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Shearling Coat Mens Jackets

Genuine Leather Trench Coat
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Bane Shearling Coat
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shearling trench coat mens
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There are different types of jackets manufactured and used in this modern world. One of them is the leather and fur coat that provides warmth and is very comfortable due to the fur stitched inside it. Shearling is made from the skin of a lamb that has been tanned and fashioned with the wool left on it. It possesses a suede surface on one side and a wooly surface on the other. Mostly the suede side is worn outward so that design can make the shearling leather jacket or coat more attractive, while the wool coat will help in keeping the wearer warm. It is made from two sources, real sheepskin, and synthetic fiber. A genuine shearling jacket made from sheepskin breathes and is more flexible than synthetic shearling which is made artificially.

They are also used as a fashion. Celebrities around the world use these, especially womens because they are much more comfortable and fashionable. Womens shearling jackets are also in trend these days. Shearling needs much care so that they can last for an extended period of time. Most of the people who are fond of these items buy them but fail to maintain them due to lack of knowledge on how to take care of their apparel.

We have made this guide to help you out in detail on how you can save your items from dying. Here are ideas to care your mens leather shearling jacket the best possible way. You can try this with your winter coats or jackets featuring fur.


How To Clean Shearling Jacket?

  1. Use of Towel and Brush

  2. Use Leather Protectors
  3. Protect From Heat
  4. Store The Jacket Properly
  5. Dry Cleaning
  6. Hang When it's Wet




Every attire, in different circumstances, need attention accordingly. Especially for shearling outerwears that needs to be taken care of very carefully. As we know that  this clothing is found to be useful in snow or a light drizzle, if your sheepskin jacket gets wet, then you should wipe it with a towel and let it dry naturally at room temperature. Do not use any excessive heat, and it is best that it is dried on its own.

You can use a suede brush to clean the suede side, and you can use a steel comb very gently on the hair side to prevent it from any damage.




Like everybody else on the planet need protection from something, these itesms also need to be secure. People who are careful about their mens shearling jacket use leather protectors to save their jacket from damage and extend their life. Some sheepskin coats can be very expensive and most of all, some are so much better in fitting that one cannot find comfort in wearing another one. Leather protectors will not let you lose your hard earned money and will make sure you don’t have to buy another one.

There are many leather protectors available in the market, and you should also use one to protect your attire. You can spray a leather protector on your attire to extend its life and maintain its spectacular looks.  




An excessive amount of sunlight can damage your shearling coat mens. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long because the sunlight will cause the material to fade over time and will damage the leather permanently. They are recommended to be kept out of direct sunlight.

Excessive heat can also damage your coat. It is recommended to keep your apparel out of a strong source of heat. Such as open fire, which can also be dangerous in a sense that the shearling might catch fire if put close to open fire.




How you keep your attire in your closet always matter, because of the fact that in most of the cases, It is kept in storage for a longer period than you have it on you. The attire needs proper rest so that the attire remains well-shaped even when you do not have it on. You should always hang your mens sheepskin coat on a well-shaped hanger.

Wrapping up correctly or with the right material is also important. Mens shearling coat need extra care as compared to other apparels. Plastic bags should not be used to store for a longer period of time because it does not allow the shearling to breathe and traps the moisture in the bag. This method can reduce life and cause harm to the jacket. Instead, a garment bag should be used to cover the mens shearling jacket because it allows the air to pass in between and keeps this faux shearling coat mens fresh.




Biker leather jackets are always in demand due to their unique style and fashion, and always help you portray your real image.

This leather jacket that we have for you is made up of real leather which will keep you warm, and the front zipper closure will allow you to get it easily on. It is of black and burgundy color, and the padding on the shoulders and elbows give it a heroic look. It has an erect button tab collar and zip cuffs that make it more fashionable.



A shearling trench coat mens can easily get wet in rain. They are not made for rainfall weather but provides maximum protection during snowfall. If it gets wet any way, let it dry or use a soft cloth to wipe off water or dirt. Distressed leather jackets don't require much maintenance but still, try not to wear when it's raining outside. Some styles like Mens Bomber Leather Jackets has rib-knit cuffs and waist-line which needs to be dried manually using hair dryer or similar product.

People also Ask

Can shearling get wet?

Yes but they are water resistant which won't get damaged that easily. Once wet, it must be tried at open area room. Avoid using blower or other electrical appliances to dry the fur. 

Is shearling warmer than down?

They are comfortable plus, heavy which can easily keep you warm regardless of how cold it gets. 

Can you wash a shearling coat mens?

Avoid putting your shearling into a washing machine. This is not only ruin the fur but also destroy your leather jacket. If the fur gets dirty, try other methods like dry cleaning or use a brush to clean off small dirts.  

Frequently Ask Questions

Why are shearling coats so expensive?

There are lots of factors that determine the price of a sheepskin jacket, firstly jackets and coats that are lightweight and also warm are considered to be more expensive. Secondly crafting a shearling jacket mens is labor-intensive and consists of a higher raw material coat.


Why buy shearling leather coat?

The aviator jacket comes with the combination of both functionality and style, a combination the is hard to find in any other clothing item. If you want to look stylish while staying warm, you need to buy a shearling fur jacket.


Where to buy faux shearling outfit?

Faux shearling jackets mens can be found in your local leather stores or Amazon, but if you’re looking for quality options at unbeatable price checkout Angel Jackets.


Are shearling in fashion?

The shearling outerwears were created as winter apparel that had nothing to do with fashion, but with the passage of time, it has transformed into a luxurious fashion piece that nothing else in mens clothing has the caliber to match. 


Are shearling outfit warm?

Shearling apparels were initially created to protect pilots from sub-zero temperatures, Even though the apparel has now transformed into a fashion piece, the primary function still remains the same. 


What is shearling leather coat?

Coats and jackets that are made of processed sheepskin, lambskin or pelt with the wool still intact. This processing creates uniformity of the wool fibers that are tanned to create the garment. 


What is shearling coat made from?

Shearling garments are made of processed sheepskin, lambskin or pelt. The leather is tanned along with the wool intact and later transformed into finished outerwear.


what is a faux shearling coat?

Faux shearling is made of polyester, cotton or acrylic to mimic the style of shealing lined apparel it’s also called sherpa. These jackets and coats are perfect lightweight options for a transition from winters to spring.


How to clean shearling coat mens?

In case you spilled something on your coat, wipe it with a cloth soaked in mild soap water, and gently scrape the dirt stains with your nail or scouring pad. Then wipe it with another cloth damped with fresh water.  


Can a shearling coat get wet?

A shearling coat is not a rain jacket which means it can get wet, therefore it’s not recommended to wear your expensive coat when it’s raining.


How to store mens shearling coat?

Caring for your shearling garment is essential therefore it should be stored in a cool dry place, hang it on a hanger rather than folding and keeping it in a tight compartment/shelf.

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