Why is it Important to Gear Up Before Riding a Motorcycle?

Motorcyle Gears

Riding a motorcycle is not too complex nor too dangerous. Perhaps we have made it risky when we don’t gear up with motorcycle apparel. Riding is a delightful experience that gives you a sense of freedom, so why not make it a pleasant and safe pleasant journey too.

I hope you don’t die! If you don’t gamble with your luck.

Importance Of Wearing Safety Gear?

We all understand and endure misfortunes, but to suffer from your faults always hurts you a lot. Motorcycle accidents are very common. We all should recognize and accept that it can all go pear-shaped at any moment, even if you are an expert and doing everything right.

motorcycle rider with all the safety apparel

Riding without safety gear would lead you to severe injuries or even death. So, if you love yourself and the life of your loved one, it’s essential to wear safety gear before going for a ride.

Safety Gear Required For Riding A Motorcycle?

Following are the essential safety gears that you need to purchase and use before going for a ride.

  1. Helmet
  2. Jackets
  3. Glove
  4. Pants
  5. Footwear

1. A Safety Helmet

What is the most crucial organ in the human body? It’s the brain. So, it’s essential to cover the delicate head and brain and protect it much as possible.

guy wearing motorcycle safety helmet

The helmet is considering the important piece and the lifeline in your riding journey. That’s why riders should research and invest more in helmets. There is undeniable proof that helmets reduce the amount of damage you get from the crash.

These are types of helmets that you can buy:

  1. Full Face Helmet
  2. Half Face helmets
  3. Modular helmet
  4. Half Shell Helmet
  5. Off-Road Helmet
  6. Dual Sports

2. Motorcycle Jackets

Guy riding motorcycle with apparel and safety gear

Whether riding around town or going on a long journey through a highway, motorcycle Jackets are essential and a must-have piece. It safeguards the arm and body and is an excellent windbreaker. In addition, it protects you against sun and heat.

Motorcycle jackets are considered quite fashionable that gives you a killer and stylish getup. Even it attracts non-rides to wear them. These are the types of Jackets.

Leather Jacket:

Leather jackets are offer excellent protection and a perfect fashion statement. It is a luxurious and durable piece that gives a rugged look. It is made from animal skin such as cow and lambskin.

motorcycle leather jackets

Leather jackets keep you warm on cold winter days and are a perfect windbreaker. With that, there are many fabulous styles to wear a biker jacket.

Textile Jacket:

Textile motorcycle jackets are made from lightweight fabric because of which they are much more versatile and adjustable than leather jackets. It is highly breathable and has good ventilation.

It is perfect for the rainy season because of its waterproof features, and it contains protective armor inside the jacket that helps you protect your body from road accidents.      

3. Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves help you to maintain a safe grip on your handlebars and increase the level of comfort while riding. In addition, it absorbs vibration and helps to prevent numbing.

leather gloves an important motorcycle apparel

Gloves are the shield for hands. It protects your hand from highly fragile road rash and chapping, which occurs due to constant wind blow.

Below are a few styles of gloves you can try:

  1. Fingerless Gloves
  2. Moto Cross Gloves
  3. Off road Gloves
  4. Gauntlet Gloves

Discover 10 Best leather gloves for a superior grip.

Thing To Know Before Buying The Gloves.
guy ready to gear up with motorcycle apparel

The gloves should be breathable. It should fit perfectly, not too tight nor too loose. It Should grip the handles perfectly and efficiently operate your bike’s control and navigation.

4. Motorcycle Pants

While riding, it is not a great idea to wear normal pants. Regular pants cannot protect you as much as riding pants. The pants give you protection from road accidents.

bike rider wearing leather pants

Motorcycle pants come in textile, leather, and denim materials. Leather pants are considered more durable and safer, although there are fewer styles.

These are few best motorcycle pants:

  1. Leather pants
  2. Denim Riding Jeans
  3. Textile Pants

5. Footwear

Like other body parts, your feet and ankle need protection, so it is not reasonable to wear things like sneakers and sandals. You should wear proper motorcycle boots or ankle-high boots that save your foot and ankle.

leather boots while riding motorcycle

Our legs, ankle, and feet are the first that supports the bike on slippery and unpredictable surfaces and help you to resist and protect from splashes, heated pipes, and expose elements. So it is crucial to have proper boots before going for a ride.

Below are few styles of boots that you can consider wearing while going for a ride:

  1. Leather boots
  2. Touring Boots
  3. Sports Boots
  4. Street Boots


So, it’s not about what you ride. It’s about how you ride.

Your negligence will affect many lives. I recommend every rider have proper safety gear before riding a bike. You ensure your family that you are safe by gearing up all the above safety gears before going for a ride. So, ride safe and ride again.