money, and effort.

Boys Prom Shoes

Make a clear distinction between casual and formal shoes. Shoes having lace without intricate design are categorized as formal shoes. On prom night, such formal shiny black shoes matching the tux color are best. Cap-Toes, Plain Oxfords, and Wholecuts lace shoes are better alternatives (see picture).  

Nowadays, there’s also a trend of loafer socks (no-show socks) and loafer shoes. We discourage this prevailing fashion and suggest you stick with formal shoes only.


Cummerbund to wear on Prom

The cummerbund is typically a silk band worn around the waist. You can match its color with your date’s dress, but remember to keep the bow tie black if you’re wearing the cummerbund. 


A corsage is a small bunch of flowers that a guy pins to his date’s dress on prom as tradition.

Corsage for Prom

Does the guy buy the corsage and boutonniere?

You can’t avoid it. Please don’t be shy to rush to the local florist and inform him around a couple of weeks earlier to arrange a corsage for you. The florist may even suggest a better color combination for a corsage.

Although As a custom, the color of the corsage is similar to the color of the date’s dress.  

Prom Guide to Tickets, Photography & Transportation 

Usually, the price of prom tickets tends to get higher on the nearest dates. Be quick and buy the prom tickets just after the announcement of the event.

Limo for the prom

Don’t waste your money on professional photography. Take your selfie and edit it online to get an attractive look.

For transportation, if you don’t have personal conveyance, you can always take an Uber or carpool with friends if they are going.

Dinner Plan

Sometimes, prom doesn’t include dinner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy meal on your special day.   

Dinner Plan for the Prom

Although the best practical option is that you either have dinner with group friends to add up enjoyment or with your family at home to share your exciting moments and pictures with them.


Along with these preparations, never forget to keep pocket tissues, prom tickets, cellphone, extra cash, breathe mint, spraying perfume, and wearing a wristwatch when leaving for the destination. 

Again have a quick look at a long to-do list. It would be best if you also cross-checked the things by asking your friend what things he’s done or taken.

Don’t bother yourself for the noticeable uniqueness, or else you will spoil this never-coming-back night. Moreover, even if you find something missing or incomplete, don’t get upset and seek a way to have more fun. I hope you liked this prom guide.

People Also Ask For

1. How should I dress to a prom night?

A. A prom is a formal event where you should appear dressed formally like a gentleman. The formal attire maybe a black or white tuxedo paired with a bowtie and cummerbund or a dress suit with a vest. You can also choose to wear Suit Jackets.

2. Is prom a black tie?

A. Prom is not a black-tie event until and unless your school specifies to wear a black tie. A black-tie event means wearing a dinner jacket with matching color pants, a bow tie, and black shoes. You can also pair a vest and cummerbund to a black-tie, but they are optional.

3. Can you wear a turtleneck to prom?

A. Turtleneck looks flattering when worn with a formal suit. It bumps your overall appearance. You can undoubtedly wear them unless your school has not imposed any specific dress codes.

4. How much does a prom suit cost?

A. A tuxedo for prom can roughly cost you around $200 for rentals and $500 to $700 for new. Whereas you can buy a new custom-made prom suit with a free bow tie from Angel Jackets for under $250.

5. Where can I buy good prom suits for cheap?

A. You can certainly buy good-quality prom suits from a thrift store, but they will fit you off. However, you can get a custom-fit three-piece tuxedo with a free bow tie from Angel Jackets for as low as $250.

6. What color tux should I wear to prom?

A. You have got tons of color choices for your prom suit. But if you are confused about picking colors like blue, pink, and white because of your skin tone or any other reason, we suggest you stick with black. Black is a classic traditional color that elegantly goes along with any color shirt and tie.

7. Is there a dress code for prom?

A. Every school has dress codes for prom. Therefore, every student should go through that codes before buying an outfit. Otherwise, their money will go wasted if the school management returns them home for violating the dress code.

8. How much should you spend on prom?

A. Overspending on something that you hardly wear twice is not a good idea. Therefore, we suggest you spend on your prom suit not more than $250. Interestingly, several brands offer prom suits within this price range, but Angel Jackets offers a custom-made suit within the said price.

9. How do guys look good for prom?

A. Going to prom wearing classic color tuxedos may not gain you much attention. So, consider trying a new color like maroon and pink. They will get you compliments, and you will become a show stopper.

10. Do you wear tie or bowtie to prom?

A. Depending on how formal you want to appear in the prom and your dress code, you can opt between a necktie or bowtie. As a general rule, a bowtie is more formal that takes your sophistication to the next level. In contrast, a regular necktie reduces the formal look a bit.