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Want Your Suede Leather Jacket Looking Brand New? Here's How!


Leather Jackets are timeless pieces of fashion and a wardrobe staple that continues to make a statement when the colder months arrive.

Now suede is a type of leather made from sheep’s skin that is softer than basic leather. Its softer feel is due to its smoother and more delicate surface. This means it is more fragile and requires tender care.

This guide explains what a suede leather jacket is all about and how to maintain one.

What can Ruin a Suede Leather Jacket?


With leather being a natural material, water damage can occur quickly. However, suede, being even more delicate, should be restrained from water. If this coat gets wet, the moisture may weaken and saturate the fibers, allowing dampness and mold to grow.

Muddy Conditions

One may question how muddy weather might damage these leather jackets. The answer is that dirt and mud can damage the garment. Being a delicate material it has to be protected from these conditions.

Direct Sunlight

We all have some knowledge that exposing a jacket to heat can ruin it, and direct sun is the worst enemy for your leather jacket. Exposing it to direct sunlight for long durations can ruin its fabric, and just as every skin gets burnt in sunlight, the same goes for leather skin.

Damp conditions

Just as liquid rain can affect a suede leather jacket, so can damp conditions. That's why not placing a leather jacket in damp places is recommended. Leather attracts moisture, which can cause it to lose its shape. Hence, a leather jacket needs to be stored in a dry place to maintain it well and for you to look awesome!


How to Clean Suede Leather?

Get a two-sided suede brush . This will help lightly brush off the mud or dirt. Only use the brush on dry suede.

A suede eraser can also be used to remove dirt stains. Gently rub the eraser on the stain, once the stain is gone, you can use the brush to remove any remaining dirt.

When cleaning up spilled liquid, use a soft cloth dampened with the liquid to wipe it off slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the material.

For grease and oil stains sprinkle some baking soda powder or talcum powder to remove the wild-looking stain. Once time has woven its spell, brush off the powder using the soft brush.

Hence, our how to clean suede leather guide delves into essential steps for its preservation, offering tips to safeguard this distinctive fashion statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I iron a suede jacket?

We won’t recommend ironing this jacket. However, to remove wrinkles and creases, place a warm cloth over it and iron the jacket to the lowest setting.

Can I condition my suede?

Indeed, a suede jacket conditioner can be used, but brushing is preferable. This will allow the conditioner to remove the dirt and polish the jacket like it has been bought brand new.

How can I soften a stiff suede leather jacket?

With time, this jacket carries dirt and dust, which causes it to become stiff. Alternately, use a suede brush to brush off the dust, then use a suede conditioner to soften it.

Can suede leather jackets be restored?

Yes, it can! Try following our guidelines, and if it does not work, we recommend taking it to a professional leather cleaner for restoration.

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