What to Wear With Dark Blue Jeans to Look Incredibly Stylish

There is hardly any piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe that can match the versatility of jeans. No matter what you’re wearing, t-shirts, blazers, jacket, or tank top, throw a pair of jeans, and you’re ready to go.

So if denim pants are so effortless, why would I be writing an article about what to wear with them? It is merely because dark-washed jeans are more sophisticated than their light-washed counterparts. While your pale jeans can look overly casual, dark blue jeans can be combined to make you look more refined.

What Apparel Do You Need To Pair With Your Dark Blue Jeans?

The apparel you wear along with your dark blue jeans would be based on different factors, such as season, occasion, and time. That’s why it’s important to avoid style mistakes in a particular season.

Depending on the weather, a layering piece such as a leather jacket would do more than good if it’s cold outside. If you’re opting for smart casual, a button-down shirt and sports coat is your best option. Similarly, you can mix and match your own outfits based on the ideas below.

8 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Dark Wash Jeans


White T-shirt With Dark Blue Jeans
Jeans with t-shirt

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; a plain white t-shirt paired with straight-leg jeans and brown leather shoes look awesome for a refined daytime look. Your tee can either be crewneck, V-neck, or polo shirts, depending on your personal preference. There are plenty of T-shirt Styles to choose from.

Blue Jeans, Henley Shirt And Light Tone Sports Jacket
jeans and blazer

If you’re looking to try something stylish and comfy, go for a neutral tone long sleeves Henley shirt to contrast with your dark wash jeans, optionally wear trendy sports coats if the weather is cold, and finish the look with a pair of white casual sneakers.

White Formal Shirt Under A Wool Blazer Paired With Blue Jeans
formal jeans style

If your office dress code is flexible enough to allow smart casual, this is the ideal outfit to go with. Wear a white shirt with stylish wool blazers & coats, dark blue jeans, and dark brown wingtip shoes.

Dark Blue Jeans Paired With A Blue Chambray Shirt
Dark wash jeans and shirt

Chambray shirts are one of the biggest trends and a wardrobe staple; if you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, consider getting one. Pair it with dark wash blue jeans and suede lace-up shoes for a refined casual look.

Brown Leather Jacket, White Tee, And Navy Blue Jeans
jeans and leather jacket

In all these styles, you must have noticed one thing in common: the combination of brown shoes with blue jeans. It’s because these colors compliment each other so well. Take this style to the next level by adding a timeless brown leather jacket.

Dark Blue Jeans, Pullover Hoodie, And Motorcycle Jacket
leather jacket and jeans

For a hot street style look, wear a rugged motorcycle jacket layer with a grey pullover hoodie and complete the look with dark denim jeans, and of course, a white sneaker is a must.

Blue Jeans With Classic Crew Neck Jumper
pullover and blue jeans

The perfect look for fall can take you from a casual day look to a more refined night style. Wear a classic black pullover with a white button-down shirt and regular fit jeans; complete the look with a pair of leather boots.

Stripe Shirt And Dark Blue Denim Pant
formal shirt and dark blue jeans

Don’t be afraid to try prints. An everyday blue denim pant perfectly complements prints such as stripes and checks dress shirts. Wear different colors that match or contrast the dark blue tone of the jeans, and finish the look with dark brown loafers or slip-ons.


To wrap things off, these were some of the coolest outfit combinations to go with your dark blue jeans; all you need to do is add a bit of your creativity, and you end up with a hundred more combinations derived from these eight basic styles. Let us know in the comments which one did you like the most.

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People Also Ask For

1. Are dark or light jeans better?

A. The light blue jeans emphasize the more casual look, so they are perfect if you are wearing them for outdoor activities and hang out with friends. The dark-colored jeans comparatively look semi-formal, so it’s better to wear them to an event where you don’t want to look formal or casual either.

2. What color top goes with blue jeans?

A. With light blue jeans, wear dark color tees, flannels, hoodies, and turtlenecks. And pair light colors upper wear with dark color jeans. Usually, light grey, white, and beige color look gorgeous with dark blue jeans so consider them if you have never tried them.

3. What color shoe goes with dark blue jeans?

A. Brown, white, gray, and black look great with blue jeans. If you want to add a little more chic to your outfit, look for brown suede shoes with a white sole. It will bump up your style even more!

4. How can I make my jeans look stylish?

A. Get your jeans screen printed with vibrant color paint blobs. Or use a blade to make tiger claws on the thigh area of your jeans. You can even slit your jeans to make them stylish!

5. What colors can you wear with dark blue jeans?

A. Blue is considered a basic color in jeans. Therefore you can pair anything with it, from casual tees to a crisp white shirt. A mandarin collar shirt will also look stunning with blue jeans if you have a broad neck and wide shoulders. You can even try several colors and styles ranging from white, black, and brown to sneakers and leather boots in shoes.

6. What shoes style goes with dark jeans?

A. For a street walk and working around the town, sneakers will look the best with jeans. However, if you are leaving for camping, then rugged boots will look more classy with the jeans.

7. What goes well with thin dark blue jeans?

A. White baggy button-down shirts and oversize t-shirts look wonderful with thin blue jeans. You can even go with an ash gray V-neck sweatshirt with a thin white tee underneath for a catchier look.

8. Where can I buy casual shirts for dark color jeans?

A. Angel Jackets is a greatly reviewed website with a great collection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and flannels that you can buy at an amazingly affordable price. These shirts are the durable fabric that retains color despite several washes and feels comfy to the body.

9. What goes with blue jeans for guys?

A. Guys have got several choices to wear with blue jeans. They can wear;

  1. White or gray t-shirt.
  2. Navy blue sweatshirt.
  3. Light pale color button-down shirt.
  4. Mandarin style jersey.
  5. And turtleneck with a sports coat.

10. Can I wear a leather trucker jacket with dark blue jeans?

A. Certainly, you can wear leather trucker jackets with blue jeans. This classic symbol of American heritage is really cool to wear. However, a denim trucker with jeans will look awkward, so avoid it.