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Suede Jackets

Mens Brown Suede Leather Jacket
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Suede leather jacket bomber style
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suede brown leather jacket
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Mens Suede Leather Jacket
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mens suede jacket morocco
$370.00 $319.00
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suede leather light jacket
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mens brown leather blazer
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yellowstone john dutton shearling jacket
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mens brown jacket
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Timeless Suede Jacket for Mens

Suede jackets have been a staple for men's fashion ever since the beginning. The soft texture gives a luxurious appeal only a few outfits in men's fashion have the caliber to match. Angel Jackets has built up a formidable collection of suede outwears while maintaining the same vintage heritage. 

We have an extensive line up of best suede mens jackets to match everyone's style. Collection includes the brown suede jacket mens that is detailed with central button closure and decorative seam it available in two shades of light and dark. Secondly we also have light spring tone outer like blazer jacket. When it gets a bit chilly outside the suede jacket with fur mens is the jacket you need.

We also have brown and black made for the classic fashion lovers. On the other hand, suede jacket mens black is ideal for the James Bond fans. Because the movie is known for inspiring fans with classy and trendy jackets. Whether you're looking for a smart-casual option or something to match your everyday outfit, we have it all covered. You can wear the versatile suede coat mens with shirts hoodies sweatshirts jeans; polos shirts and whatever you like grab your favorite one exclusive offers only at Angel Jackets.


7 Ways to Wear Suede

Traditional leather jackets represent toughness, which is a good thing, but if you want to add in some luxury with the same class of leather jacket that where the suede kicks in. The suede leather jacket mens feels so pleasant to touch due to its matte fuzzy texture and supple quality. 

If you're looking to make a statement, this is the perfect item to pick from your wardrobe. However it's important to wear the right clothes with it or you won't make the impact. Here are six elegant ways to wear suede mens jackets.

Bomber Jacket Style


Suede bomber jacket is an excellent item to incorporate into your daily style; you can go with the all black look and neutralize it as you can see in the image above. Or mix it up with a different color t-shirt, either way this style is an attention grabber wherever you go. bomber jacket is an all year round outer. 

Mens Black Suede Jacket


Black is popular but not as popular as brown which is complete opposite when compared to the standard leather jackets. It looks fascinating worn over a red plaid shirt and black ripped jeans. Complete the look with brown leather ankle boot.

The combination is good enough, avoid extra accessories that make you look as if you’re trying too hard.

Green Suede


Black and brown are cool but you can also try the green suede jacket if you want to stand out. Ryan Reynolds has wonderfully done it in the image above.

As you can see he wore the green jacket with white t-shirt and khaki chinos. You can replicate the same look for your next weekend outing.

Suede Biker Jacket Mens


Get the motorcycle chic but with a little different touch with this brown suede jacket mens, you can go with a neutral tone by wearing a lighter color sweater and pants. Finish the look with a dark brown leather ankle boots.

For warmer season the sweater can be replaced with a plain neutral color tee. But don’t go too hard with a full graphic tee remember your aiming for a refined biker style and not the classic punk style. 

Mens Suede Blazer


Apart from suede biker jacket. the mens suede coat just as cool as other jacket but relatively more formal, you can dress it up with a formal shirt and black pants for a sophisticated look. It's highly suitable for a formal setting and parties during the cold days. 

Going out during the weekends, attending an office get-together, visiting the mart, or even traveling this versatile suede coat mens is all you need to look well dressed. 

Button up Tan Suede


The button up suede jacket is like no other it come with a classic feel elevated into a modern design and fit. Pair the highly versatile outer with a nice cotton tee and slim fit jeans to nail the look. The tan suede is made of genuine material and comes with a smooth texture that adds up to the luxurious appeal.


Some styles are more common in suede but Vintage Motorcycle Jackets has its own uniqueness. You can never deny the elegancy it adds to the personality and whatever you throws it over will look good - regardless of color. 

People also asks

Is suede jacket best for all age? 

Is Suede Jacket best for all age? Yes, any age men can style this piece. You just have to find the right fit for your body type. A biker design will look best with young body while a button version will look better with older version. Make sure you get it at the right size too for you to style it well. A too big size won’t look good at all so make sure to know the right size that you need.

Is suede jacket good for winter?

They are very warm and can enhance the overall appearance. It can protect us in winter.  The suede has been favored by many people since it is lighter, warmer and water-proof. It can protect us well in winter and make us beautiful and stylish.

Is suede waterproof?

Not exactly. It is suggested to keep it away from water and avoid washing at all cost to prevent damage. Suede is not waterproof. It can get wet from rain or humidity and even by splashing water. It is advised to keep suede away from liquid water to ensure its long life.

Can suede last longer than leather?

Some believe that suede will last longer that leather. This can be true but it is not a general perspective. Leather is more durable and last many years. A good quality suede will last many years if cared properly.

What type of suede material Angel Jackets uses?

Our team of expertise make suede jackets using highest-quality leather and the preferred hide is lambskin because it's both soft and durable. 

How can we increase its lifespan?

Know that Angel Jackets uses high quality suede material while we also ask our customers to properly maintain the jacket to increase the lifespan. Water will not ruin the suede but we recommend to let it dry to restore its originality. 

Are your suede jackets fully breathable?

Yes, they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. You can find different styles here at Angel Jackets that includes biker, cafe racer, bomber and more!

Do you make jackets other than suede?

Yes, you will find different fabric outerwears including, cotton, leather, wool, polyester and more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wear a suede jacket men? 

Similar to other outers, you can wear it over casual and formal dress code. A brown suede goes very well with blue jeans. They are those sharp and sexy outers that can complement your casual sweats tucked in with formal trousers. When you wear a suede jacket, you exude professionalism and confidence.

Are suede jackets in style 2021?

Yes, suede jackets do get noticed by many people because they feel special wearing them. They feel great to wear and keep you dry in rain. You will not get embarrassed if you wear this jacket in social gatherings. It also can improve your posture so be sure when putting on this jacket you stand tall and straight for a better look.

How to clean inside collar of suede?

It's suggested to use soft brush to remove dust or small particles. This material tends to easily get dirty more which means you have to be extra careful. suede is more susceptible to stains from food or oily substances. Let’s be honest, we’ve all dropped food on our clothes at some point and suede makes it a lot easier for the stain to set. There are specialist cleaning products available that can be used specifically on suede.

Are suede biker attractive?

Yes, a stylish option plus it goes very well with casual wear. Whether you're a biker, you used to be a biker or just need to add a biker look, it's the perfect choice. They not only look great but they offer a good amount of protection too. And while they tend to be more expensive.

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