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Letterman Jackets

mens black pu sleeves jacket
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Mens Baseball Green and White Letterman Jacket
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The Best Letterman Jackets and How to Wear Them


The Letterman Jacket (also is known as Varsity) has been around since the mid-1800s and originated at Harvard University. This jacket was worn by the Harvard University baseball team members and constructed from wool with leather-sleeves.

Today, athletes from schools and colleges in the United States dream to wear their school jacket with patches to show off their sports achievements.

Modern jackets are the top fashion outfits motivated by the latest trends. Angel Jacket excels in providing some of the most fashionable plain jackets.

Jackets Are For All Season

Most of the essential elements remain the same, i.e., the sporty style, contrasting sleeves, and patches. Fortunately for many of us, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to wear it. However, there are various choices in style and color and other customization.

  • Patched.
  • Plain.
  • 80s style.
  • Wool.

One of the main differences between old school and modern is the fabric. You can still buy thick cotton and wool jackets but they now also come in different materials; satin, leather, nylon, suede and so on. The move away from cotton means that most new jackets have lost the Boxy look.

The popularity of for men has resulted in the jacket taking on many new styles, and while more options are great, they also lead to a lot more fashion choices. Here’s a guide to different plain jackets and how to style them. 



Black and Red Letterman Jacket

 This baseball style jacket in red and black will take your fashion to a new height. An easy to achieve apparel that anyone can style in daily fashion, regardless of season. 


Black and White Letterman Jacket

Red and black is one of the most iconic colors of the jacket wear a light chino at the bottom, shoes, and t-shirt that blends perfectly for an overall preppy look. This black and white jacket is also a trendy choice for the sunny weekend outings.


Varsity Maroon and White Jacket

Maroon and white are the two colors you don’t see together very often, this plain bomber jacket right here has a unique touch of elegance pair it with a blue jean’s and white sneakers to anchor a smart casual look. It's a vintage jacket which will look good with your favorite clothes. 


Blue Letterman Jacket

Blue color is the most trendiest choice in the category. You can layer it with almost any style of casual settings and you can never go wrong with it. After red or maroon, blue and white should be in every wardrobe.



Custom Letterman Jacket

You can find custom letterman jacket patches online and then stitch them yourself or send them to an expert to do the job. We are also providing wool and leather varsity jacket, in a minimum of 6 orders. If you need it for your team or just for fashion, you can start the process here

To finish it off, varsity jackets have been then since over 150 years. However, it comes to your personal choice if you want to keep it classic go for leather sleeves patches and rib-knit cuffs or a modern look go for bright colors and simple design.


People Also Ask For

Why are varsity jackets so expensive?

That's because they are branded. As a clothing brand, we commit in offering good quality at lowest price point. Ours are in both cotton and polyester which are best for casual outdoor fashion. Similar to sports coats.

Do you personalize jackets?

Yes, We are offering custom printing. You can pre-customize jackets here at low cost. (minimum 6)

Can you wash a bomber letterman jacket?

It is recommended to hand-wash to remove dirt, stains and make it look new. Machine wash can distress the structure and even shrink will make you feel tight. Also, read this on how to clean a baseball varsity jacket.

How much are letterman jackets?

The cost is not the issue, the main concern is the quality. You may find cheap letterman jacket at low price on various shopping store which can fade over the time. Our styles are not only affordable but quality-wise perfect to wear. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a letterman?

It is a baseball styled jacket worn by college, high school students and baseball team coaches. It was dedicated to sports but now, styled casually by everyone. 

What goes on the back of a letterman jacket?

You can customize as per your choice, add a logo of a company, an artistic dragon or funky images, it's up to you! For more info about customizing jacket, please contact support.

What goes with a varsity?

Pair with your favorite jeans, college shoes or boots. Best for all activities and young age guys and girsl can wear with their casual apparels. Just pick the right color to make a cool combo. 

Can you get a letterman bomber jacket if you don't play sports?

Yes, it can be worn on any occasion. You don't have to be a sports player to own this casual jacket because it's a fashion wear now. A letterman will add a sporty outlook if paired with the right matching clothes. 

Can I wear my letterman in the rain?

Yes but if it gets vet, let it dry in an open air. It probably won't dry quickly on its own. Don't expose it to direct heat which can cause damage to the quality and surface. The jacket is made of a very thin cotton, so it should be able to handle rain showers fine.  

What is the difference between a varsity and a letterman?

The answer is simple, they are both same with different names. The only difference is when it is worn by by college athletes, and high school students. 

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