BEST Guide to the Different Types of Suit Fits

Buying a suit can be daunting, especially if you have never owned one before. There are so many different suiting styles, types of suit fits, and pieces. That’s a lot of decisions to make, and let’s admit it, men are not used to buying amazing suits all the time. 

To help you explore the world of luxury suits, we have prepared a guide covering all the points of what you should look for in a suit before buying it. Before you go through our list of suits, the following characteristics explain the essentials of what gives a suit “overall fit.”

Let’s talk about some universal rules that apply while buying a suit. 

  • The suit’s shoulder line should match your natural shoulder line.
  • The waistline should align with your waist dimensions 
  • The tie should reach your belt
  • The color of your belt and shoes should be the same.

The list is a brief snapshot of what can determine the overall fitting of a suit. However, this will give you an idea it is still considered important that you focus on dressing based on your body type. This can give you the perfect silhouette.

Types of Suit Fits

There are three types of suit fits which are given below,

  • Classic fit
  • Slim-fit
  • Modern fit

Classic Fit Suit

Regular fit suit

The classic suit comes with a liberal cut through the chest and waist. It provides enough space for the wearer to feel comfortable. The classic fit suit is less constructive than a modern and slim fit suit; it still provides an excellent shape to the body and does not look baggy.

Vintage suits look very sophisticated when worn in a classic fit.

Slim Fit Suit

Slim Fit Suit

The slim-fit suit is what one associates with Italian or European cut. The slim-fit suit is more fitted to the body and does not utilize extra fabric. These suits continue to grow in popularity, especially after the popularity of James Bond suiting styles.

Modern Fit Suit

Modern Suit Fit

The modern fit suit lies between slim and classic fit suits. It’s not as snug as the slim fit, but it does not contain the extra room of a classic fit as well. For this, it’s recommended to consider Gatsby-inspired Suits.

Types of Suit Pants

Now the only thing you should be looking for is the type of pants you will wear. There are two types of pants you can consider while buying a suit,

  • Flat-Front-Pant
  • Pleated Pant

Flat Front Pant

Straight Pant

The flat-front pants are for the slimmer men. They will give your suit a straight and smooth look. The flat-front pants are worn on the hips; they should fit you perfectly. Flat-front pants are the best choice if you are going to buy a modern or slim-fit suit. 

Pleated Front Pants

Pleated Pant

As you might have guessed, pleated trousers are suitable for men as the whole are bigger at the bottom. If you are larger from the back and front, then pleated pants are the best fit for you. It will feel more comfortable; the wearer will have enough space to move conveniently. The pleated pants are worn on the waist.

If you feel comfortable in a flat-front-pant, you should go with it because these pants are in fashion while pleated pants are more traditional.

Sometimes it’s best to know how to get a suit tailor-made so that you can look smart in the perfect suit.

Suit Lapels

There are three types of suit lapels out there,

  • Notch Lapels
  • Peak Lapels
  • Shawl Lapels

Notch lapels

Notch Lapel Suit

The notch lapels can be worn in everyday work life and social events. If you are confused about the choice of suit lapels, then notch lapels are best for you.

Peak Lapels

Peak Lapel Suit

Peak lapels are quite formal, especially in wool coats. It’s called peak lapels because the fabric on the lapel is cut in an upward-pointing shape, just like a peak. It’s usually found on double-breasted suits and tuxedos but is not limited to them.

Shawl Lapels

Shawl lapels are typically worn with tuxedos and high-end jackets. It’s highly unlikely to find a shawl lapel on a suit.

Suit Jacket Vents

The last important thing you need to consider when you buy your suit is the type vent. There are two types of vents you can choose from,

  • Center Vent (single vent)
  • Side Vent (double vent)

Center Vent

The center vents are cut up in the middle of the jacket.

Side Vent

Side vents are, as the name suggests, cuts on the side. The side vents allow you to put your hands in the pocket without furrowing the back.

You can also wear your suit without vents. Suits without vents can still give a sleek and solid appearance. 

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Dressing well is a desire of every man, so; make sure whatever you wear should look good on you. A suit alone cannot make you look like a gentleman until you learn to carry it well. Always wear a suit which matches your personality instead of following any celebrity.

We have mentioned helpful suggestions regarding the choice and types of suit fits you should follow; now it’s up to you how well you will make your decision.

People Also Ask For

1. Should I wear slim fit or regular fit?

A. If you have an average body type, a regular fit suit will still fit your taper. But in case your body is slender, skinny, or kind of lean, a slim-fit suit will fit you more perfectly.

2. What is the difference between modern fit and classic fit suits?

A. Modern fit suits are slim than classic fit suits, but they are not snug as a slim fit. That is the reason why they look modern in look and are comfortable to wear.

3. Is slim fit still in style?

A. Slim-fit suits are on-trend, but they are not as trendy as modern fit suits. They are the best style for elongated body shape guys who feel difficulty keeping their shirts tucked while wearing a regular fit suit.

4. Can big guys wear slim fit suits?

A. Slim fit suits are closer in fit than a modern fit suit. Therefore, if a big guy wears a slim-fit suit, it will accentuate the unwanted body parts. In contrast to that, a modern fit suit will shape the body elegantly.

5. Who should wear slim fit suits?

A. Guys who have lean or skinny bodies should wear a slim fit suit. It is because a modern fit suit may fit them a bit lose, whereas a slim fit will fit them perfectly and gives a flattering look.

6. What types of suits are in style now?

A. The most trending suit style in 2021 is a peak lapel modern fit suit. Other trending styles are;

  1. 1920s Inspired Suits
  2. Broad Notch Lapel three-piece suit with a double-breasted vest.
  3. Classic fit notch lapel three-piece suit with pleated pants.
  4. Single Breasted two-button jacket slim fit suit.
7. Is muscle fit the same as slim fit?

A. Typically, the muscles fit clothing tapered close to the body. It almost looks like a slim-fit suit, but they are even more close-fitting than slim. But often, they look exactly the same.

8. Where can I buy classic fit suits?

A. You can buy a custom-made classic fit suit with free shipping and on time from Angel Jackets at a competitive price. The same suit could easily cost you $400 to $950 from your local store.

9. What is classic fit vs. regular fit?

A. Classic fit and regular fit are the same fitting styles. They don’t have any difference, and they are used interchangeably to refer to the same traditional fit suit that is loose fitting and looks the same on almost all body types.

10. Is the modern fit the same as slim fit?

A. The measurements have no difference for both the modern fit and slim fit suits. It is the cut of the suit pattern that makes it a modern or slim fit. Modern fit shapes the body elegantly, but the slim fit suit tapers around the chest, waist, and thighs to emphasize the body cuts.