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DENVER Flannel Shearling Black and Red Plaid Coat Mens

List Price: $159.00
Now: $119.00

  • The mens plaid shearling jacket is high-quality Cotton flannel, which is a supple and sweat-absorbing material.
  • Faux shearling coat naturally retains body heat, which keeps you warm even in freezing temperature.
  • This plaid coat mens features two inside and two outside pockets, you can keep your expensive or valuable possessions like smartphone, wallet safe. The pockets size are large, so you get extra storage for your other items as well.
  • Wide lapel shearling collar is the real purpose of this black and red plaid jacket men; it uplifts the apparel's style instantly.
  • This men's fur jacket is great to wear for your casual outings. You can rock this plaid winter coat to every party you attend.
  • Have a look at the size chart before ordering, for example, if your chest size is 40 order a jacket size Medium for Classic Fit and Small for Slim / Snug Fit.
  • Angeljackets is devoted to providing our customers with superior service and beneficial products.


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  1. I am truly impressed with this attire. 5

    Posted by Oscar A. Hartl

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    It was as good as explained in the description and in the images. Faux shearling is the real hero this jacket; exceptional warmth. This jacket is a must-buy clothing piece for winter.

  2. There Were Some Minor Issues With The Service, But The Quality Was Excellent 5

    Posted by Kenneth C. Wilkerson

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    I purchased this product a few days back, and I was not satisfied with the delivery service. I was in contact with the customer support officer, and he replied that the package is on its way, and at last the order arrived. The jacket is excellent and worth waiting for.

  3. Perfect Winter Wear 5

    Posted by Lowell L. Anderson

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    Wore this jacket a few times and it’s awesome. Very useful in cold, and looks great on my personality. The shearling is very soft and stitched neatly to give it an overwhelming look. The pockets are large enough to keep things within reach. I love this jacket.

  4. Cheers from Hungary 4

    Posted by Endre Panker from Hungary

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    This is the best fuckin jacket I ever had, thanks for the delivery! Cheers from Hungary!

  5. 4 Stars Because Of A Minor Error 4

    Posted by Michelle Daniels

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    When I have to examine anything I buy, I make sure that all the details are given a good run through. That’s when I realized a small problem at the bottom of the jacket. The hemming wasn’t stitched entirely. So some fur and little cloth started to pop out from down. It looked bad. But then, I decided to put my stitching skills to the test. I managed to make it look neater. Not many people noticed it, but I did.

  6. Too Much Fur! 3

    Posted by Myles Delgado

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    I was so happy with the weight, comfort, and the quality of this red plaid jacket that I thought that everything was fine. When I tried to zip it up, it wouldn’t. There was so much of fur coming in the way of the zipper that it made it difficult for me because it kept getting stuck. I had to trim it myself. I ordered the store for an exchange, and they agreed. The shipping was very fast. I am rating it a 3 star only because of this one problem

  7. Not a bad deal at all 5

    Posted by Pamela Kozak

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    I ordered a small size coat for me, and my cousins planned a road trip to the mountains…more like a getaway. Since I’ve been there before and knew how cold it gets at night, so I decided to get this one. It was light in weight and very cozy, so it was a perfect pick for me. It didn’t even smell bad or made me feel nauseated. It's a highly recommended outerwear.

  8. Kanye Inspired. 5

    Posted by StevenO

    Yes, I recommend this product. Verified Purchase.

    Kanye’s stories are spreading like wildfire, and in a recent post, I saw him wearing something identical to this. If a style-conscious rap star is wearing something like this, then it’s got to be trending in fashion. I prefer this one to the movies because of how bright and vibrant it looks, especially with the shearling. There is the difference of the inner lining, but that’s what makes it stand out. I loved how comfortable it made me feel. Those 15 days were worth the wait!

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