Yellowstone Clothing Ideas and Style Guide

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Westerns have not just been a dominant part of Hollywood; they have also greatly influenced contemporary fashion. The style can be seen where many people try to mix western wear with fashionable clothing staples.

Similarly, the Yellowstone TV series has taken the term “cowboy fashion” to the next level by introducing various styles that are just awesome. If you love western fashion, Yellowstone clothing is all you need.

About the show:

Yellowstone is a modern-day western show set in the largest contiguous grazing region remaining in the U.S. It has a rating of 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb and is hugely popular amongst people of all ages.

Centered around a family that controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the country, the show is an epic tale of the brutal reality that exists when people put their lives on the line for their livelihoods.

In this post, you will be able to get very inspiring ideas about the clothing worn by Rip Wheeler as well as other characters in the series. You can also read up on the dressing styles of the Yellowstone women.


A bad boy, a cowboy at heart, and someone who guards his soul with all his might. That’s the way Rip Wheeler defines himself in the TV Series. And it is not false as the character has every trait that makes him stand apart from others.

Other than being a badass character, fans are also very much inspired by his dress code.

What made him stand out from the rest is the Black Jacket that became the best Yellowstone Apparel.

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A jacket of the hardiest and most durable material, the style most comfortable–in short, a garment in every way adapted to the climate and calculated to stand daily wear for many years.


John Dutton is the owner of Yellowstone ranch and one of the most respectful men in the community. Played by Kevin Costner, John Dutton is a man who has lived most of his life attempting to keep the ranch secured.

So what do you wear when you’re dressed up like the Commissioner? What do you eat? Where do you live…err…sleep. Here’s your answer.

First, John wore different styles of jackets throughout the show. Unlike Rip Wheeler, who stuck to one black outer, John wore various attires that included this beige and orange jacket in cotton.

Season 1 – John wore a black wool vest with a logo. A trendy and easy-going vest for fall and winter. A cool Yellowstone vest for men.

Season 2 – Next up is a John Dutton jacket with a furry collar seen in Season 2. It’s a perfect corduroy jacket for fall outerwear to layer with routine apparel just like all other jackets from the Yellowstone clothing line.

Season 3 – Another Yellowstone Jacket that he wore is the beige and brown leather jacket. Pretty much the same as his signature cotton jacket, but this one is made of real leather.

Season 4 – Keep posted 🙂

Now, you are well aware of the styles John and Rip depicted in the series. Let’s move on to know how you can try the same garbs in real life!

1. Dressing Like Courageous Rip Wheeler

Having been a victim of violence, fear, and injustice from a very young age, Rip has become an astounding personality who now spends a fearless life fighting for others getting justice.

His heroic presence in the series has made him gain admiration from the series’ lovers across the US. 

The thing that makes everyone familiarize themselves with his gallant character is his cotton jacket, bearing a “Y” emblem for Yellowstone close to his heart. To dress like him, all you need is basic blue color jeans, a black button-down shirt, a brown cowboy hat, a black scarf, leather gloves, and a leather belt with an intricately designed buckle. 

2. Dressing Like the Shelter of Yellowstone John Dutton

Dutton belongs to a family who has been through persistent hard times gathering and protecting their ranch. Having seen many hardships in life, he portrays a wise man character who is the most prominent figure in the Yellowstone, being the ranch owner.

Throughout the series, he adopted several styles, but most were upgraded by outerwear only. He wore both wool jackets and cotton jackets throughout the series.

Things you’ll need to replicate his style include blue acid wash jeans, a blue button-down cotton shirt, brown square toe cowboy boots, and a brown cowboy hat. Unlike rip, he wears a regular waist belt, so the one hanging in your closet will do perfectly.

With this standard outfit set, you can try any of the jackets we referenced above. 

There you have it, friends! These are the styles of Yellowstone clothing apparel ideas that you can wear in your daily fashion. This guide will also help you during Halloween and cold days because the styles are more winter-friendly 🙂

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People Also Ask For

1. What jacket does rip wheeler wear in the Yellowstone series?

A. Rip wears a button-down shirt-style black cotton jacket with contrasting grey buttons and a “Y” emblem on the chest area representing association with Yellowstone. Angel Jackets offers the exact version of the jacket with white buttons additional inner viscose lining to absorb the annoying sweat.   

2. What jackets does John Dutton/Kevin Costner wear in the Yellowstone series?

A. John Dutton, the rancher of Yellowstone, is seen wearing numerous style jackets and vests. Surprisingly, most of them are crafted from cotton, justifying the moderate weather of Montana. Below is the list of those vests and jackets; 

  1. Brown Quilted Cotton Vest.
  2. Beige Suede Leather Vest.
  3. Beige & Brown Cotton Jacket.
  4. Black Cotton Vest with Yellow Emblem.
  5. Brown Military Style Corduroy Jacket.

3. How much does the Rip Wheeler jacket cost?

A. Being a celebrity-inspired jacket, it could roughly cost you around $200/- if you go behind the renowned apparel brands that suffer from huge overheads. In contrast, you can get the same jacket for under $100/- only with free shipping from Angel Jackets.  

4. Where can I buy Yellowstone jackets?

A. If you are looking for screen-accurate jackets under your budget that fit right on your shoulders and give you the exact Yellowstone dweller look, then Angel Jackets is the best store for you. It offers the Yellowstone jackets at an amazingly affordable price with free shipping. 

5. Are Yellowstone jackets comfortable for high temps?

A. Indeed, the cotton fabric used in most of the Yellowstone jackets makes them perfect comfy wear for high temps. Even Angle Jackets offers outerwear in both cotton and leather jackets, making the styles adaptable in all seasons.

6. For how much can I try the rip wheeler style?

A. Rip wheeler is a thrifty soul who doesn’t spend exorbitantly on his outfits. Luckily, you don’t need to spend much either for his style. A black cotton jacket under $120/- from Angel Jackets, a $20 button-down shirt, and $40/- jeans along with a $40 cowboy hat will get you his look, making a total of $220/- only.  

7. How should the rip wheeler jacket fit?

A. The rip-wheeler black cotton jacket should fit classic. It should sit right on the shoulders but fit roomy across the chest, waist, and shoulders allowing air to flow in and out. Therefore, going for a slim fit in this jacket would ruin everything about the style.

8. How should the John Dutton jackets fit?

A. As a cowboy, Dutton wears regular fit jackets that allow breathability, comfortable moves, and show off manly looks. The craftsmen at Angel Jackets make every Yellowstone jacket without overlooking this key fit factor.

9. What size should I get for the rip-wheeler jacket?

A. The jacket should fit you loosely and not tapered. Considering this factor, if needed, go one or two sizes up if you think the jacket is crafted slim fit. Or else, for a safe side, check out Angel Jackets that already offer the rip’s jacket in a classic fit for your standard size.