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How to Care for Faux Leather


Faux leather is an excellent alternative to expensive original leather because it is low-cost and still gives a great feel and experience. But we know that faux leather has a cracking problem. So here, we will guide you about how to maintain faux leather.

But what is Faux Leather?

Any leather that is artificially made and is synthetic is basically faux leather. Polyurethane PU and polyvinyl chloride PVC are the most popular materials used. Faux Leather is used in apparel like jackets, gloves, bags, shoes, and even furniture like a sofa.

Many people prefer faux leather because it is cost-effective to make, low priced, fair quality, easy to maintain, and much more.


Why Does Faux Leather Crack?

I will not take you into deep science why does it crack. Instead, I will tell you the most probable reasons.

Sometimes it cracks because of the low quality of faux leather. (A better alternative is to buy genuine leather jackets for women & men instead). Faux leather often feels dry, which causes it to crack. Sunrays or hot temperatures are also the reason for its cracking.

How to Maintain Faux Leather

We can at least delay the cracking if we can’t prevent it by following these simple precautions:

Buy leather products from renowned and trusted brands like Angel Jackets.

Putting many oil works for faux leather moisturization, but baby oil is the most preferred one, and it is affordable too.

Exposure to the sun rays for an extended period destroys faux leather. Put your sofa, handbag, jacket, or any other item made with faux leather under the shed.

How to Clean Stains From Faux Leather

Stains on faux leather ruin its look, so we have a simple guide for cleaning faux without destroying it. Till then, if you ever feel cold, you can try wearing wool coats for men and women.

Cleaning of Faux Leather Stains

Take a foam and dip it into clean, warm water. Then gently rub it on stains.

You can use an unscented liquid soap or baby shampoo for cleaning tougher grime. But leaving the soap on the surface can damage it, so immediately wipe it with a wet cloth or foam.

Drying of Faux Leather

Wipe the surface of faux leather with a dry cloth to speed up the drying process.

If you are cleaning clothing items, then hang them for drying. If it is furniture, make sure no one touches it or sits on it until it is dried.

So choosing faux leather can save you a lot of money but is a lot to maintain. Instead, a more hassle-free idea would be to consider buying Men’s Leather Jackets of good quality genuine leather.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use leather conditioner on faux leather?

Yes, you can use a real leather conditioner on faux leather to maintain its look. It is because both the leathers have similar texture and grain that the same leather conditioner can prevent.

Buy a Leather Conditioner that has application sponges for easy use.

How long does faux leather last?

No matter how expensive, attractive, or high quality your faux leather is, it lasts for no longer than five years. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a durable real leather jacket that performs for up to 20 years.

Can you use baby oil on faux leather?

Baby oil is an affordable option that you can definitely use to moisturize your faux leather. Typically, due to your leather jacket’s excessive exposure to sunlight, it gets dried, so applying baby oil to get a glossy smooth look is a great idea.

Can you put faux leather in dryer?

Never put your faux leather jacket in the dryer; otherwise, it will ruin the entire look. Instead, hang it on a wide hanger in the open air to save it from peeling and maintaining its shape.

Can you polish fake leather?

You can definitely polish your faux leather jacket, and it is good to polish the faux jacket. To do so, gently rub the residue using a soft cloth and apply the polish to get a new look.

Can I get faux leather dry cleaned?

A faux leather jacket is mostly made of vinyl material that can easily be washed using soap and water. However, if you are conscious about damaging it that it is better to consult a dry cleaner.

Can I use coconut oil on faux leather?

Faux leather is a non-porous material. Therefore, if you plan to apply coconut oil to prevent it from peeling, we recommend using warm coconut oil and applying it in a lower quantity.

How do you moisturize faux leather?

Clean the residue from your faux leather jacket using a soft clean cloth, then gently apply a baby or coconut oil to moisturize its dried surface. But do not use excessive oil since faux is a non-porous material and doesn’t soak the oil.

How do you get stains out of faux leather?

You can easily remove most of the stains from faux leather jackets using a microfiber cloth and water. However, if the stain is stuck to the faux surface and is not easy to remove, apply a little detergent to get it cleaned.

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