11 Awesome Ways to Style A Letterman Jacket!


Letterman-style jackets are commonly known as varsity or baseball jackets since young athletes wore this outerwear in the 80s. These jackets started coming in different designs, colors, and prints, so knowing how to style letterman jackets has evolved with time.

Yep, this cool outerwear was popular among male and female students of many schools and colleges, but now they have become a high-fashion piece, accessible to everyone.

They are no more for high school students only. So, you don’t necessarily have to be an athlete to wear the letterman jacket, although it is still considered the uniform for winners.

1. Letterman Jacket In Dark Hues

Guy wear a cool letterman/varsity jacket in dark blue and yellow

If you want a wow factor in your look, you need to go for bright hues, for instance, a navy blue and yellow letterman jacket or red and black varsity jacket.

Always try to balance if one piece of your dress is of dark shade; the other must be of light color. This way can add a playful touch, and your letterman jacket will steal the show.

2. Black And Grey Letterman Jacket

Guy wearing a letterman/varsity jacket in black and white

If you are not comfortable trying something different, take the black and grey letterman jacket and complement it with a black shirt and a pair of blue ripped jeans. It’s a casual yet stylish combo and perfect for both day and night. Are you amazed; at how effortless it is?

3. Letterman With A White Hoodie

Guy wearing a varsity in black with a hoodie

When you need to feel confident in your outfit, a black and blue letterman jacket with a white hoodie and a pair of blue skinny jeans are the tried and tested combination and easy-to-style getup too.

Adding white sneakers will bring the whole apparel together, or you can be experimental here by wearing black loafers. With metallic accessories, you can spice things up.

4. Classic Letterman

Guy wearing a classic varsity jacket in black

Creating a classic appearance is possible with a varsity-style jacket. So, why not go for a letterman-style jacket and a pair of black pants? These two pieces fit great together and add a sophisticated twist.

If you are clueless about bringing an extra touch of class, I suggest you pick brown boots to complete the ensemble of your letterman jacket outfits.

5. Street Style

A varsity-style jacket and a pair of black jeans are incredible combos when you aim to create street style. It is not very simple but also easy to imitate. Reach for black and white lace-up shoes to smarten this outlook. You can opt for a or silver chain and cap to add an extra edge.

Guy wearing red varsity jacket

6. Sporty Look

Varsity jackets were made for sports. For this, you need a classic letterman jacket and A pair of athletic shoes to round off this outfit. It would be best if you reach for T-shirts to keep the look sporty. Don’t forget to add a baseball cap to finish off this attire.

7. Elegant

Guy wearing a varsity jacket in an elegant style

If not sure about making your appearance elegant and do not have extra time to dress up, try pairing a letterman style jacket in light shade with grey dress pants. Adding black shoes will not only add elegance but instantly perk up your neat getup.

8. Off-Duty Wear

Guy wearing brown letterman jacket

Are you striving for an off-duty aspect with a polished spin? Team up a varsity jacket in a bright shade with white jeans if you like to be extra. Amp, your style game with a pair of two-tone joggers. You have the option to select the striped shirt or stick to the plain tees in a round neck.

9. With Cargo Pants

Guy wearing green letterman jacket

For those who are style conscious and won’t thrive for a casual yet relaxed combo, here is the set of two for you guys that holds high fashion standards: a letterman jacket with cargo pants.

This combination will let you look stylish in a flash. Why don’t you add sunglasses to the equation for refined touch?

10. Pastel Hues

Guy wearing dark green varsity jacket

I know this is not the popular choice but surely a worth trying. Blue jeans and letterman jacket of softer tone: a super-easy match to pull together without a second thought and will bring charm to your personality. For a more refined touch, complete your ensemble with low-top sneakers.


Letterman jackets are amongst the Best Outerwear to wear. They are for everyone irrespective of age or body type. Similar to a wool coat, it is relaxed, casual, urban, or dressy whatever is your style, you can carry a varsity jacket the way you like. They have made their place in the fashion market and don’t seem to be retiring soon.

If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable way to rock the letterman jacket trend, consider purchasing wholesale varsity jackets. These jackets offer the same classic look and quality construction as traditional letterman jackets, but at a fraction of the cost.

People Also Ask

Why are they called Letterman Jackets?

Letterman Jackets derive their name from the ‘Letter’ patch sewn on the Jacket’s chest (usually on the left side). The Letter(s) are initials that signify the varsity team that the wearer belongs to.

Can I wear a Letterman/varsity jacket if I’m not in college

Varsity Jackets are soo cool that they have become essential for guys, especially for a casual look. It is now absolutely okay to wear a varsity jacket outside the college. However, if you are going for a Letterman, be sure that that particular ‘Letter” or initials don’t represent something you don’t associate yourself with.

Are Letterman Jackets warm or cool?

Initially, letterman jackets were made from boiled wool, so they were warm. Now the most common fabric is cotton, so it’s a breathable option for warmer seasons. However, leather elements like the sleeves can help you look great in winter too. In short, the material decides whether the jacket is warm or cool.