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Vegan vs Real Leather | What's the difference?


Real leather has been widely used in fashion and home decor for decades. However, in recent years, an alternative material has emerged: Vegan leather.

Made from synthetic materials, vegan leather is designed to mimic the look and feel of real leather while offering a range of advantages, including affordability and having less environmental impact.

So what is vegan leather?

With vegan leather being made of synthetic materials, it is designed to look and feel like real leather. It's made by coating a fabric base, usually polyester or cotton with a layer of polyurethane. It is also significantly cheaper but can be resistant to stains.

Want to know how to clean vegan leather, check out this guide.


Here are some pros and cons:


1. It is more affordable than real leather jackets.
2. Made of synthetic / PU material, it is more environmentally friendly.
3. Can be easily cleaned, just use a damp cloth to clean the stains
4. Easy to find that is versatile and suits people who prefer sustainability.


1. It is not as breathable as real leather, like lambskin or cowhide leather.
2. Not as durable as real leather, which can last a longer period of time.
3. Not as valuable as it is made from synthetic materials.
4. It is not as soft as real leather, making it less comfortable to wear.


What is Real Leather?

Real leather is made from an animal's skin. It is a naturally occurring material that is breathable, durable, and has a distinct sheen that adds character and charm with time.

However, it is also significantly more expensive than vegan leather. It’s also more prone to stains and fading and requires occasional maintenance to keep it looking its best.

If you want to know more about caring for real leather, check out this guide.

So here are some pros and cons to know:


1. It is durable and is known to withstand wear and tear, keeping its shape.
2. Known for its softness and supple, making it a comfortable item to wear.
3. Increases in value, especially if it's maintained and kept in good condition.
4. It comes in different materials, such as lambskin, cow-hide, and suede.


1. It can be expensive, especially if it's high quality.
2. Requires maintenance to keep it looking at its best.
3. Can be easily damaged if exposed to heat or sunlight.
4. Not as breathable to wear in the warmer weather.

Which Is Right For You?

Vinegar and water solution can also help to remove the odor. Mix them in a spray bottle and lightly spray on the leather. Avoid spraying on the metal parts of the jacket, as vinegar can cause corrosion. Let the solution sit for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does real leather have a smell?

Yes it does! As real leather is made and tanned from animal skin, so the natural skin scent is present.

How to remove musty smell from leather jacket?

Use baking soda, to remove the musty smell. Before the morning, sprinkle a generous amount of it over the surface, and use a dry brush to gently rub it in.

How to remove sweat smell from leather jacket?

Spray diluted white vinegar on both the inside and outside of your leather jacket. Let it dry outside or near an open window. Finish by applying leather conditioner to keep it supple.

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